Meta-Comp Filler (Spam Pending)

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Mar 7, 2009, 4:50:12 PM3/7/09

Folks, I have a lot going on this month and I'm too fried right now to
write any good spam urging you to donate to Meta-Comp. So this is
basic, no-frills spam; filler, even.

You can now donate to Meta-Comp!

I am giving $100 to the prize pool to start things off.

A lot of very clever people have put in a lot of time and energy to
make the free programming tools, interpreters, and so forth, available
to us as a community; those of us who don't have the programming
skills can contribute liquid work, that is to say, money.

It's set up so anyone who has used PayPal will find it very easy to
do; and if you enjoy the IF that comes out of competitions, you'll be
proud to know you helped make this happen.

100% of all donations that reach me go to the game designers; I keep
nothing for myself; none of it goes toward the Meta-Comp website.

Many thanks,


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