The Post-Comp-Comp is on!

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Feb 3, 2010, 11:00:47 PM2/3/10
It's official! The Post-Comp-Comp has begun, and here are the

The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man by Hannes Schuelle
Byzantine Perspective by Lea Albaugh
Rover's Day Out by Jack Welch and Ben Collins-Sussman
Snowquest by Eric Eve
Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort by Duncan Bowsman

There are a few changes, though, so take note!

First of all: I've opened up the judging. This time around, anyone can
vote on first, second, third, fourth and fifth, as long as they've
played the entries before. This is an honor system thing, but the
judging process really doesn't make sense if you haven't played the
original game.

Once again, the primary criterion is how much the post-comp release
has improved upon the original. This is subjective; use your best

In keeping, I've increased the judging time a week or so; all votes
should be in by the end of the month (that's February 28th, this being
a non-leap year)

And finally, I've upped the prize amounts! Now we're looking at:

First - $50
Second - $25


Now, on to the fun part -- the games themselves!

Post-comp releases:

Original versions:


And some details about the changes:

The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man
- Overall focus of post-comp release: To make the game more polished
and focused. Specific changes include:
-- An added prologue with the protagonist visible, for comparison
-- Some added custom endings
-- Improvements to puzzle hints, objects and actions
-- An added in-game hint system

Byzantine Perspective
- Overall focus of post-comp release: Reducing the amount of
frustration and/or false misdirection in the original release.
Specific changes include:
-- Bugfixes
-- Rewritten help menu
-- Some context-specific phrases and other improvements to in-game

Rover's Day Out
- Overall focus of post-comp release: To address interpreter issues
and incorporate IFcomp reviewers' thoughts. Specific changes include:
-- Alterations so the game runs properly in Gargoyle, zag and
interpreters without status line displays
-- Revisions based on feedback from reviews
-- Adaptive hint system and walkthrough added.

- Overall focus of post-comp release: To present the game with a
better, more ambitious ending. Specific changes include:
-- Completely rewritten ending sequence
-- Changes to the dream sequence
-- Minor tweaks to Old Mundle

Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort
- Overall focus of post-comp release: Specific changes include:
-- Reworking of the riddling gnome
-- Removed the frozen word puzzle
-- Tweaks to many puzzles and descriptions
-- New walkthrough


Congratulations, again, to all the entrants! There's been some
exciting work done over the past month.


Feb 5, 2010, 10:51:14 PM2/5/10
A few addenda:

- E-mail votes to me, at this e-mail address (sarahcryst at gmail).
- Discussion and reviews during the judging period are both perfectly

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