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Steven Howard

Dec 7, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/7/96

Just a few random thoughts on the competition games:

Pickiest parser: In "Sir Ramic Hobbes and the Oriental Walk," the
command "Put x in y" is NOT the same as "Put x into y". For example:


The handle won't fit into the press!


It clicks into place. This is where it came from."

Most limited vocabulary: "Don't Be Late" doesn't understand the
word "GET".

Hardest puzzle: The crystals in "Fear".

Most ironic response: "In the End", a game you "win" by committing
suicide, responds to ">QUIT" with "Life doesn't work that way."

Most common oversight (basic): The Inform games "Rippled Flesh" and
"Reverberations" were released with the debugging commands enabled.

Most common oversight (advanced): The non-scored Inform games "In
the End" and "Of Forms Unknown" fail to override Inform's default
presentation of the score upon winning, so that both games admonish
the player who has won the game as if he had asked for his score.
(Other non-scored games may have done the same thing, but these
are the only two I won.)

Least helpful hint: Completely stumped in "Small World", I was
advised "You need only move around to make progress."

Best magic system: In "Sir Ramic Hobbes and the Oriental Walk",
the player transforms the character into various animals by typing
UNIX commands.

Best title: "The Meteor, the Stone, and a Long Glass of Sherbet".
Runner-up: "Kissing the Buddha's Feet."

Weirdest bug: In the endgame, I somehow rendered "Maiden of the
Moonlight" almost completely incapable of responding to any
input. Other than just pressing the <Enter> key, which still got
the response "I beg your pardon?", nothing I typed produced any

Most unusual main character: "Ralph." (Also best response to
">EXAMINE ME": "Nose wet: check. Fur clean: check. Tail up:
check. Sexy.")

Worst dialect speech: "Alien Abduction?"'s weak attempt at
Appalachian accents.

Best NPCs: The entire cast of "Kissing the Buddha's Feet."

Best in-joke: The "Jeopardy" game in "Delusions."

Steven Howard

What's a nice word like "euphemism" doing in a sentence like this?

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