Announce: CellarDoor 1.0.3 for PalmOS Released

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Apr 28, 2008, 6:17:54 PM4/28/08
Happy end of the month! I'm pleased to announce the release of
CellarDoor 1.0.3 for PalmOS, available immediately from The addition of custom color, increased verb/word
list sizes, drawing speedups, Glulx improvements and some other nice
stuff in this update.

CellarDoor the latest in a long lineage of Interactive Fiction
interpreters for PalmOS devices. Based on the code of Fangorn's
CliFrotz 1.6, CellarDoor maintains support for Z-Machine story files,
while adding support for Glulx stories, as well as Z-Machine and
stories wrapped in the Blorb file format (.zblorb and .gblorb files).

As ever, plenty more to read here:

Enjoy -

New in 1.0.3:

- Added default color to the Preferences. Note that choosing custom
colors might cause problems with games where some, but not all, colors
are specified.
- Adding color required that we change the screen-compression scheme
used for Autosave. Now using SysZLib for Autosave/load, included in
the installer.
- Increased word/verb list size to 20, and grew the forms to match. 20
feels like a good, final, never going to change again kind of number
to me.
- Numerous fixes to the drawing engine, eliminating some unnecessary
refresh overhead and getting some UI elements to clean up better after
- Added 3 pixels to screen height and adjusted bottom bar color.
- Fixed crasher in 'Delete' in the Save Game form.
- Glulx: Now has 32 visible windows permitted (64 total). Fixes Jon
Ingold's Dead Cities, and probably some other games I haven't tried.
- Glulx: glk_window_erase_rect() and glk_window_fill_rect() were using
the wrong area of the screen. Fixed.
- Glulx: Improved sizing of graphic windows upon Autoload.
- Glulx: Random seeding now works properly.
- Glulx: Fix for broken Autoload of complex window setups in Glulx
games (CoS, for instance).
- Glulx: Fixed mouse event bug, whereby only the first mouse event was
captured under some circumstances, while all others were ignored.
- Glulx: Improved Autoload's handling of style hints.
- Fixed completely broken mouse events (broken in 1.0.2).
- Autoload failure is now more graceful.
- Word/Verb-popup no longer strips apostrophes.
- Rewrite of word/verb list code; somewhat more efficient now, doesn't
require constant database access.
- Lots of drawing and performance fixes in the Notes window. No longer
feels like an afterthought.
- Added standard Edit menus to Words, Verbs and Notes. Using the
Command Toolbar has never been so satifying.
- Renamed the ambiguous "Free Heap RAM" to "Check Heap RAM", which now
reports in KB, rather than in bytes.
- Numerous minor fixes to Autosave/load.
- 'down' can now be used to get out of MORE.
- 'down', if there is no 'next command' in the history, erases the
current line.
- Cosmetic changes (border around the more button and new button
graphics, cursor color, etc.).

Sean Huxter

Apr 28, 2008, 8:55:26 PM4/28/08
Can the program read .dat files that came with INFOCOM games, as well as the
.z* format?


"jeremydb" <> wrote in message

Jim Aikin

Apr 28, 2008, 9:32:13 PM4/28/08
Sean Huxter wrote:
> Can the program read .dat files that came with INFOCOM games, as well as the
> .z* format?

I believe you can get any standard z-machine interpreter to load the
.dat files simply by changing the filename extension to .z5.


Sean Huxter

Apr 28, 2008, 11:37:07 PM4/28/08
Ah. I suspected as much, but never actually tried it.

I'll d/l CellarDoor tomorrow on my Palm TX and give it a whirl. I'm finding
some problems with Frobnitz including the fact that the screen gets out of
sync so touching a word gives you a word on the wrong line, among other

Reading the FAQ on CellarDoor and the way it stores data and all, it seems
to be more computer-like, and less PDA-like, which is good for me, and
storing the game data on a memory card is a great idea.


"Jim Aikin" <> wrote in message

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