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Kevin Forchione

Jun 6, 2000, 3:00:00 AM6/6/00
I have just uploaded this to ftp.gmd.de/incoming/if-archive/again.t
It should eventually find its way to

This is release 1.0. of Again.t, a TADS library extension that should be
compatible with ADV.T, WorldClass, and Pianosa (Alt users will find it in
the next release). This module implements a solution to the <<again>> bug
that exists in TADS 2. <<again>> is limited by the fact that TADS repeats
the command based on command objects and not player command. This can cause
problems with commands directed toward indistinguishable objects.

You see two apples here.

>eat apple
That was delicious!
You can't repeat that command.

Again.t remedies this by capturing the command word list passed to
preparseCmd(), then later converting it into a command string and prefixing
it with the actor vocabulary.

You see two apples here.

>eat apple
That was delicious!
That was delicious!
I don't see any apple here.

NOTE that capturing the actual words used to address the actor would
complicate the solution. There is, however, the possibility that a
parser-generated error message for an "again" command that refers to an
actor might use words not contained in the command. For example:

>x baggins
blah blah blah

baggins has left the area.

There is no bilbo baggins of hobbiton here.

As a further note on this, the module is capable of building the actor
prefix part of the command string either by using the actor.sdesc (excluding
the Me object, which doesn't match its vocabulary) or by using the
vocabulary directly. This could be useful if you've decided to give your
actors numeric adjectives, but you'll probably need to fiddle with special


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