Announce: CellarDoor 1.1.0 for PalmOS Released

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May 20, 2008, 6:25:27 AM5/20/08
Just in time for beergarden season here in Berlin, I am pleased to
report the end of another development cycle of CellarDoor, an Inform
(Z-Code, Glulx) interpreter for PalmOS. CellarDoor requires a hi-res,
ARM-based PalmOS device with memory card.

CellarDoor 1.1.0 features several code rewrites to improve
performance and usability of the Interpreter and Story List.
Highlights include user-definable,
clickable scrollback, and game tagging and filtering. Naturally, there
are also some compliance improvements (Glulx Unicode!) and bug fixes.

For more information,

Changelog follows... enjoy and have a good summer!

- Story List rewrite: after a slightly longer initialization,
switching between categories is now more or less instantaneous. The
new code improves CellarDoor's performance when dealing with large
game libraries, and allows the implementation of more extended list
behaviors such as tagging (see below).
- Interpreter screen model rewrite (now with Super-Scrollback!): A
new, improved screen model permitted the implementation of scrollback
on a per-window basis, which doesn't snap back automatically. Meaning
that you can scroll back N screens (as set in the Preferences from the
Story List) and click on stuff.
- Tags: games may now be tagged (with a few default values), and
filtered by tag in the Story List.
- Glulx Unicode compliance -- CellarDoor is now Glulx 3.1-compliant
(with the exception of @malloc and @mfree).
- Glulx: mouse requests now qualify a window to be the focus window,
if no other windows have pending requests.
- Fix for landscape/portrait flipping when clicking on gadgets in
forms, or using a pop-up DA manager. Ensured that the orientation
returns to the initial state when CellarDoor exits.
- Partial rewrite of pnoJpegLib and palmPngLib, implementing 'hand-
built' Bitmaps to get around problems with unfreeable graphics memory
when using CellarDoor with UDMH. The rewritten libraries have been
slimmed, combined and relinked into CellarDoorLib.prc, and should
cause no conflicts with pnoJpegLib or palmPngLib (neither of which are
used by CellarDoor anymore).
- Z-Machine: fixed an obscure crasher associated with quitting a non-
MG1-graphics game after having already quit an MG1-graphics game (so,
Shogun, Zork0, Arthur and friends). Probably never found by anyone.
- Medium+ Font no longer displays size irregularities with capital
letters featuring accents, umlauts, etc.
- Sundry fixes.

Sean Huxter

May 20, 2008, 6:57:39 AM5/20/08
I have to say, I've been running this ap on my Palm TX now for several weeks
and it rocks.

It's a huge improvement over Frobnitz which I've been using for years.

I'm loving it.


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