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[NEWS] "Alien" prequel TV series & new movie

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Dec 28, 2023, 7:17:46 PM12/28/23

FX to Launch an Alien Prequel Series
20th Century Studios is continuing to expand the Alien
franchise with the upcoming untitled Alien series which
hails from writer-director Noah Hawley. Set as the
first-ever Alien story set on Earth, the prequel stars
Alex Lawther, Sydney Chandler, Kit Young, Samuel Blenkin
as Boy Kavalier, Essie Davis as Dame Silvia, and Adarsh
Gourav as Slightly.

According to Hawley, the series will explore the more
grounded aspects of the franchise. The director also
touched on the inclusion of Weyland-Yutani - the massive
corporation that's found in nearly every Alien property
- and how he plans to deliver a series that both
captures the horror-action aspect of the Alien franchise
and explores other themes established in the world.

The project is executive produced by Hawley, Ridley Scott,
and Dana Gonzales, with Chris Lowenstein production.
In addition to the upcoming FX series, 20th Century
Studios is also set to release a brand new installment to
the Alien film franchise titled Alien: Romulus, which
hails from director Fede Álvarez.


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