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Glenn Willen

Feb 13, 2009, 3:38:32 PM2/13/09
Until a Google search showed me Aric's post, I didn't even think about
advertising IFWM on Usenet, but in retrospect it seems like this group is the
obvious place to mention it. [Apologies if such ads are not welcome; I did
check the FAQ first. :-)]

A good friend of mine, Lea, is a nonprogrammer who recently got into writing
IF using Inform, and has decided (being the sort of person who thrives on these
things) that IF needs a month just like novel writing has. So she's started
Interactive Fiction Writing month, from February 15 to March 15 this year:

The event is designed to appeal to people who have never done IF before, so it
starts slow with a week to learn Inform, and some exercises before getting to
the meat of the IF-writing. You're welcome to join in late; I also understand
there will be "a fast-track option for experienced IF writers", but she hasn't
told me what she has in mind.

Her website describes the event as targetting Inform (6 or 7), but if you have
another preferred system that's obviously up to you. (Although of course we
will like you more if we can play the result. ;-)

We're pretty excited to hear people we've never met already advertising and
looking for people to do IF month with! Feel free to email me or Lea with any
questions or comments you have -- I probably respond to email faster than she
does, but she is the one doing all the work; I'm just her friend who knows how
to post to Slashdot and Usenet.

Hope you can join us in our Glorious Month of Writing IF! Try not to outshine
us n00bs too much. ;-)


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