The Tricky Document (Z-machine)

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Mar 31, 2021, 3:59:38 PM3/31/21
I wrote the "Tricky Document", which is a description of tricks for
Z-machine programming. I actually wrote it some years ago, but I have
not mentioned it on here until now. The tricks include:

* The SET->BCOM optimization

* The Black-Johansen algorithm, to optimize the sequence of temporary
and permanent shifts in a packed text (this sometimes involves using
ASCII escapes even for characters with a short form)

* Common suffix optimization

* Storing introduction text in parts of memory that will be overwritten
before they are used again (e.g. the input buffer)

* Displaying meters and numbers in the status line


Later, perhaps I can write a document of tricks with Glulx, too, since
there are many tricks that I have used.

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