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2008 IF Art Show Canceled/(Postponed ?)

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Apr 30, 2008, 7:44:24 PM4/30/08
I am sorry, I find I am too busy at the moment to go ahead with it at
this time. If I have only lined up two judges so far and not spend
time on lining up others.

The thing is, I prefer to give people 6-8 weeks advance notice as I
have found just saying it will happen is not enough. I also have to
post the rules (to the groups rather than on the web pages) and
announce the judges too. I have not done that this year and if I line
up the rest of the judges now, it would only be about 4 weeks notice
if I moved the deadline back to the end of May.

In other words, the timing is just not working out.

I MAY, however, do it in Nov. or Dec. after the yearly comp reviews
are over, if there is enough interest. I did this one time previously
rather than doing it in the spring.

If you are familiar with the IF Art Show and/or go to that site and
think you might like to enter or, by chance, had already started a
piece, please email me at If I receive three emails
of probable intent to enter then I will reschedule the IF Art Show for
the winter.

Thanks, Doe :-) (aka Marnie Parker) Note this is a repost. I posted it
this morning and it didn't show up in my Google Groups. So if you see
it twice, sorry.

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