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> As the 80's were drawing to a gradual close, MTV was expanding its
> programming catalogue to include a show about movies. No, they didn't
> repurpose the PBS series, Sneak Previews, but, rather, developed
> their own show in conjunction with Premiere, a then-emerging movie
> magazine that sought to do for movies what Rolling Stone was doing
> for pop culture in general.
> The Big Picture premiered in 1988, airing as memory serves on
> weekends. Premiere senior editor Chris Connelly, now with ESPN,
> served as host. Sorry to say, there's no Wikipedia entry that tells
> us how long the show actually lasted. It was pretty much a half hour
> infomercial for Premiere, which probably contributed to its short
> shelf life on the air.
> Rating: A.

The Big Picture ran until 1995. It is not to be confused with the U.S.
Army series The Big Picture, which ran from 1951 to 1964. Stations ran
The Big Picture late at night as filler, and for public-service
credits. The stations got the series free of charge. The U.S. Navy
had a similar series, Navy Log. I don't remember if the USAF had one.
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