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Marni L Hager

Mar 1, 1995, 11:15:45 PM3/1/95
To all of you who are wondering why Quentin Tarantino was on All-American Girl a few weeks back, I hope this helps a little bit. It was taken from the Los Angeles Times TV Guide of Feb 19-25:

"All-American Girl" has generated minimal
interest among viewers througout the
season. In a tacit admission of its
weakness, the producers recently told ABC
that their season finale would serve as
the pilot for another show, with star
Margaret Cho playing the same character in
a different situation. What to do until
then in a bid to boost ratings? Call on
familiar guest stars. Last week it was Oprah
Winfrey, and this week it's Quentin Tarantino.
In Wednesday's episode, the "Pulp Fiction"
writer-director plays Cho's new boyfriend, a
criminal leading a double life.

Again, I hope that helps. As for the show being terrible, I have to disagree. I understand that it was not the greatest thing on Earth, but it was supposed to be taken like "This is Spinal Tap." A spoof of something. When you look at the show like it was intended, it becomes hilarious. BTW, did anyone notice that there was something from RD thrown in, as well as the very end during credits being a spoof of a quote QT gave to a magazine (I think it was Entertainment Weekly) about 1 1/2 months ago.

It was something Uma Thurman said to him while visiting him on the set of something he was filming. Well, I suppose this is long enough.
BTW, I am new to the nets. Please be gentle.

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