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Nomen Nescio

Feb 20, 2024, 9:04:47 PMFeb 20
Free and premium services:

Even although GOOGLE groups is ending you can still send to Usenet and your
message/s will be picked up by newsreaders like... or

Just add on to the end of the group your looking for like above.

If you're a newbie to encryption, there is a basic tutorial below this
message on how to manually send anonymous email without the need for software.

For general everyday sending email you should be using encrypted email.

This is not about making money, this is about telling people to use end to
end encryption when sending email. Get off Hotmail and Gmail and others
like them as they're scanning your emails, putting ads in your email
account and collecting data on you. Why do you think they're free, do you
think they want to make you happy?

It is a stimulating feeling and so wonderful that having on board as my
main "end to end encryption" email provider keeps me safe and secure, are you?

Free and premium sevices available.

All the details you need to know about are below... is the best end to end email encryption provider in the world.

Data that encrypts end-to-end...

Emails, including subject lines and all attachments
Entire calendars, even metadata such as event notifications
Entire address book, not just parts of the contacts
Inbox rules / filters
And the entire search index.

Some people think that both sender and recipient must have Tuta for
the email to be encrypted, not so. Only the sender needs Tuta but
the recipient must give the sender a password which the recipient uses
to decrypt the message when notified in their inbox that there is a
secure message to be opened. The recipient can read and reply (encrypted)
to the sender.

Of course if both parties are using Tuta then there would be no need
for passwords, just your login password for and use jut like
normal email software.

Everyone has the right to privacy, and this includes encrypted email.
That's why the basic secure email account in will always be
free of charge. No personal information and no phone numbers are required
to register your anonymous email account.

What makes better than ProtonMail, FastMail, HushMail and other
encrypted email services: doesn't rely on integrations with Google services, unlike our
competitors. With Tuta, you get the biggest bang for your buck, with
the most features included with a free account and the lowest price
points for paid accounts.

Free and premium services: Is Breaking New Ground With Post Quantum Encryption For Email

Get 'QUANTUM READY' with tuta,com here:


And here:

Independent review:


Remailer Reliability Stats:
Encrypt Everything:

The first thing you need to do is get the key/s for the remailer/s you want to use...

Remailer key for beaufusil:
Remailer key for hsub:
Remailer key for shalo:
Remailer key for paranoia:
Remailer key for dizum:
Remailer key for frell:

How To Send Anonymous Email / Posts Manually

Sending manually eliminates the need for software on your computer which could have a backdoor!

These are the fundamental instructions to understand how remailer messages are created and this
will help you to understand how remailers work.

If you want to send an anonymous message, first of all create a file containing:
- two colon signs ( :: ) in the first line,
- the phrase "Anon-To: e-mail address" in the second line
whereby the e-mail address should be the address the remailer will send the message to.
The third line should be empty and the message text will follow.

For Usenet posts you must use: Anon-Post-To: or the target group.
For you would use: Anon-Post-To: and so on.


2 colons on the first line.
Anon-To: or Anon-Post-To: on second line.
One blank space line. (third line)
2 hash tags. (fourth line)
Subject: (fifth line)
One blank space line. (sixth line)
Start message on 7th line.

Type your message eg:

Subject: Going To War (or whatever your subject is)

War is about to break out in...

(now encrypt above message with the remailer key of the remailer you're sending it to
and when ready to send it should look something like below)

Encrypted: PGP




Write here your message

Remailers only accept messages encrypted through PGP or GPG, so your message must be encrypted
with the remailer public key, which you can get by sending a message to the remailer
( and by entering "remailer-key" in the subject.

So the above message must be encrypted with the remailer PGP key and eventually sent to by entering two colon signs at the beginning of the message
and, in the second line, the phrase "Encrypted: PGP" followed by the previously encrypted


Encrypted: PGP

Version: 2.6.3i


The remailer will decode your message and send it anonymously. If you want to include a subject
or other headers which shouldn't be filtered by the remailer, you can enter them as explained
below before encrypting the message for the remailer:


Subject: Re: Twofish
In-Reply-To: Your message of "Tue, 12 Jan 1999 22:47:04 EST."

Message text

Even if PGP encryption is very safe, using a remailer in the simplest way is not the best system
for protecting your identity. Therefore, you can tell the remailer, for instance, to keep the
message you've sent for a certain period of time and to forward it later so as to avoid the
so-called traffic analysis.
If you enter the header Latent-Time: +2:00, your message will be delayed by 2 hours, while if you
use the syntax Latent-Time: +5:00r, you'll have a random delay between 0 and 5 hours.

The best way to use a remailer is by using them in a chain, by sending a message from one remailer to
the other before it reaches your address.
Let's make an example with the above message:


Encrypted: PGP

Version: 2.6.3i


you can encrypt this message with the PGP key of another remailer (e.g. Dizum) and send the
encrypted message to this remailer:

Thus Dizum will receive the message and decode it and will find the instructions to send it
to, which in its turn will decode it and send it to

There is more on remailing here:
This page needs updating but worth a look:

One last thing... get off Hotmail, Gmail or whetever you're using and send your email
encrypted so that your ISP or email provider can't profile you.
(the best out there) FREE and premium services! END TO END ENCRYPTION!!!
Free and premium services:

Stay safe, stay encrypted!


Feb 20, 2024, 11:10:05 PMFeb 20
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Nomen Nescio <> wrote:



Feb 21, 2024, 9:14:29 AMFeb 21
It's so weird! I wonder if this Nomen guy is a bot or if he is just
mentally unstable to keep sending the same messages over and over?

Sadly I suspect that he is not a google user so these tuta-commercials
will continue coming after tomorrow.

Maybe one should notify tuta that they have a spammer here which damages
their reputation?
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