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Tatort ('Crime Scene' - 'Advertisement Murder'- english) 'Annoncen-Mord' 66th episode 7x8 Tatort TV-Series 1970 -

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bruce bowser

May 23, 2021, 9:40:07 AM5/23/21
STORY LINE (in english):
A dead man floating 'in the water is found in the Danube River in Austria.  It is the second such case within a few months.  Like the first man, this man was also single and had withdrawn all his cash before he came to Vienna. 

At the same time, there are increasing numbers of reports from single women who have fallen for a marriage swindler in Vienna.   The older man, who always pretended to be noble, put the women in a small hotel and robbed them after they passed out.  

Vienna police senior inspector Marek, and his assistants district inspector Wirz and inspector Berntner take over the investigation.  They find out that the men were poisoned with a substance that is only produced in Johanna Hassmann's small company in Vienna.  

When questioned, she admits that a bottle of the poison was stolen some time ago, which she reported to the police.  She had her colleague Maria Hillmann under suspicion, but she had left the company shortly after the allegations.  When asked by Berntner, their landlady Eleonore Heller said that Ms. Maria Hillmann had moved a long time ago.  Marek and the assistants talk about how the bodies found in the river long after their murders and recently after their murders must have different original locations on a map.

In the meantime, the single Grete Bändler arrives in Vienna and is expected by the distinguished Udo von Kahlreuth.  He pretends to have little money, but shows interest in marrying Grete, for whom he has reserved a small hotel room.  They both go to the Wurstelprater (an amusement park and section of the Wiener Prater in the Leopoldstadt area of Vienna) and Udo sees' her 'the next evening in' her 'hotel Kaiserhof hotel room with much friendly greeting and hugging. He gives her chocolates.  He picks up her purse and quickly asks if she should deposit all the money in the bank.  As they talk, he says: "his future is grey".  "No, because its a future with me" she quickly says back.  After a while, it lead to major illness in Grete, and he disappears with her money. 

At the time, Wirz has just arrived in the hotel Kaiserhof's lobby, looking for a hotel with neon signs opposite the description of the women who had been betrayed.  The maid reports that strange noises have come from Grete's room, and Wirz finds the woman passed out.  The night porter is arrested on suspicion as an accessory to the' attacker, though he begs and begs not to be taken.

Maria Hillmann, who is suspected of stealing poison is later in the morning found dead' on the banks of the Danube River.  'She only died the day before, as the studies show, and she was also poisoned. 

Meanwhile, Marek's other police assistant Berntner meets with the Yugoslav restaurant operator Mirko Kolarovic who a few weeks ago had a couple in his restaurant, and after a while the man showed signs of intoxication.  Kolarovic even feeds assistaant Berntner.  Kolarovic promises to contact Berntner if he should see the woman again.  

Shortly thereafter, investigators raid the Moulin Rouge nudie bar. There, they happen to arrest the Hanover police senior commissioner Brammer, who was able to solve another case with the suspect named Korf later, while he was in police custody.  Before then, he was actually able to win 2,000 Schillings.  Additionally, the criminal named Pondra, who had already been in prison' because of Marek's previous investigation was there and he was released after a short time because there is still nothing against him.

In a continuing search, the investigators find Udo who in' light 'of the impending murder charges in the Hillmann case quickly admits that he had cheated on numerous women.  

Chocolates filled with strong laxatives and consumed by the women turn out to be the “weapon of the crime”. Marek secures a pack from Udo.'  Marek slightly challenges Udo to eat on of these candies.  He declines. 

'Senior commissioner Marek continues to investigate the case of the poisoned men' not noticed 'by Wirz and Berntner and reports on a marriage advertisement under a false name.  

At the same time, Kolarovic recognizes the suspicious woman in his restaurant: it is Eleonore Heller, who is eating here in the company of the single Mr. Kramreiter. Kolarovic makes a note of the' woman's license plate and calls the police station's secretary Ms. Wodak. No one else is available. But, he wants to speak with Wirz or Berntner. She takes the message and the two cops head go to the apartment even having to drive on the sidewalk part of the way, to get there because of traffic, etc.. 

There, at the apartment 'Ms. Eleonore Heller has already administered poison to Kramreiter and is waiting for Kramreiter's death in the'other room in that apartment, she has the company of Mr. Pondra, whom is helping her. Watching her as she counts the money.  She already has a new prospect for marriage in her sights - Marek, who is registered under a false name, who appears at her door just as surprised, who is surprised by and is recognized by Mr. Pondra.  After some talk, an exchange of fire breaks out by the time Wirz and Berntner' 'reach Eleonore Heller's apartment.  

Marek shoots Mr. Pondra in self-defense.  Pondra and Eleonore Heller are taken in.'

SOURCE: (updated)from Wikipedia Germany, Wikipedia the free encyclopedia
(see: 'Main article : List of crime scene episodes')
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