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Oct 2, 2009, 6:04:42 AM10/2/09
Calling all IF Comp authors!

You have a place in the IF Comp Authors' Forum -- a private place
where you can discuss the IF games without violating IF Comp's Rule

The forum:


My friend Aric Maddux has taken over moderation of Rule Five, I
believe -- (Aric, feel free to chime in here) -- and his word is law,
as I trust him implicitly.

Last year, Rule Five was a nice place for me to talk with other IF
Comp authors. I'm not a contender this year, and I'm very limitedly
online, but we're still keeping the forum open.

I opened the forum last year to the public at the end of the Comp.
But this year, the forum will remain closed.


Aric Maddux

Oct 2, 2009, 12:17:33 PM10/2/09


I'll be handling administrative tasks for the Rule 5 forum, approving
memberships and making sure discussion stays private.

Incidentally, due to technical problems, the forum is not currently

I will post an update here, and on the forum, as soon as the issue is
fixed (which should be within 24 hours). In the meantime please feel
free, if you are an author in this years competetition, to go ahead
and sign up for the forum, but please do not discuss games there until
this issue has been corrected.

Thank you,



Oct 3, 2009, 4:27:18 AM10/3/09
> Aric- Hide quoted text -
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I thought there was a public and a private forum, but I can't swear to

Anyway, many thanks, Aric, for taking that on.


Aric Maddux

Oct 4, 2009, 2:13:08 AM10/4/09
On Oct 2, 12:17 pm, Aric Maddux <maddu...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Incidentally, due to technical problems, the forum is not currently
> private.

Thank you for your patience, authors-- the Rule 5 forum is ready for
you. The link to the '09 discussion forum was moved further down the
page, but you should find it easily if you are logged in. If you have
signed up for the forum but cannot login or cannot see the forum
labeled "Authors '09", please let me know.

Last year's discussion forum is still posted and publically available
as "Discussion Forum". This will remain up, but is not the Rule Five
forum for this year. Please do not post there unless you want said
posting to be viewable by everyone! As Conrad has stated, this years
discussion will *not* made public after the competition.


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