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Dec 6, 2007, 7:48:05 PM12/6/07
Guys, First time problem and kinda scared shitless....Recorded with my
Tascam HD-P2 unit and when I went to transfer the tracks in the studio
DAW, they are corupted. The compact flash card must be screwed up! I
have a 7 or 8 minute piece but it only gets to about 5 minutes into it
then cuts out....I kept it rolling it repeats a section again and
again cuts out at the same place, do the same thing over and over.
Is there any way to recover the remaining several minutes?????????


Dec 6, 2007, 9:54:12 PM12/6/07
Try a file recovery program. If you do not have one you have used and
trust let me know and I can recommend a good one. That is the downfall
about digital it is prone to error.
I often consider throwing a little md recorder in my bag and letting
it roll. Let me emphasize consider since my 744t records to up to 3
mediums aand I find using the CF + HD sufficient.


Dec 6, 2007, 10:28:13 PM12/6/07
On Dec 6, 8:54 pm, ""
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Wish the hell Tascam would have put a secondary compact flash slot in
the unit! I sure would be always 'double doin' it'.
Damn, damn, damn.
If you can suggest a recovery package, I'm all ears.



Dec 6, 2007, 10:57:06 PM12/6/07
Hi Joe,

Do the files play back ok in the recorder but not in the computer or
vice versa? Maybe they got scrambled while dragging/dropping into the
computer? Did you "import" through a program or drag and drop? Did
you check the "trash" folder on the card, just in case there's any
usable remnants in there? Dumb question, but you didn't accidentally
execute a file "trim" in the HD-P2 ?

Does the file sampling/bit rate match the session file that you
imported into? I assume so, since some of the audio played

What program are you using to play back the files in the computer?
Can you play the files in QuickTime as opposed to a audio/video
editing program?

Did the track have any "markers" embedded....maybe it's looping
between markers?

Any difference if you pull the files into the computer using a card
reader as opposed to a Firewire connection? How about pulling the
files into your computer, don't open/play them, and then copy them
back to the HD-P2 to a fresh (different) card and then check them
right in the HD-P2?

Anyhow, grasping at straws. I hope you find your audio of



On Dec 6, 9:54 pm, ""


Dec 7, 2007, 12:48:21 AM12/7/07
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Dave, I'm grateful for any thoughts, but no....the problem lies within
the Tascam and the blasted compact flash card. I don't have any type
compact flash reader for the DAW nor even a firewire input either,
just USB2, sp/dif and the hammerfall toslink adat 3 sets of i/o's. I
was hoping someone know of a testing method on the HD-P2 unit to check
the flash. First unit I've used flash and have to say, not to sure it
this was a good move or not. Again, I blame the media itself, just
wish there was a way to check it. Plus I'm gonna have to think of
tying a back-up (as suggested, like a mini disc unit to the outputs)
so I don't get burned again.
You think your playing it safe by always transfering any work to
another drive, until you can't make it even that far before it
fails......shit, I just added an external hard drive to our two DAW
system last week because of a internal crashed drive, now this
happens. We think we're moving ahead in technology, but it's really
four steps forward, then two back!


Charles Tomaras

Dec 7, 2007, 1:06:27 AM12/7/07

"Blas" <> wrote in message

> Dave, I'm grateful for any thoughts, but no....the problem lies within
> the Tascam and the blasted compact flash card. I don't have any type
> compact flash reader for the DAW nor even a firewire input either,
> just USB2, sp/dif and the hammerfall toslink adat 3 sets of i/o's.

Indulge yourself!

USB CF card readers are dirt cheap and you can pick them up at Radio Shack
or just about any consumer electronics retailer.

There are also a number of CF File Recovery Utilities available:

Dec 7, 2007, 1:20:43 AM12/7/07
I have an iConnect adapter that goes from the flashcard to USB2 (It's
only slightly bigger than a Flash Card and it's more reliable for me
as the FW connection makes my computer crash).

Before you do anything, get a proper card reader and plug it into your
DAW. >$25 might save you some time and you have a better chance of
seeing exactly what's on the card.

Dec 7, 2007, 5:10:25 AM12/7/07

Ontrack has worked good for me in the past. Someone mentioned a
specific program that is deigned for cf cards recovery. that might be
better? On a positive not at least the cf card is not 100's of gb's
and will not take more than 30 minutes to find out if you are in luck
or not!!!

Whitney Ince

Dec 7, 2007, 10:03:49 AM12/7/07
On Dec 7, 5:10 am, ""

I always use a external CF reader when dumping my card back to the
computer. I had an issue one time when the tascam unit was screwing up
during transfer and using the external reader fixed the problem so
since then I have always used an external reader. I also just find it
easier than trying to plug the tascam into the computer when it is
buried in my sound bag. However, Joe's problem sounds like the unit
screwed up during recording something that has never happened to me in
the last two years of using my unit. I do wish it had a 2nd CF slot
for mirroring though it would make me feel alot more confident when

Jesse Flower-Ambroch

Dec 7, 2007, 11:04:17 AM12/7/07
Hey Joe,

I agree, pick yourself up a card reader. I have always found them more
reliable and a faster transfer than putting the recorder into drive
mode (this goes especially for the FR-2). If that doesn't work, I
recommend the software DiskWarrior. You might try also talking to a
file-recovery service such as the one offered through TekServe.

Good luck!


Dec 7, 2007, 1:32:11 PM12/7/07
Hi again Joe,

So, if I understand correctly, you don't have a firewire connection or
card-reader to transfer your actual "files" from the Tascam to the
computer. I assume you played them in to the computer via Analog or
SPDF in realtime? I've found that the SPDF method can cause potential
problems if clock sources/sample and frame rates/ etc. don't line up
between the HD-P2 and the computer. If you can find a way (cheap CF
card reader?) to transfer via a drag and drop "file copy", maybe the
files will come through intact. I'm thinking that your problem could
just be the way the HD-P2 is playing back the file, while the file
itself is ok.

As well, go here for the Tascam HD-P2 manual:;9,11,52,19.html

There is a HD-P2 "Scan Media" feature which allows you to check the
flash card for problems and attempt to fix and recover files. See
manual Page 19. Be careful when doing this as it's easy to hit the
reformat button.

Anyhow Joe, any problems I've had haven't been with my HD-P2 or
Compact Flash, but usually with the file transfer procedure or the way
the computer handles the file.

Lastly, when you recorded, we're you using timecode? Did you do
multiple takes? Was there a chance that "auto append" was off? If so,
you may have one or more takes existing at the same timecode location
and in playback only the file with the most recent timestamp will be
cued for playback. Any other takes should still be there, but you have
to go into the file list to cue them up. See page 12 of Tascam manual.

This may all be moot if you're only seeing your one file file listed
in the file list and it's not complete. Does your machine have the
latest Tascam 1.05 firmware? If you do download it, use a spare flash
card (you'll need a card reader), not the one with your problem file
on it.

And lastly, can you get to a music store where they have a new HD-P2
that you can play back your card on?

Good luck and let us know how you made out.


On Dec 7, 11:04 am, Jesse Flower-Ambroch


Dec 7, 2007, 1:42:01 PM12/7/07
Joe, one last thought. See Tascam manual, top of page 12, "Playing
Audio". Does your recording/file attempt to cross the 23:59:59:59
timecode location? If so, and Timecode is not enabled, the HD-P2 will
stop playback at the "end of the day". Maybe this is why your playback
upbruptly ends?

Cheers Joe.

Best regards,



Dec 7, 2007, 3:31:27 PM12/7/07
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Guys, guys you all have given me hope!!!! And a couple options to go
after. Great idea' beer for all that wanna fly into St.
Louis, once I go thru the steps. Again, this is a great bunch of
audio cats! Thank you.


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