THE LAST DUEL (no spoilers)

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Jan 15, 2022, 6:06:56 PMJan 15

In 14th-century France, two noblemen face off in a death match with much
history behind it. "Based on true events", THE LAST DUEL is a sumptuous
costume-drama that further evinces a post-Covid reemergence of "big"
movies, and is a surprisingly vigorous entry from 82-year-old director
Ridley Scott. (Warning: this movie IS spoilable.) Well recommended.


Jan 16, 2022, 6:55:53 PMJan 16
On 1/16/2022 6:22 PM, super70s wrote:
> In article <hsIEJ.12688$jW....@fx05.iad>,
> Entertainment Weekly seemed to be impressed with Ben Affleck's
> performance, calling it "funny, layered, and surprisingly soulful." But
> it was "marred by poor box office and unfortunate boy-band hair." (lol)

By the time I got to the DVD, I'd forgotten who the cast was ...and
spotting them (all in serious roles) was an extra treat.

Irish Ranger

Jan 26, 2022, 11:16:45 PMJan 26
I'm probably not writing a very fair review of "The Last Duel". Right now, so
many of the lies, blunders, mistakes and bad decisions President Biden is
making are just depressing. I kind of felt, maybe incorrectly, that this cold, dark,
dismal and repetitive film reflects that mood. So, my suggestion, fast forward
to the last 10 minutes and watch the duel. You truly won't be missing much.

Irish Mike
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