NPC behavior - some design ideas

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Mar 14, 1994, 12:42:53 AM3/14/94

1 take object - object to take.
2 put object - object to put.
3 take/obtain from creature - object to take, creature to take from.
4 give object - object to give, creature to give to.
5 attack - attack special, creature if any.
a if leader attacks, attack target
b if leader attacked, attack instigator
c if liked creature is attacked, attack instigator
d if leader attacked, join in attack on leader
e attack creature that other likes|follows|is followed by
f attack creature
6 destroy object - object to destroy, string describes destruction.
7 read object - object to read.
8 eat object - object to eat.
9 drink object - object to drink.
10 wear object - object to wear.
11 use object - object to use, method for use.
12 sell object - object to sell, creature to sell to,
asking price, bottom price, decrement amount.
13 buy object - object to buy, creature buying from, offer price.
14 leave/flee room.
15 obtain allegiance of creature - creature, method for obtaining
a bribe/buy
b charm/influence
c threaten/coerce
d self-debasement/pleading
16 assign task to creature - task to assign, creature to assign to.
(if task is on assigners goal list, add flag)
17 place object in object - object to place, container to place in.
18 say to creature/item - what to say, creature/item to speak to.
19 open/close object - open/close choice, object to act upon.
20 instant kill of creature - creature to kill.
21 reveal item/creature location - item/creature.
22 reveal monster abilities - monster.
23 return to room - room, path.
24 return to creature - creature, location last seen, path to
25 admit to room only specified creatures - creature(s).
a. followers
b. leader
c. leader and his followers
d. specific creature(s)
26 magical charm - creature to charm, nature of charm.
a charm into servitude
b romance charm
c charm to reveal info
d charm to relinquish possesion
27 magical heal - creature to heal.
28 light/ignite object - target object.
29 disguise self - disguise string.
30 disguise other - creature to disguise, disguise string.
31 disguise object - object to disguise, disguise string.
32 temporary invincibility - target.
33 change abilities/characteristics - trait to change, amount
to change, target.
34 change visible - creature/object/self: target choice,
visible/invisible choice.
35 touch creature - creature to touch, string describing touch.
36 ready a weapon/item - weapon/item to ready.
37 beg(for item) - item, creature, beg method.
(beg is to charm/coerce someone into giving you desired item)
a threaten
b self-debasement
c charm and coax
d lie
38 offer job - job offered, creature offered to.
39 bribe creature to accept task - bribe, task, creature.
a offer money
b offer item
c threaten w/ physical assault
d threaten w/ object
40 request job - job wanted, skills offered, creature asked.
41 accept job / receive task from creature - job/task, creature.
42 touch object - object to touch, string describing touch.
43 do (targetless, rhetorical action) - action string.
44 teleport to location of choice - target location.
45 teleport to location of item or creature - target item or creature.
46 create item (object generators) - item to create, condition
for creation.
47 Comforting other
48 Offering ones servitude to other
49 Demanding servitude from other
50 offering information about self to other
51 requesting information about self from other
52 offering information about a creature to that creature
53 requesting information about a creature from that creature
54 offering information about an object to a creature
55 requesting information about an object from a creature
56 offering information about a location to a creature
57 requesting information about a location from a creature
58 offering information about another creature to a creature
59 requesting information about another creature from a creature

(expression can be 1-cautious/timid, 2-confident/assured,
3-assertive/dominant, or 4-hostile/aggressive)

60 expressing affection for/to other by verbal
61 expressing affection for/to other by gestures
62 expressing affection for/to other by touching
63 expressing affection for self by verbal
64 expressing affection for self by gestures
65 expressing affection for self by touching
66 expressing physical desire for/to other by verbal
67 expressing physical desire for/to other by gestures
68 expressing physical desire for/to other by touching
69 expressing rejection for/to other by verbal
70 expressing rejection for/to other by gestures
71 expressing rejection for/to other by touching
72 expressing rejection for self by verbal
73 expressing rejection for self by gestures
74 expressing rejection for self by touching
75 expressing affinity for object
76 expressing dislike of object
77 expressing desire for object
78 Aggressing against self
79 Giving material goods to self

1. insult
2. compliment
3. question about
4. statement of fact(s) about
5. statement of feelings/opinion
6. commit to some future act
7. direct other to some future act

talk about:
personal successes
personal failures
personal posessions
posessions desired
personal philosophy

a. sexual/seductive - fondle, kiss, nuzzle, lick, squeeze
b. romantic/seductive - caress, hug, kiss
c. friendly - backslap, arm-punch, arm-pat, hug
d. rejecting/hostile - slap, shove, poke
e. acknowledging - handshake, handclasp
f. misc - rub, touch, squeeze

Locations to touch:
a. eyes i. hand
b. ear j. fingers
c. nose k. nipples
d. lips l. groin
e. neck m. thigh
f. shoulder n. butt
g. back o. hair
h. arm p. chin

a. sexual/seductive - fondle-self, squeeze-self, whistle, thrust-hips
b. romantic/seductive - wink, wet-lips
c. friendly - smile
d. rejecting/hostile - glare, frown, wave fist, obscene gesture
e. acknowledging - wave, nod
f. misc - rub, touch, squeeze

Do_(non-targeted actions)
a. burp g. giggle
b. belch h. strange face
c. fart i. cry
d. gag j. sneeze
e. smile k. cough
f. hum l. blink

I'd appreciate any feedback you might have.

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