Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Who Ever Digs A Pit Fall'- english). 'Wer andern eine Grube gräbt …' 76th episode 7x11 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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STORY LINE (in english):

A gang of burglars specializes in 'spying on obituaries of wealthy families and breaking into their houses at the time of their funerals. When the gang breaks into the mansion of the bank director Mr. Gollnick during the funeral, the police catch them in the act and arrest them.

Sometime later, Mr. Gollnick is' reported 'to 'have committed suicide after allegedly embezzling DM 750,000 for unknown reasons. Gollnick's widow is certain that her husband was murdered and tells' Saarbrücken police senior commissiiner Schäfermann, for whom the investigation into the death' had 'long been concluded. Schäfermann's ambitious daughter Irina is also researching the case on her own and is certain that Gollnick did not commit suicide, she believes that something is wrong with the victim of the embezzlement Mr. Sannwald and draws her father's attention to it.

Schäfermann seeks out Mr. Sannwald, who' tries to block 'the conversation with Schäfermann, although it has not been possible yet, to determine where the bank director Mr. Gollnick's misappropriated money has gone.

Schäfermann seeks out the pharmaceutical industrialist Mr. Pallmert, who was an old friend and classmate of Gollnick's and who had noticeably looked after Mrs. Gollnick at her husband's funeral. Pallmert, who is plagued by money worries because his business is not going well, does not provide Schäfermann with any new information; he believes his friend has committed suicide.

So, Schäfermann speaks to his higher-ups and the head of his commission, Mr. Grumbach, about the case, but he considers it to be closed. Encouraged by Irina, Schäfermann contacts his colleague Veigl to find out more about Pallmert's previous business contacts and activities in Munich, and Schäfermann also investigates Pallmert's business partners in the Saarbrücken area.

Mr. Pallmert finds out about this and complains to councilman Grumbach about senior commissioner Schäfermann, who then suffers a fit of weakness.

Pallmert, meanwhile, desperately tries to borrow money from Mr. Sannwald, who refuses to lend him any because of his current financial problems. Schäfermann learns from Veigl's investigation in Munich as well as from Pallmert's son Gerd, whom Irina has just met, that Pallmert had a lover in Munich. He recognizes Sannwald's friend Jutta Glogau in a photo sent by Veigl.

Schäfermann also finds out that it was quite possible for Mr. Pallmert to poison Gollnick with such a delay that no suspicion falls on him. Pallmert was with Gollnick shortly before his death at a class reunion that Pallmert had arranged. Schäfermann visits Mr. Sannwald, who was accompanied by Jutta Glogau to a clinic near a wooded area before she traveled on to Munich. Schäfermann travels after Sannwald and learns more about him.. In Sannwald's room, Schäfermann finds an empty pill box and' suspects the contents of the box to be poison and from this that Sannwald himself should know something about the poisoning.

Senior commissioner Schäfermann 'starts a large-scale search without the consent of the public prosecutor's office or his council superiors, because he fears that Mr. Sannwald could drop dead at any time.

Sannwald is finally able to be found and Schäfermann warns him of possible poisoning. He explains to Mr. Sannwald the connection between Glogau and Pallmert, who presumably put them on Sannwald in order to use his money to reorganize Pallmert's company. Sannwald however is unmoved. Only when Schäfermann tells him of his additional suspicions that the bank director Mr. Gollnick was also murdered that Mr. Sannwald finally agrees to have his stomach pumped.' Schäfermann's suspicions 'come true and a capsule with potassium cyanide is found in Sannwald's stomach which would have dissolved shortly afterwards killed Sannwald.

In order to set a trap for Ms. Glogau and Mr. Pallmert, Schäfermann arranges for Jutta Glogau to be informed when they later call to the clinic near the wooded area 'that she should come to that clinic immediately, because something' had happened. 'She then informs her lover Pallmert that everything went according to the plan that they agreed on but Pallmert found out shortly afterwards that Sannwald had been saved. He intercepts Ms. Glogau on the train to Saarbrücken, but by then she had already been followed by the police, so now both of them are able to be arrested.

The bank director Mr. Gollnick had to die because he wanted the money back that he had embezzled from' his own bank. Since Mr. Sannwald needed money because of his young mistress whom Pallmert had sent into his house, he paid more attention to his account than before so that Gollnick feared that the embezzlement would be exposed. Pallmert unknowingly thwarted his plans himself and' dragged in Jutta and 'had to become a murderer in order not to endanger his financing.'

SOURCE: (updated)

-- Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

(see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')

-- Book by Hans-Peter Kaufmann
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