Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Shots in the Closed Season'- english). 'Schüsse in der Schonzeit' 77th episode 8x8 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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STORY LINE (in english):
Munich police senior commissioner Melchior Veigl and his colleague senior commissioner Ludwig Lenz are investigating the murder of a young woman who was shot and whose body was found in a forest. The commissioners suspect a connection with a car theft during an excursion at a restaurant along a route popular with tourists. Lenz says this: "was only two kilometers from where the body was found" during a phone call with Veigl.

The inspectors are able to quickly find out that the landlord also gets his meat from poachers and that the 20-year-old butcher named Biwi who works in a family meat market is poaching wild game at night when its not in hunting season.
Biwi's friend Dscho goes around trying car doors to see if they're unlocked or not, so he can hot wire them and go for rides. Probably even stealing Biwi's mother's car.

At the hunting lodge, Biwi and his step-father Hannes Mader toast cheers over liquor. Biwi then finds a spent bullet on the floor. Hannes takes the spent bullet and puts it in his pocket and says nothing about to Biwi, but Biwi looks like he's wondering why that would be there before he leaves. When Biwi's gone, Hannes drinks another glass of liquor by himself, really fast.

Lenz says that Biwi's step-father Hannes was seen driving in a beige Range Rover on the night of the murder - the previous Tuesday night.
When Veigl and Lenz go to the Mader household later that night and Veigl asks where Hannes was on the night of the murder - the previous Tuesday night. Then, Mrs, Mader says that her husband Hannes was staying overnight on a hunting trip. "Was it near the hunting lodge?" asks Veigl. She answers yes.
In the morning, Hannes goes to the police station to speak to Veigl as requested. After seeing the murdered woman's photo. He thinking about how long his marriage has been and he talks a little about his wife and his son. Hannes then accompanies Veigl and Lenz to the hunting lodge.
Hannes then breaks down by saying: "I lost my mind, I lost my mind". Veigle then asks: "So you came here with the woman?", "Yes" Hannes admits.

It turns out that Hannes picked up the woman, possibly from Italy, while hitchhiking. Regarding the murdered woman, Mr. Mader is suspected of murder and says that he had taken the woman to his hunting lodge and that a burglar shot the woman, there.

So, that his wife doesn't get suspicious that there's an affair, Hannes then put the body in the forest and covered it up..

It turns out that Biwi had instigated his buddy Dscho to break into the hunting lodge, which Biwi' supposedly 'thought empty, in order to annoy his hated stepfather by stealing two expensive hunting trophies.
'When Dscho surprisingly found someone' meaning that the lodge was not empty, he just wanted to shoot in the air and accidentally killed the woman.' As Veigl and Hannes talk in the hunting lodge, Veigl asks: "So the woman was lyng here" as he points to a bed where he was at in the hunting lodge that night. "Yes ... I though I hears a rumbling noise, like someone was kicking things over; messing up the place ... I thought it was someone from my family ... it was dark .. then, it all happened really fast ... the shot was fired ... the girl screamed fell here", Hannes eventually describes while he points to an area in the room and walks a few paces over there: "she didn't move" Hannes continues to explain. "So, the shot came from here" commissioner Veigl repeats out loud."I have nothing to do with the dead woman" says Hannes. He is led away.
Biwi knows his step-father Hannes is away with the police. Apparently, Biwi knew the whole story, already. So, maybe they are on to him, too. Biwi takes his red and yellow car and drives to the near where the scene of the crime with Dscho. "After all, you fired into the lodge", Biwi screams. "I was scared" Dscho shouts back.
'Dscho comes under pressure from the investigating police and blackmails Biwi, whom he' threatens to name 'as an accomplice. They talk about fleeing.
Biwi drives back home and talks to his mom and says that Dscho is blackmailing him. "Biwi, you must tell me everything that's wrong here" says his mom, Mrs. Mader. Biwi leaves and Dscho talks about driving towards the border.
Veigl and Lenz drive to the Maders home that night and talk to Hannes' wife. "My husband? A murder? No way, you are lying! ... My husband is no murderer!" she screams. As the questions continue, Biwi's mom says that: "My son is not a bad person, but his friend Dscho is blackmailing him."

On his flight abroad, forcing Biwi to come along,' Dscho who is driving, actually passes right by the location of the authorities recovering the body of the woman supposedly accidentally killed by Dscho and dumped by Hannes there and then Dscho 'causes a traffic accident due to excessive speed in which Biwi was killed in the resulting explosion and fire. Dscho himself, is screaming and injured and caught by the police after the accident.

SOURCE: (updated) from
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(see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

Book written by Willy Purucker
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