Inform 5: An Open Secret

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Mathematical Institute, (0865) 2-73525

Jun 13, 1994, 9:16:02 AM6/13/94
It's an increasingly open secret that the new release of Inform,
Inform 5 [fanfare, flourish of trumpets, etc.] has been sitting
in the incoming/if-archive directory of for a fortnight
or so.

Many people have already discovered it and sent me objections, as
a result of which I've today posted an updated version. So, having
already lost the element of surprise, can I encourage porters and
other interested Inform people to take a look, and see if the code
can be compiled properly on different machines?

Bob Newell and I are already exchanging frank and full emails on
the subject of how awful the code is for small PCs, always the
most troublesome architecture for Inform!

In theory Inform 5 is very similar to Inform 4 internally, so the
process of compiling it shouldn't be too much worse.

In any case, Inform 5 is considerably better than Inform 4: I try
not to make updates unless I have something significant to add.

Try looking in:

inf5src.tar Tar directory of ANSI C source
inf5man.tar ...of the manual file on its own
inf5lib.tar ...of the Library files and sample games

There will be a proper announcement, and may well be another slight
update on the code to fix any problems people email me with.

Graham Nelson
Oxford, UK

Andrew Philip Fabbro

Jun 14, 1994, 2:32:30 PM6/14/94

Just a DOS port for Inform 5 on the horizon? I realize that
porting is work and usually painful work at that, and often thankless
work on top of THAT, so this is not a "hey, get it done!" but rather a
"I'd like to chek this out because other people had recommended it to me
so I'm looking forward to it."


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Bob Newell

Jun 15, 1994, 9:49:09 PM6/15/94
My DOS port of Inform 5 is complete and as soon as Graham gives the OK I
will post it on

I did both a 386+ port (DJGPP) and a generic PC port. They were pretty
difficult but thankfully they are in good shape now.

Bob Newell

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