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Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Finder's Fee'- english). 'Finderlohn' 74th episode 8x5 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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bruce bowser

May 27, 2021, 12:59:32 PM5/27/21
STORY LINE (in english):

After being spied on while meeting with someone at the horse racing facility the Parisian Sonja Goday in a red Porsche is being followed.  She loses control and is 'killed in a car accident on a street along the Rhine River near Baden-Baden.  A wrecked barge is anchored nearby in the Rhine and the barge captain's daughter named Magda, and her friend Anette rush to where the wrecked car is.  They see that the woman who was driving is now dead, and Magda reaches into the car and puts the woman's cosmetic bag in her pocket. 

Baden-Baden police senior commissioner Franz Gerber 'recognizes the dead woman Sonja as Erica Schmetz the wife of the ex-banker Dr. Martin Schmetz, who' earlier had embezzled' DM 8 million.

By phone, Gerber learns more about the case from senior commissioner Liersdahl, that 'the Schmetz couple Martin and Erica Schmetz had allegedly drowned while on a yacht vacation in the Bahamas, but the bodies were never found.  Police initially believed that there was an assassination attempt, but then concluded that the woman' lost control of the vehicle after her cigarette lighter fell.

'Inspector Gerber now believes that he can track down the banker Martin Schmetz and the misappropriated money.  

The next day the whole story is in the newspaper, with a photo of the fleeting Dr. Martin Schmetz' - still, without his knowledge'  

In a nightclub in the powder room, Magda and Anette both look into the cosmetics bag and talk about the expensive make-up in there and they try on some of it.  They walk over to the stairwell and sit down and continue talking about the bags contents.  "That has too expensive of a look ... I can't .. really" says Anette.  "No, that is for you!" Magda insists.  Magda then talks about the dead man's notebook in the cosmetic bag and they both look at the writing.  It says that  had arranged to meet “M.” at the Majestic Hotel in Strasbourg the next day.  Anette stands up and walks around, because she is familiar with the story in the paper as they both looked at it together.  Magda says she is sure that "M." in the notebook stands for Martin and persuades Anette to go to Strasbourg to find the 8 million dollar banker.  Both women dream of great wealth and do not tell the police about it.  Magda even pretends to be Sonja Goday (the alias of Erica Schmidt) while walking around in front of Anette at the night club.

Anette actually tries it.  She appears at the Majestic Hotel in Strasbourg the next day asking to see Dr. Schmetz or Mr. Goday.  She keeps following what she is reading in a newspaper all along the way.  Anette finds Martin, who pretends to be Gaston Boudin from Luxembourg.  He approaches her and' introduces himself and he tries to get romantic 'with her.  "Do you know Strasbourg good?" he asks.  "No" she says. They go horse carriage riding where Anette shows Martin the cosmetics case that she recovered from the car crash.  When asked, Anette says she has no parents anymore.  Anette assures him that she does not want to betray or blackmail him, but that she likes older men and fell in love with him at first sight.  

Martin continues to ask about the cosmetics case.  After they spend the night together,  she says that she knows about him from the papers and that she even took the cosmetics case from the car crash of his wife.  When Martin hears this, he looks completely confused.  She then takes out a part of a newspaper and shows him his own story in the newspaper.  "Did you not know", she asks. He shakes his head saying no, while looking slightly disappointed.

As they go shopping for clothing.  Martin accepts Anette's explanation and even promises to get' fake ID cards, so that both of them can go abroad undetected.

Before that, in an outdoor restaurant, he has Anette write a letter to Magda in which she claims to have found the man of her life.  In the hotel, she reads out loud to him the letter before she sends it.  It says that she would not come back to the barge, but that "M." could not have been Martin, since he had not been able to find him yet.  Then, she tries to guess if they are moving to Australia.  Afterwards, they even talk about going to California.

Meanwhile, Magda is working around a barge and she is approached by the authorities about the cosmetics bag that she took from the wreck and where Anette is.  People begin following Magda.   She receives the letter from Anette and then Magda becomes suspicious after reading it.  

She goes to Strasbourg carrying her bike.  Magda then spots Anette with an older man, possibly Martin.  Magda follows after she locks up her bike.  Magda walks up to Anette face to face.  But, they don't talk.  

Magda then bikes homee and storms out of her father's place, even biting him as he tries to stop her. 

Eckerle who is supposed to be shadowing Magda, takes her in his car to Strasbourg.  When they get there she leaves on her own and goes to a restaurant near the Majestic hotel.  Anette sees her.  She is holding a knife while looking at Anette and after awhile she stares back.  Magda then gets up.  Then, Anette gets up while sitting with Martin and finds Magda still in the Majestic hotel's restaurant area.  

The sudden appearance of Magda is very inconvenient for Anette so as they talk, Anette promises to explain everything to Magda, later.  Magda who is outraged at the suddenly very expensive clothes that Anette is wearing says that she herself is even staying in the hotel and she has a room there, as they speak.  Anette acts like she doesn't believe it.

Meanwhile, Martin goes out to pick up the fake ID.  "Good job" Martin says after he looks the identification cards over.  

Magda comes into the hotel room while Anette is supposed to be taking a bath.  Magda complains that Anette wants all the money to herself.  Anette, on the other hand, claims that she's not interested in the money and that she really is in love.  She says its the man of her dreams and they are to be married and go to live where the sun is always shining.  

Then, Annette tells Magda to: "turn around and look in the mirror" and that after all, Anette says that she couldn't help the men running after her while being disgusted with Magda instead.  After hearing this insult,  Magda goes crazy and drowns Anette in the bathtub.  Shortly afterwards Martin comes back.

Gerber's police assistant Eckerle following Magda, has meanwhile informed Gerber that Martin Schmetz is at the Majestic Hotel in Strasbourg, and Gerber is coming to the hotel with the French police.  

When Martin gets back,  Magda tries to blackmail him, saying that she is now Anette.  Or answer for the dead woman that is now in the bath tub in his hotel room in his name.  

Then Gerber breaks into the room.

There, Magda accuses Martin of killing Anette.  Martin is taken away while saying that Magda is lying.  But, Magda is taken away too because then Gerber realizes that Magda's sleeves are wet and Martin Schmetz's are dry.  So for Magda too, the dreams are over.

SOURCE: (updated)from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
(see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')
Book by Henry Kolarz
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