Movie Review: 'Jurassic World'

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Dänk 42Ø

Jun 14, 2015, 7:54:15 PM6/14/15
Hollywood ran out of original ideas decades ago, but when they do make a
remake or sequel they go all out on the action and special effects.
This is the typical American summer blockbuster, well worth the ten
bucks for a Sunday matinee.

Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs escape! Chaos and mayhem! People get eaten!
Dinosaurs get eaten! Intelligent dinosaurs who can follow commands,
and wind up helping the humans in fighting a big, badass mutant
dinosaur. More people and dinos get eaten! Pterodactyls escape and
eat people! More chaos, more mayhem! Heroic efforts save the day.
The usual happy ending.

The lead hunk, actor Chris Pratt, is a total beefcake, and manages to
keep his shirt just unbuttoned enough, his jeans just tight enough,
and his face just unshaven enough to make the viewer not really care
about his acting ability (but he is a good actor). I swear he stuffed
a sock in there.

The 3D effects were good, though I'm not sure much better or worse than
other 3D films. It looked very real, but a lot of directors don't
have enough experience with 3D to utilize it to its full potential.
Chris Pratt's crotch looked three-dimensional enough, however.

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