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Vania Vijayan

Jan 26, 2024, 6:22:10 AMJan 26
I'm using Arduino IDE 1.8.1 on windows 10 and I'm getting something very strange.

The problem only happens if using util/delay.h and the _delay_ms(), _delay_us() functions.

Removing the include and F_CPU #define and using delay() and delayMicroseconds() solved the problem.

But, as this code will (probably) evolve to an ISR routine I might need to use util/delay.h, I have used it several times, but this is the first time I use _delay_us(), is it broken ???

download util delay.h


Yes they do.

I was using delay.h because the standard delay() gets confused when you start to mess with the timers, and this program may well go in that direction. I had no idea that such limitation existed with _delay_ms() and _delay_us().

The header file delay.h contains documentation in the form of comments in the file. To open the delay.h file in Atmel Studio, right-click the header file name in the C source file and then click Goto Implementation on the menu that pops up.


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