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R.I.P. Ritchie Perry, 80, in Feb. 2022? (British spy/crime fiction writer)

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Oct 16, 2023, 6:20:55 PM10/16/23
That is, Wikipedia says that's when he died, but I couldn't find any other proof.

He also wrote the "George H.Ghastly" series (starting in 1970) and the "Fenella Fang" series for kids.
(book covers and old photo - this is not a complete bibliography)
(more covers)
(according to this, his most popular novel is the 1979 political thriller "The Bishops' Pawn," which starts in East Berlin. Another is "The Fall Guy.")


"He has also written novels under the name John Allen, as well as a book on Brazil and some books for children. He lives in King's Lynn, Norfolk, England, where he writes and teaches school."

"Born and bred in Norfolk, England. Educated King Edward VII, King’s Lynn and St John’s College, Oxford. Two years in Brazil working as trainee Manager for the Bank of London and South America. On his return to England went into education. He is married with two daughters and two granddaughters. Has had c. 40 books published. Sixteen of these were thrillers under his own name which were brought out in England and USA.Various titles were translated into French, Italian and German. A further two titles were published under a psuedonym."

About "George H.Ghastly":

"George H. Ghastly was starting work as a ghost. He chose his victim, chilled the room, creaked the door eerily and then, with a blood-curdling scream, made himself visible.
"Did his victim faint with fear? No! She took one look at George and laughed until she ached.
"Poor George. How could he be a successful ghost if he just made people laugh?
"Grandfather Hadrian had the answer - a visit to the Welsh Wizard. "Unfortunately, Wizard Yu-u-u-ck was very fond of practical jokes."

And, about Fenella Fang (1986):

"Fenella Fang's a vampire. But though she may look hideous and frightening, in fact she's very funny, and really quite nice.
"She doesn't like uninvited guests, though. So when she finds an unhappy human child in her crypt, she uses every ounce of her vampire venom to get rid of her. But the little girl won't go..."
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