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George Dance's poetry site is unreliable for researchers

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Feb 21, 2024, 7:17:04 AMFeb 21
We found still another instance where George Dance must have decided to put anything down in the bibliography for one of the poets whose poems he uses on his site. See this message: for "PPB: You came, the vernal equinox / H.C. Beeching."

George Dance, in the bibliography for Mr. Beeching and his poem, says that the poem is "H.C. Beeching (1859-1919) from Love's Looking Glass, 1891."
Here is the link to the book. You will not find the "You came, the vernal equinox" lines in that book.

The poem is actually from "In a Garden And Other Poems" (1895), by H C Beeching:

Therefore, in random checking of George Dance's research, we have come upon another discrepancy. If he were writing a dissertation, his paper would be under suspicion for making up references. We cannot emphasize enough that references have to be correct. This is not nit-picking, but the way things are done in academia.
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