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Portents Of The Second Coming

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charles goldman

May 2, 1996, 3:00:00 AM5/2/96

Portents Of The Second Coming

as I fell I noticed a smiling face in the mud
as I soared I watched the birds turn into a woman in a blue starry cloak
as I ran the sweat on my arm-hairs wrote out His Name
as I looked at Joe Camel I saw male genitals
as I stared at Charlie Manson I saw a fallen angel
as I listened to the night the wind said "Holy"
as I turned to face a stranger I knew it was Don Juan Matus
as I searched the World Wide Web I found a new religion
as I read through Fortean Times I found God's face in a Nebula
as I was absorbed in MandleAcid fractals I met God directly
and we are now pals with similar interests

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