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Steve Kong

Jul 17, 1997, 3:00:00 AM7/17/97


Jackie Chan does all his stunts. That's something hard to say about action
"heroes" lately who rely on stunt doubles. SuperCop is actually the third
film in the Police Story series. But, that does not make it a requirement
to see the first two before seeing SuperCop. SuperCop is a self-contained

Jackie plays Kevin Chan, a supercop in Hong Kong. He is talked into a
mission to stop a large drug lord in Hong Kong. But the assignment first
takes him to China, where he meets the Chief of Security, played by
Michelle Khan. The story, though flimsy, is not what one would go to see at
a Jackie Chan film. And indeed, From here, the story slows down and the
action takes over. And it is not just action, there is comedy interleaved
in the action too, to relieve tension.

There are two hugely memorable action sequences in SuperCop. One takes
place in a drug lord's camp and the other takes place in Malaysia. The one
in Malaysia has Jackie hanging from a rope ladder, which is attached to a
helicopter flying over the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Another different sequence shows off the humor that Jackie performs. And
this is in the earlier portion of the film at a Chinese Special Forces
Training Camp.

Jackie shows that it is possible for an action hero to be brave enough to
do their own stunts, be funny, and likeable.

SuperCop is pure action and should be seen. Don't leave after the movie
finishes at the end of ever Jackie Chan movie there are outtakes and
SuperCop is no different. There are more laughs in the outtakes than there
are in a good sitcom. You can also see how dangerous the stunts get. It's
not a Jackie fikm unless there is someone being taking away in a stretcher.
And after you watch SuperCop, see First Strike, whish is Police Story 4.

Copyright 1997 Steve Kong
steve kong
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