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Interactive Fiction Archive Opens!

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Volker Blasius

Nov 24, 1992, 8:51:12 AM11/24/92

Interactive Fiction Archive Opened!

We are proud to announce a new archive dedicated to Interactive Fiction
(vulgo text adventures). Machine name: (
Directory: /if-archive

This archive is a home for public domain and shareware interactive
fiction (aka IF) games, development tools, game solutions, and
programming examples, and for the Usenet newsgroups
and We want this site to be a place where all
things related to the art (and science) of interactive fiction can be

It has just been started, so don't expect much yet. Initial contents
are a few games for the PC, the development systems OASYS (for the PC)
and TADS Version 1 (for Atari, Mac, and PC), and hints and solutions for
infocom adventures, the Unnkulians, and Colossal Cave. Uploads are
welcome (see below); we hope to provide a representative collection soon
and eventually the definitive source for interactive fiction shareware
and public domain programs. We invite you to use this archive to gather
and distribute all those gems of interactive fiction now scattered all
over the world.

If you want to contribute a game, a solution, or even a development
system, please upload it to /tmp/if-uploads and send email to me
( explaining what it is and on what machines it runs.
If I can't make heads or tails of an anonymous upload, I'll probably
just delete it, so if it's unclear what it is, please email me about it.

Volker Blasius, 23nov92 Internet:
CompuServe: 100064,1025
Fido: 2:243/50.37

Co-Moderator: David M. Baggett Internet:

Origin: a maze of twisty little passages, all different (2:243/50.37)

Steven Eric Schwartz

Nov 24, 1992, 11:36:28 PM11/24/92
Has anyone here used the scheduling functions in the STANDARD.ADI include
file in ADVSYS? I am having problems deciphering them.

Steven Eric Schwartz "It's not safe out here. It's wonderous, with
( treasures to satiate desires both subtle and
125 East Wilson Hall, MSU gross. But it's not for the timid."
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