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The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980)

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Bill Anderson

Dec 16, 2023, 3:29:03 PM12/16/23
Same deal again this week: the kid can play games on my computer if he
consents to watch a movie with me. This time I wanted something light so I
went with the story of a Kalahari bushman named Xi who sees a Coke bottle
fall from the sky, tossed carelessly from a passing airplane. At first it
seems a wondrous gift from the gods with many uses including pounding
tubers and stretching snake skins. It will even make music if you blow
across the top! But soon strife erupts in his primitive family because
everybody wants to use the bottle for their own needs, and when a child
gets bopped over the head, Xi decides the object is evil and must be taken
to the edge of the Earth and dropped over the side. On his journey, Xi
encounters many wonders of the modern world including a woman so ugly her
skin is white, a bumbling zoologist, inept terrorists, and a jeep that
seemingly has a mind of its own. I have to say the jeep (OK, Land Rover)
practically steals the movie.

We had fun, the kid thought it was a great movie, and while the mixture of
violence and slapstick was occasionally cringeworthy (those bullets flying
around the children were real), still it made me laugh all over again. If
you have never seen this one you’re really ought to give it a look.

Bill Anderson

I am the Mighty Favog

Dec 16, 2023, 7:38:30 PM12/16/23
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