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(RAME) Review: Beyond Shame

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CD Man

Dec 11, 2006, 8:40:21 AM12/11/06
Beyond Shame

AKA A Place Beyond Shame

Former actor Fred Lincoln and current actress Sharon Mitchell demonstrate
how a typical plot situation can be turned into an explosive sex film
through outstanding sex scenes. Seka plays a woman with hang-ups seeking the
advice of therapist Paul Thomas. He puts people in touch with their thoughts
-- their 'book of thoughts' -- a role Thomas has played in countless films.
His analysis makes Seka live out her problems, and plot is secondary to sex
in this one.

The highlight of the film is the entire middle portion, four sex scenes
continually cross cut with one another. China Leigh and Mai Lin are featured
in an Oriental lesbian scene that becomes a three-way when Billy Dee joins
in. Aaron Stuart plays a Russian Cossack who bangs the brains out of cult
adult film goddess Diana Holt. One of the hottest anal scenes ever filmed
involves Jesse Adams and Lysa Thatcher in a multiple positioned, groin
boggling episode in back door heat. Seka's reputation will not be tarnished
in her scenes with Paul, nor will any of the other sex bits marr what must
rank as a triumph in eroticism. Definitely for fans of hot sex and it should
also have *strange* appeal for couples. Included in the cast are many of the
unsung, underrated stars of the San Francisco Bay Area scene.

Year: 1980
Producers/directors: Fred J. Lincoln & Sharon Mitchell


* Bonnie Holiday
* China Leigh
* Diana Holt
* Lori Blue
* Lysa Thatcher [Anal]
* Mai Lin
* Seka
* Sonya Summers
* Veri Knotty

<Jim Holliday's review in ONLY THE BEST (1986) Thanks to D for the

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