{RAE} MINDY'S ESCAPE {Hungry Guy, Mindy} (M/F Mdom Fsub Fpov cons ws scat copr sad tears caution)

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Hungry Guy

Nov 12, 2007, 9:46:04 AM11/12/07
{RAE} MINDY'S ESCAPE {Hungry Guy, Mindy} (M/F Mdom Fsub Fpov cons ws
scat copr sad tears caution)

BY Hungry Guy and Mindy


The wax museum was busy, but not overly packed on a weekday
afternoon, as Mindy and her parents wandered the galleries of famous
figures in permanent poses. They were on the second week of their road
trip during summer. The wax museum, her parents figured, would give
Mindy something to write about in her obligatory "What I Did During My
Summer Vacation" report that every teacher seemed to demand of
returning students.

"C'mon Mindy!" her mom called out to her. "Keep up with us!"

"Parents!" the teen muttered under her breath as she stared at the
wax figures of President Lincoln, Elvis, and Neil Armstrong.

The pubescent girl didn't understand the nature of her reaction
yet: why she always started fantasizing about being trapped inside one
of those figures, and why it always made her wet down there when she
did so.

She sighed and shuffled down the aisle toward her parents.

When she caught up to them, Dad said, "You hungry yet, honey? Mom
and I are going to stop into the cafeteria."

"Sure, Dad," she answered in her sullen teenager voice.

"C'mon, Mindy," Mom said. "You'll enjoy the museum better on a
full tummy!" She leaned over and whispered in Mindy's ear, "And maybe
we can talk dad into taking you to that theme park down the road from
the motel later."

"Sure Mom," Mindy said. Though, truth be told, she'd rather
fantasize about being kidnapped by the curator and forced to be turned
into a living statue like in Vincent Price's _House of Wax._ She and
her two best friends, Sherry and Wendy, rented it on a kick a few
months ago, largely at Mindy's suggestion. Oddly, Mindy found herself
disappointed when Sue was rescued by her fiancé at the last second
before she would have been doused with hot liquid wax and turned into a
wax statue.

"Oh my!" Dad said as they walked into the small cafeteria in the
basement of the museum. "Look at the prices!"

"We'll have to mortgage the house to eat here!" Mom added,

"I'll just have a slice of pizza and a Pepsi, okay?"

Mindy wolfed down her slice and was itching, in a near literal
sense, to go back and look around the museum a little more. "Dad?"

"Yes, sweetheart?"

"Can I go looking around some more and meet you guys in about an

"Sure, honey! That's great that you're taking an interest in the
museum! Why don't you meet us in the lobby near the ticket counter?"

"Cool! Thanks!"

"Got your watch?"

"Yes dad."

"See you later, honey!"

Mindy left Mom and Dad munching on their $10.00 hamburgers and
$5.00 cans of Pepsi, and rode the elevator up to the 3rd floor of the
museum where the scary exhibits were: Jack the Ripper, John Wilkes
Booth, Hitler, So Damn Insane, Pol Pot, OJ Simpson, Son of Sam,
Mussolini, Ayatollah Khomeini, Osama bin Laden, and all manner of
serial killers who have passed through US history recently. Seeing
such real-looking figures of all the most evil people who ever lived
all in one room made Mindy feel terribly frightened, but strangely
aroused even more than before.

Then she found a door into an empty exhibit room that someone must
have left open. The opening was wide open, just as if the adjacent
room was open for business. She wandered down the maze-like corridor
past empty pedestals and empty glass-enclosed display cases. Her heart
was pounding with terror, but she was thrilled at the same time.

"Are you lost, Miss?"

"Aaaaah!" Mindy screamed and whirled around to see a kindly looking
older man wearing a white smock, covered with bits of dried wax and
plaster, over an old sweatshirt and faded jeans.

"Are you..." she gasped.


"Are you going to drag me into your workshop and turn me into a wax
statue as punishment for wandering in here?" she asked.

"Heavens! You have a wicked imagination!"

"Oh?" she said with a hint of disappointment.

"All I'm going to do is tell you this part of the museum is closed.
The main part of the museum is back the way you came from."

"Oh!" Mindy gasped. "Okay, then. Thanks!" She turned away from
the man and hurried back to the main museum.


The first thing he did after work every night was to check his
email. The erotic writer receives countless emails from fans--mostly
women with rape and snuff fetishes. Their stories are almost always
the same--they fantasize that some serial killer would rape and murder
them. While most of them have been sufficiently sane to admit, after a
few rounds of e-mails, that they don't _really_ want to be murdered by
a serial killer, most had dropped subtle hints that if the erotic
writer should decide to track them down and rape them for real, it
wouldn't be the end of the world. The erotic writer would usually
oblige, insofar as writing a story featuring them as victim and he as
the sex-crazed killer.

Also, in order to get ideas for new stories, and to encourage
feedback, he also designed some kinky surveys on his Web site asking
about people's fetishes and kinks. One survey asked if someone would
be willing to be a toilet slave. Most of the answers are automatically
populated by the respondent clicking on check boxes, but the comments
section came from a text box that the person typed their personal

One Tuesday night, after learning the sad news that five more long,
lost, wealthy relatives died in Nigeria from political unrest in the
past 24 hours and had left their vast fortunes to him, he received a
response from Mindy to his survey:

> From: Mindy
> To: EroticWriter
> Subject: ASSTR Toilet Slave Survey
> Gender? Female
> Age? 30ish
> Country? USA
> Would be a toilet slave? Yes
> Would be toilet to men or women? Either men or women
> How often would you want to be used? Constant use
> What Days? Busiest days Fri and Sat
> Ever been a toilet slave? No
> Comments:
> I would only do this if totally bound
> into a device which forced me to be a
> toilet. I hate the idea of willingly
> doing this but if I were shown a
> device which would be inescapable and
> truly turn me into a toilet against
> my will I know I would submit to it
> for as long as possible.


The erotic writer filed the results and updated the survey response
statistics that are updated on the site each week or so. Since she
gave her reply email address, he replied thanking her for answering his

A few days later, he received a reply from her.


> From: Mindy
> To: EroticWriter
> Subject: Re: ASSTR Toilet Slave Survey
> I was hoping to talk to you about
> realistic forced toilet play.
> I've read many stories dealing with
> the issue and talked to many people
> who were "experts" (at least in their
> fantasies) but it's hard finding
> where it meets reality.
> I have a very unusual fantasy in that
> while I'm not interested in any
> particular fetish, I dream of
> voluntarily (at first) letting myself
> get into a bizarre situation that I
> can't get out of and truly don't want
> to do.
> Toilet play is a great example of
> that.
> The idea of willingly drink urine or
> eating human waste disgusts me.
> If someone were to hand me a glass of
> urine and tell me to drink it there's
> no way I could.
> Or if it were a toilet design shown
> in your picture, while I'd be forced
> to hold still while someone used
> me, there's no way I'd open my mouth.
> While some designs use a gag with a
> tube or funnel where the urine is put
> directly into the mouth and can easily
> be swallowed, is there a way to also
> put the other stuff in? I've always
> thought that the stories where some
> kind of larger tube or pipe is
> used would prevent the need to chew
> it a bit in order to swallow it.
> When it gets to the level of talking
> about it in this detail I'm reminded
> about how sick it makes me, but if
> presented with the right situation I
> know I'd have to submit to it.
> You see, as disgusted as the thought
> of doing this stuff makes me, I know
> that if someone showed me a device
> such as yours that I'd have to allow
> myself to be put into it.
> The more elaborate and bizarre the
> situation and device the better.
> I guess that's why I'm asking you
> about the reality of toilet play.
> I want to know things such as for a
> toilet like the one you show, how
> can you force the person to consume
> what goes in? Do you punish them for
> not opening their mouth? Or do you
> leave them in long enough that
> hunger eventually forces them to eat?
> How long can someone survive in a
> situation like that? While I've
> read many stories I'm not sure how
> many are truly practical.
> I love the idea of being a slave in
> those Edge Play stories but I'm not
> sure how it would work with me
> because I'm sure I'd start screaming
> to be let out and in a club like
> that I'm not sure if you could truly
> use someone against their will if
> it's open to the general public.
> Is there a way to be used in a club
> like that where you're not exposed
> to the public? I guess if you're
> restrained in a separate room under
> the men's room and only the liquid
> from the urinals is tubes into the
> mouth.
> But is there a way to transport the
> solids directly to the mouth? Hmmm...
> I guess what I'm asking is what are
> the best ways to truly turn someone
> into a human toilet against their
> will.
> While I've had a lot of offers from
> people who want me to be a willing
> toilet or at least where I'd be bound
> (not in a device as nice as yours,
> that I might consider) and beaten
> if I didn't do it, I have no interest.
> But if someone were to show me a
> working device where I could see
> that once locked in there would be
> no escape and I would be forced to
> consume what is put in, I know
> I would have to do it.
> And when I say the more elaborate and
> bizarre the better.
> The more I'd be less of a human and
> more just a part of the plumbing the
> better.
> In fact if someone showed me what
> could be called the ultimate toilet
> and told me that I was to be put into
> it for the rest of my life with no
> chance of release, I'd be screaming
> at them because they weren't getting
> me strapped in fast enough.
> Of course I also know that once it
> starts and the first load of waste
> hits I'm going to snap back to
> reality and be screaming to be
> let out.
> That's why for me it has to be
> something that can be done without
> my cooperation.
> I hope that makes sense and I'm not
> sounding crazy.
> That's the way all of my fantasies
> go.
> It's not just one fetish like the
> toilet thing.
> I'm open to about anything as long
> as it's done right.
> Anyway, back to toilets.
> I've come up with an interesting idea
> that I think might work good but I'd
> like your feedback. In fact you might
> be someone who could build it.
> Start with the basic toilet design but instead
> of the standard bowl it's more like a funnel
> that is as wide as the seat at the top but
> narrows to about 3 inches.
> I'm not sure how long it should be and you
> might have to experiment with it.
> If it's not long enough or I guess a steep
> enough drop something might get stuck on the
> side, if it's too long things will drop easier
> but it might be harder to clean.
> The victim is restrained with their mouth a few
> inches under the funnel and they are wearing a
> latex hood with only an opening over the mouth.
> Take an elbow length latex glove and snip off
> the hand part.
> Then glue (I guess) the wrist end to the hood
> around the mouth (I suppose you'd already have
> to have done this part) and stretch the elbow
> end over the end of the funnel.
> Anything put into the toilet has to be consumed
> in order for the victim to breath and it's
> probably too great a distance for them to try
> to spit it up and out of the toilet.
> So what problems do you see with that design.
> I'd love to hear from you.


The erotic writer was intrigued. He had built a real toilet slave
chair a few years back, but had never found a slave willing to get in
it. He replied:


> From: EroticWriter
> To: Mindy
> Subject: Re: ASSTR Toilet Slave Survey
> I don't think there are any experts. The
> reality is that a situation like my Edge Play
> kink club is pure fantasy. If a public toilet
> slave in such a situation didn't die of the
> countless diseases she picked up from the
> hundreds of people whose assholes she ate from,
> she would be vulnerable to injury from all the
> crazy people she would be alone and helpless
> with in the course of a few hours.
> Theoretically, a person could survive quite
> some time. Urine is sterile from a healthy
> person and poses little health risk. Feces,
> however, contains a large quantity of
> intestinal bacterial, which could be a heath
> problem for people with weak immune systems. On
> the plus side, human waste contains about 25%
> undigested matter. Therefore, with a daily
> vitamin supplement, a toilet slave could
> probably survive for up to about a week by
> consuming nothing but her master's filth.
> There is also what's known as the rule of
> threes: a person can last 3 minutes without
> air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks
> without food.
> Another thing to consider before going into
> toilet service is to get a series of vaccines
> for Hepatitis A and B. Very important if
> you're considering being toilet slave in a
> public or semi-public setting such as a kink
> club or munch.
> While still not a realistic scenario, the
> situation described in my story, "The
> Replacement" comes closest to your fantasy of
> all my stories. A woman is strapped down
> helpless in his basement, and he connects the
> drain from his toilet tightly to her mouth, and
> then connects the real drain under her ass and
> clit.
> A more practical human toilet setup is like my
> toilet slave chair where the human toilet is
> strapped in with her head enclosed in the
> toilet box. If my toilet slave refused to
> consume my filth, I would use what's called a
> "jaw spreader," a device used by some dentists
> to hold someone's mouth wide open. They're
> readily available from surgical supply outlets
> and online kink shops for about $50. I prefer
> the Whitehead type because it has two ratchets,
> one on each side, to hold the slave's mouth
> open securely to admit my waste into her mouth.
> The device you describe could probably be
> built. But the seat would be too high off the
> ground. Look at mine more closely again. The
> seat is at a standard toilet seat height. I
> can't quite see a latex glove as a connector
> between the funnel and the slave's mouth; the
> slave could still close her mouth and refuse to
> admit the waste while breathing out of her
> nose. If, however, you put the funnel directly
> in the slave's mouth, forcing her jaw open, that
> could work and the slave could not keep the
> filth out of her mouth. But you'll add about 6
> to 8 inches to the height of the toilet seat
> with such a design. That would make it very
> uncomfortable for the person using the toilet.
> Plus, one advantage of using a toilet slave is
> that the master usually sits directly on the
> slave's face. The slave is expected to clean
> her master's anus after she swallows his filth.
> With the funnel, she won't be able to perform
> this necessary function.


The emails flew back and forth a few times.


> From: Mindy
> To: EroticWriter
> Subject: Re: ASSTR Toilet Slave Survey
> Thanks for getting back to me. I've never
> gotten this in depth with someone before on
> this subject. Mostly I just get the wankers. I
> hope you don't mind talking to me about this.
> Anyway, in your first paragraph you mention the
> health risks and such, particularly related
> to the club. I guess in a public situation
> like that I pictured more that it would be a
> urinal only thing with the slave behind the
> wall or something. I almost like the idea of
> men not even knowing where the urine goes. Of
> course a problem there is with flushing water.
> Maybe disable that and just have somebody dump
> a cup of water in on occasion? For a setup like
> in your story I imagine it would have to be a
> club dedicated to that fetish. That way you'd
> have fewer people and they'd probably stick to
> the rules. As to the health issue with fecal
> matter, knowing how my mind works, show me the
> right toilet and I'll take my chances.
> As to your story, WOW!!! I know I'd have to do
> it. Even knowing going in that it would be
> permanent. I was really shocked when I saw her
> name was Mindy. I see your point as being a bit
> unrealistic. I've always had trouble believing
> it when they talk about pipes and connections
> like that. Is that even remotely possible? And
> once the solids are in the mouth do they need
> to be chewed? It seems between chewing and
> swallowing the connection couldn't prevent
> leakage. While the catheter is possible, what
> about the tube in her ass? Could you really do
> it so it would drain properly? And he was using
> a standard flush toilet. How could she ever
> swallow that much water? Isn't it like a few
> gallons with every flush? I suppose if you
> rigged it so it flushed very little water and
> only one person used it and the connection was
> tight she could slowly swallow and process it
> with as few times as it would be used in a day.
> The only other problem I see is one I encounter
> all the time with the wankers I talk to who
> tell me I'll be abducted and held against my
> will. I point out that these things can be
> traced even if it's deleted if someone really
> wants to find you. It would be too dangerous to
> do something like that unless you really know
> that no one will come looking for her. I know,
> I've prepared. As for a fantasy story though I
> really enjoyed it and will read all of them
> when I have the time. Any recommendations?
> A question about your chair where you mention
> using the special clamp if she refused is can
> you really swallow with it in? And wouldn't you
> need to chew solids a bit first?
> And for my chair, I guess I'm not sure exactly
> how high it would have to be. If it was a
> permanent setup a special chamber in the floor
> could be made where the slave rested. Or they
> could be built into a special platform where
> the toilet is now higher but the seat height
> would be normal relative to the platform. And
> as far as refusing to open the mouth, I
> pictured that there wouldn't be opening for the
> nose. I know it's extreme, swallow or
> suffocate, but it's the best I could come up
> with. And I guess I never thought of having to
> lick them clean.
> As far as other fantasies go, I've looked into
> probably everything you can imagine. The one
> I'll leave you with now is, "Have you ever seen
> the movie 'House of Wax' with Vincent Price?
> Hope to hear from you soon.


> From: EroticWriter
> To: Mindy
> Subject: Re: ASSTR Toilet Slave Survey
> Keep in mind that "The Replacement" is a story.
> But, that's some coincidence with the characters
> name being "Mindy!" I guess I always thought
> that Mindy was a cute name for a girl :-)
> But in real life, it can't really happen exactly
> like that. Every time he flushed the toilet, she
> would have to swallow 3 to 5 gallons of water,
> since that's what a toilet tank usually
> holds. She would probably drown the first
> time he flushed the toilet.
> And there's also the issue of cleaning chemicals
> with a slave connected to a drain from a real
> toilet. All it would take is for someone to
> pour some drain opener or bleach down the toilet
> bowl, and that's the end of the toilet slave!
> A more realistic scenario for someone who wants
> to be a toilet connected to the plumbing like
> in "The Replacement" would be for the slave to
> be in a mechanism much like my toilet slave bed
> but with a funnel mounted under the toilet seat
> with a short section of PVC pipe leading from the
> bottom of the funnel into the slave's mouth.
> The toilet seat would have to be somewhat higher
> off the ground because of the funnel, and so would
> be a little more awkward for the person using it
> as a toilet.
> The slave might be allowed to breathe through her
> nose, or she might have her head encased in a
> plastic bag so that she would be forced to consume
> the waste in order to breathe. But even if she
> wasn't forced to consume the waste to breathe, she
> would eventually get thirsty and/or hungry enough
> to swallow it.
> And this might actually be survivable long
> term...Hmmmm...


> From: Mindy
> To: EroticWriter
> Subject: Re: ASSTR Toilet Slave Survey
> I've been rereading The Replacement (I love
> picturing myself as the Mindy in the story) but
> I was hoping you could clarify how the system
> worked. I know it's just fantasy but I'd love
> to be able picture it in my head better.
> Especially the part that locks onto the head
> and mouth. And I hate to point out a mistake
> but in the end I believe he wasn't sure what
> had killed the last slave. But earlier in the
> story he had seen where her leg had gotten
> loose, twisted the urine hose and prevented her
> from draining.


> From: EroticWriter
> To: Mindy
> Subject: Re: ASSTR Toilet Slave Survey
> If this is something that you really want, then let
> me suggest a two-part plan.
> First, I'll modify my toilet slave bed with a funnel
> directly under the seat with the narrow end in your
> mouth. With the pipe in your mouth and a plastic bag
> over your head, you'll have no choice but to
> consume my waste or suffocate to death. You'll
> also be strapped and locked into the device with no
> way to escape.
> I'll then begin the construction project to build a
> more permanent station for you. I'll divert the drains
> from my toilets to a secret room in my basement that
> I'll build where I'll place you inside a tank with
> the drain pipe entering the tank and going into your
> mouth. There will be an overflow pipe attached to
> the pipe into your mouth so that you're not forced
> to swallow gallons of water every time the toilet is
> flushed, but you'll get enough of the liquid waste and
> all of the solid waste. That overflow pipe will just
> empty into the tank onto you.
> Since you'll be inside the tank, you'll pee and shit
> into the tank. The tank will then drain out into the
> regular house sewer. Once you're "settled in," I'll
> completely wall off the secret room, and finish the
> rest of the basement so that there will be no hint
> that there's even a secret room.
> Are you really serious about doing this, Mindy?
> I'm calling your bluff, Mindy. I'll be waiting
> at the New Brunswick NJ Transit station at about
> 5:30 on my way home from work Friday. If you
> get off the train, I'll take you home with me
> and turn you into a human sewage treatment system.


He doubted that she would be on the train that Friday night. But
he went through the motions stopping on his way home from work and
waiting on the Amtrak platform in New Brunswick just so he could go
home with a clean conscience and ask her why she didn't show.

Mindy had sent him her photo, and he was startled to see her get
off the train: a cute blonde with the prettiest green eyes he'd ever
seen walked up to him and said "Hi" in a mid-western accent. He
instantly had misgivings--how could he do such a horrific thing to such
a pretty girl? She's so young! Well, she got off the train--he had to
keep his end of the deal.

"Hi Mindy! It's wonderful to finally meet you."

"Same here! You're really going to make me part of the plumbing
when we get to your place?"

"I said I would. I'll start by putting you in my toilet slave
chair in my spare bedroom."

"But..." she started to say.

"I told you it'll take a few weeks to build the permanent
installation in the basement like we planned. We're talking major
construction here and a lot of work and money. I didn't want to start
tearing my house up and building anything until you got here and I knew
you were serious about this."

"I guess," she said.

"But once that's done, it'll be permanent--just like in _'THE
REPLACEMENT'._ So are you hungry? Would you like to eat before we go

"Sure, where do you want to take me?"

"Well," he paused. _"Tumulty's Pub_ has the best burgers you'll
find anywhere in the world! It's just down George Street a few blocks
from here. Or you can't beat _Bud's Hut_ for T-bone steak over in
Rahway. And _East Star Buffet_ on Main Street in Somerville has a
_huge_ selection of Chinese and Mongolian food.

"Who has the best desserts?"

"Er, that would be the _Taj International Hotel_--their _Risky
Rider_ has more chocolate than _Death By Chocolate!"_

"Oh? Let's go there!" she said.

"Uhm, that's in Bombay India."

"Okay, then East Star Buffet?"

After a drive up Easton Avenue to I-287, they parked in front of
the courthouse and walked down the sidewalk to the East Star.

When they sat, Mindy asked, "What do you suggest?"

"My daughter used to love the Lo Mein."

"Your daughter? Where is she?"

"Her death metal band, _Eternia Mortis,_ is on tour in Japan
promoting their latest CD, _This Graw Is Not Fredashay."_

"Eternal Death? See--I know Latin! But what is a 'graw' and what
does 'fredashay' mean?"

"It's a secret language known only to occupants of a mostly
harmless little blue planet orbiting an insignificant yellow star out
on the western arm of a mediocre spiral galaxy out on the dark fringes
of the known universe."

"Oh? But have I ever heard them?"

"Probably not. Their stuff isn't exactly top-40 hits."

The waitress, a cute Chinese girl, brought their drinks and they
went to get their buffet servings. Mindy got the Lo Mein, and the
erotic writer got some beef, gave it to the cook, and made steak
sandwiches with some bread sticks from the bread table.

It was after 9 when they got back to his townhouse just off Stelton
Road in Piscataway, not too far from Rutgers. He rolled out a folding
bed and some blankets for Mindy. "We'll get you installed tomorrow,

"Why not now?" she asked.

"This is why." He led Mindy into his room and opened a closet that
he kept locked with a heavy padlock.

"Wow!" she gasped when she saw three huge green trunks, and all
manner of BDSM gear on upper shelves.

"It takes a while to set it up, and it's rather late now. So go
enjoy your last night in a real bed. And you'll be my toilet

"I'll hold you to it," she said.

"You want to watch a movie?"

"What do you have?"

"The original _House of Wax_ with Vincent Price?"


He put the movie in and they snuggled on the sofa together.

"Were you ever someone's slave?" he asked as they snuggled.

"I was in a D/s relationship a few years ago," said Mindy. "But he
didn't treat me like a real slave--it was mostly just a vanilla
relationship where we did kinky stuff every now and again. I got
frustrated with the whole thing and left him."

"I see, and you don't want kids?"

"I knew back in high school that I wasn't cut out to be a mother.
Back then, I just wanted to be treated like a worthless slut and used
as a sex toy. I'd let them tie me up and have sex with me whenever
they wanted, but that didn't turn me on either. And I never found
someone who knew how to treat me the way I deserve to be treated."

"So you didn't really know what you wanted?"

"Well, I didn't really know what I wanted until I read some of your
_Hungry Guy._ stories. When I read _'THE REPLACEMENT,'_ I knew that's
what I've been searching for my whole life."

"What about your old life? Do you have friends or anyone who'll
start looking for you?"

"I don't think so. I don't have many friends. I sold everything I
owned at a yard sale and through eBay, I gave my car to charity, I
closed my bank accounts, and I cancelled all my credit cards. As far
as anyone knows, I simply disappeared from the face of the earth."

"Sounds good!" he said.


He slept late Saturday morning, as he always does, and found Mindy
awake, sitting in the kitchen eating a toaster strudel with a cup of
tea, when he emerged from his bedroom.

"Morning, Mindy! Sleep well?"

"No. I couldn't sleep. I'm scared to death."

"Then you want to call it off?"

"No! You promised!"

"Yes. I promised. So when do you want to be installed?"

"Whenever you do."

He led Mindy into his bedroom.

"Where is it?" she asked.

"Just a second," he said. He opened a closet revealing three large
trunks. "Help me with these."

He and Mindy dragged the three heavy trunks out of his bedroom
across the hall into an empty bedroom. "This used to be my daughter's
bedroom before she went off to college."

Removing the padlocks from each of the three trunks, their contents
revealed to be the pieces of his toilet slave machine.

While Mindy watched, he removed the pieces and slowly assembled the
machine. A short time later, he had a fully assembled _thing_ that
looked like a 6" high bed with a toilet attached to one end.

"Wow!" she said. "That's it! That's the thing pictured on your
_ASSTR_ story site!"

He stood back and said, "This is where you'll be. But I still have
to make some modifications for it like we discussed."

Mindy stared at it for a full minute. It was a padded wooden
platform, apparently custom-built. About six inches tall it was, two
feet wide and about six feet long. At one end was a wooden box with a
toilet seat mounted on it that was the height of a normal toilet. The
platform was fitted with belts and shackles at the mid-section and at
the far end. In the middle, about where her ass would be, was a 6"
diameter hole with a small plastic Tupperware tub under the hole.
Mindy leaned down and swung the box open. It was split and hinged
horizontally, the bottom of the box was padded and lined with plastic.
There was a hole on the upper half of the box, now swung open,
revealing the underside of the toilet lid. There was a half-circular
hole in each of the box halves, open to the padded platform.

"Should I get in it now?" Mindy asked.

"Well, you had wanted your head to be completely enclosed with a
funnel under the seat with the narrow end sticking in your mouth. It's
no problem to build a new toilet part like that, but I wanted to make
sure you really showed up today before I go to the trouble of building
it that way."

"Yes, that's what we talked about."

"But right now, the slave's face is flush with the toilet seat."

"Can I just try it anyway?"

"Sure, Mindy. Get in it!"

She sat on it then lay back, resting her head into the plastic on
the bottom half of the head box, while placing her arms and legs in the
open stockades.

"Do you want to close me into it?"

"Well, Mindy. If you really want to get installed in it now, you
need to take your clothes off so I can hook you up to the plumbing."

"Okay," she said and stood.

"Just take your clothes off and then get back in. Do you want me
to leave the room while you undress?"

"Doesn't matter. You'll see me naked when you come back in."
Mindy removed her clothes as he watched. Then she got back into the
machine. "Lock me into it, Guy."

"Okay," he shrugged.

He closed the shackles onto her wrists and latched them, then
lowered the gallows over her ankles, then buckled all the belts across
her legs and torso. Lastly, he closed the toilet box over her head,
framing her face in the toilet seat.

He left the room. "Are you going to leave me like this?" she
called out.

He returned a moment later with a handful of small padlocks.
"Yes," he said as he clicked the padlocks to the wrist shackles, the
ankle gallows, and the head box. "You're my toilet now, Mindy. I'll
build the device with the funnel and the bag over your head, just like
we discussed. But it'll take me a week or two to build it. SO in the
meantime, you'll be my toilet slave like this."

"How are you going to force me like this?"

"You'll see," he said and left the room.

It had become late, so he went downstairs and made dinner. He
watched a little TV, then went upstairs and took a shower before bed.
Then, wearing a bathrobe, he went into the spare bedroom and walked up
to Mindy.

"Yes?" Mindy asked.

"Having fun?" he asked.

"Not really. This is so boring."

"Yeah, well," he shrugged. He opened his robe and pointed his dick
down at Mindy.

"I won't cooperate like this!" Mindy insisted.

"You don't have to," he said and peed onto her face. She scrunched
her eyes and mouth closed as his piss splashed onto her face, dribbled
down the sides of her head, through her blonde hair, and finally
dripped into the Tupperware tub under the toilet box.

After he finished, she sputtered, "Ack! Ptui! Ick! This is
disgusting! I've had enough! Let me out!"

"No, Mindy. You're my slave now. Forever."

"Fuck you!" she said and struggled against her bonds.

He returned to his room and went to bed.

During the night, he got out bed once or twice, made his way to
Mindy, and pissed on her face, startling her awake in a fit of coughing
and sputtering.

In the morning, she was awake when he walked in on her. "Please!"
she gasped. "No more. I've had enough."

"Mindy," he sighed. "You haven't had enough. This is your life
from now on. Get used to it." Again, he whipped out his dick and peed
on her face and then let a little fart out of his butt.

"There's no way you can make me eat that!" she yelled.

"Sure there is," he answered. He walked over to one of the open
trunks and brought small metal wire gizmo.

"What's that?" she asked.

"It's called a mouth spreader. Dentists use them to hold people's
mouths open. I use them to hold belligerent toilet slaves' mouths

"No! Please!"

Guy pinched her jaw open, slid the metal frame into her mouth, and
ratcheted it open. In that position, it held her mouth wide open, and
she couldn't push it out.

He dropped his robe, turned, and sat on the seat. He could feel
her lips quivering against his butt. Relaxing his muscles, he let a
lump of shit slide out his ass into her mouth. Then another. "Swallow
and lick my asshole clean, Mindy."

He could hear her body bucking and struggling against her bonds on
the bed behind him. He could feel her body bucking under his ass.
"You're not taking another breath until my asshole is clean, Mindy. If
you die, you die."

He waited patiently until he felt her tongue lick his asshole. She
had been holding her breath for a couple of minutes continuously, so he
knew she was on the verge of passing out. So he let her off easy and
stood off her. He left her gasping for breath as he left the room.


After a quick breakfast, he drove down to Home Depot and bought
some lumber, PVC pipe, hinges, a large funnel, and other assorted
hardware items.

Upon getting back home, he got to work. Building the new device
was a much simpler project than building the original toilet slave
chair. All he needed to build was a new upper part of the toilet head
box. He'd also need to build a footrest since the new toilet seat
would be about 6 inches higher above the floor.

He constructed the part over the following week during the evenings
after work.

Needless to say, during that week, he used Mindy to pee and shit.
She got nothing else to eat or drink.

The following weekend, he walked in carrying his completed project.
He removed the jaw spreader, allowing Mindy to speak for the first time
in a week. "Are you letting me go?"

Phew! Her breath stank of raw sewage!

"No," he answered. "I built the device that we planned during our
emails. Just like you wanted."

"Wait. Please!"

"What?" he asked.

"Would you, er..." she stammered.

"Would I what?" he asked

"Would you fuck me? I know I said I don't care for sex? But I'm
so horny? If you're going to keep me, please fuck me."

"Shit, Mindy! Your body is now a machine. I don't fuck machines.
Especially sewage treatment machines!"

With screwdriver, he removed the hinges that attached the top of
the toilet box to the bottom and set it aside. Her wrists and ankles
were still securely locked in place, and the many belts still held her
firmly down.

He screwed the new top section to the hinges and checked its
motion. The new part was somewhat more complex than the previous.

She spoke up again. "If you won't fuck me, would you kiss me one
last time before you do this to me?"

"Ewww!" he gagged. "Do you realize what you're asking me to do?"

"I'm asking you to kiss me."

"Asking me to kiss you is no different than asking me to kiss a
toilet seat! How can you ask me to do something so disgusting, Mindy?"

"I'm sorry," she whimpered.

He lifted a black latex hood that was bonded to a short section of
PVC pipe that passed through the hood. The narrow end of a large
funnel was bonded to the end of the PVC pipe outside the hood. He slid
the hood over her head, which she was unable to resist. He pinched her
jaw open and pushed the pipe into her mouth, letting her teeth close
into the two grooves that he had cut into the pipe for that purpose.

As she gasped, "Aaaaah! Aaaaaa! Aaaaaa!" with her mouth forced
open by the pipe, he wrapped a length of duct tape around the part of
the hood that extended down past her neck, creating a snug airtight
deal. At that point, the only way she could breathe was through her
mouth through the pipe.

He attached two brass brackets in place that held the funnel in
place. Then he closed the top onto her.

At that moment, the toilet looked more like a real toilet bowl.
The funnel was directly under the seat, held firmly in place. He could
see Mindy's tongue wiggling around at the end of that PVC pipe under
the narrow end of the funnel.

He stood, peed, and then went about his typical daily routine.

During the week, he places one foot on the lip of the toilet with
hit toes hanging over the funnel. One at a time, he clipped his
toenails, each with a loud *snap,* letting each one drop into the
funnel into Mindy's mouth. Then he did the other foot.


While Mindy was thoroughly dehumanized in his toilet slave machine,
he wasn't done with his mechanization of her body.

The next stage of the project would take much more time, planning,
and construction over several weekends.

The following weekend, he purchased heavy sewer drainpipe and other
construction materials from _Home Depot._

He had made plans for Mindy's final installation even before she
arrived at his home two weeks ago. The sewage treatment system, of
which Mindy's body would be the primary mechanical component, would be
installed against the wall at the far end of his long, narrow basement.

For the first weekend stage of this new project, he built some
metal supports and mounted a 6-foot tall, 3-foot diameter, steel water
tank on its side about five feet above the floor at the far end of his

Using a welding torch, he cut one end off the tank.

He ran two pipes into what was now the top of the tank. One would
connect to the toilets in the house. The other would be screened over
at the end to let air in the tank so that Mindy could breathe.

He ran a third pipe into what was now the bottom of the tank. This
would connect to the sewer pipe going out of the house.

Then he welded a long narrow flat metal plate, containing several
holes to let the waste pass through it, inside the length of the tank.

Next he ran the sewer pipe from the input pipe on the top of the
tank up to the ceiling and along the long basement wall, parallel to
the existing sewer pipe that the toilets other drains were already
connected to.

Next, he ran another sewer pipe, connecting the waste output pipe
from the tank to where the existing sewer pipe exits the house.

His small house had one and a half baths. In his basement, he
disconnected one of the toilets from the main sewer pipe and connected
it to his new pipe that ran parallel to the existing pipe.

At that point in time, that toilet would drain into the tank, while
the other toilet drained into the regular sewer.

During the next phase of construction, he couldn't use that toilet
until Mindy was installed. He called it a weekend.


The following weekend, it was time to install Mindy.

Upstairs, he opened the head box and removed the hood and pipe from
Mindy's head.

"Gaaaa!" she gasped. "Is it over?" she panted. "Are you letting
me go now?" Her breath from speaking filled the room with the odor of
raw sewage.

"No," he said. "It's now time for your final, and permanent,

"Oh God! What are you going to do to me now?"

"I'm going to do exactly what you wanted originally."

"What's that? I forget."

"I'm going to install you into a central sewage treatment tank in
my basement, just like in my story, 'THE REPLACEMENT'."

"Oh," is all she said.

He knew that Mindy had to be weak and malnourished, and couldn't
put up much of a fight. Still, he couldn't take a chance on her
resisting and, somehow, running away. She couldn't get far in her
condition, running down the street naked and sickly, but it could cause
problems for him. So he unshackled her wrists and then bound her
wrists together with clothesline and then wrapped the rope around her
waist. He unshackled her ankles, and bound her ankles together with
another length of clothesline.

He unbuckled all the belts, and bent her legs up and tied her
ankles to her wrists with a third length of clothesline.

Thus bound, he carried her down to his basement and to the waiting
tank. "Aaaaaa...no....ohhh," she moaned all the while.

He slid her, on her back, feet first, on that metal plate, into the
tank. "Gaaaa! Cold! Cold! Cold!" she yelped.

"It'll warm up after you lay there for a minute," he said.

He crawled into the tank, head first, and lay on top of her, with
his crotch pressed against her face. He had a boner from this, and
considered pulling his pants down and mouth-fucking her. But, Naaah!
That would be like fucking an old dirty sewer pipe.

He untied her ankles and set a curved steel strap over one of her
ankles. Pulling his welding head from his belt, he welded the steel
strap to the metal plate on which her body rested. Then he welded
another steel strap over her other ankle.

He crawled back a little and welded two more steel straps just
above her knees.

"Noooo...ohhhh..." Mindy continued to moan through all this

With her legs locked in place by four welded straps over her ankles
and knees, escape was impossible, so he untied all the clothesline from
her wrists and body.

He welded two more steel straps over wrists to the metal plate.
Then he welded a strap to the plate loosely over her neck.

He had prepared a second latex hood with another short piece of PVC
pipe with two slits inside for her teeth, just like the one she wore
previously, only without the funnel attached to the pipe, and slid it
over her head. He pinched her jaw open and fit the pipe into her
mouth, letting her teeth close into the two slits in the pipe. He
placed a large hose clamp around the hood at her neck, and tightened it
enough to hold the hood in place but without crimping her neck.

Mindy whimpered and sobbed a few times.

For the final step inside the tank, he connected the drainpipe from
the inner top of the tank through a 45-degree angle connector, angled
upward, and then connected it to the pipe coming out of her mouth. The
path from the sewer line into Mindy's mouth was now complete. Waste
would flow along the wall, into the tank, and into Mindy's mouth.
Excess water that Mindy couldn't swallow fast enough, such as from a
flushing toilet, would spill out of that upward angled connector, onto
Mindy's body and down the drain at the bottom of the tank. Mindy's own
waste would also drop through the metal plate and flow out the bottom
drain. When no waste was flowing through the system, Mindy would draw
breath through that 45-degree angle connector from within the tank, and
thence from that uncapped pipe mounted to the top of the tank.

For a test, he went upstairs and flushed that one toilet. He ran
back downstairs and watched the water shoot out the open end of that
connector just above Mindy's mouth, splash onto her body, and, through
the metal shelf, and down that drain pipe connected the bottom of the
tank. Mindy gulped down the water trapped in the pipe between that
overflow and her mouth, and then resumed breathing.

He left Mindy like that for the rest of the week to make sure there
were no problems or complications.


The plumbing worked all week. He used Mindy's feeder toilet often
without any problems. The following weekend, he set the end of the
tank back into position and welded it back on. Then he disconnected
the second toilet from the main sewer line, and connected it to Mindy's
sewer line, thus completing the project--both toilets now led to
Mindy's mouth.

Then he said a silent eulogy for Mindy, for as far as the world
knew, she was dead, even if she was still alive. He shuddered at the
thought, wondering what it must be like for her, to be entombed alive
in a septic tank being forced to swallow raw sewage as her only source
of nutrient. He reminded himself that's what she had wanted. He went
upstairs to watch _Star Trek_ after a long day of hard construction


The work wasn't complete, though. The following weekend, he
measured his basement and marked lines of chalk where the new walls
would go. He had a pallet of concrete blocks delivered from _Home
Depot_ and began the next construction phase.

He built a concrete wall a couple of feet in from the far wall that
his sewage treatment system was installed. When it was fully built,
you couldn't tell that it was a false wall--his basement looked as
rectangular as ever and very ordinary.

But he still wasn't done. He had also ordered some lumber, and
began to frame out some walls to build a wall against the stair case
that came down into the basement, a room around his washer and dryer,
another room around his furnace, and some closets. This project lasted
many months of weekends, but when he was done, he had a very nice
finished basement with a paneled and carpeted recreation room. The
recessed lights in the new ceiling added a touch of elegance. The
enclosed utility and furnace rooms, and the little hallway connecting
them, nicely disguised the fact that his basement was several feet
shorter than the length of his house.


Months went by, and he met a girl online. Together, they had a
fairly vanilla relationship, though they played kinky sex games
regularly, switching dominant and submissive roles.

After dating for about a year, they got married and had a child.

When that child reached 18 and moved away to college, he and his
wife sold the house and moved to southern California.

His wife never suspected anything amiss with the plumbing, despite
his occasional reminder to her not to use drain opener or other caustic
cleaning chemicals, as "they might harm the septic system and cause
huge repair bills."


Several police cars made their way through the construction of
_Shady Acres Condominiums,_ a new housing development that the town
board agreed would be a marked improvement over the slum that it

Detective Merrill from _CSI: Piscataway_ walked up to one of the
police officers looking down into the bare foundation of one of the
demolished houses, "What do we have here, officer?"

The officer replied, "Sir, the construction crew found a body in
the basement of this old house."

"Where, officer?"

"You won't believe it, sir!"

"Show me."

The police officers and the CSI detectives climbed down the ladder
into the open basement. Passing through the rooms of the basement they
came to a body of a frail elderly woman lying on the crumbling concrete

"She was found here?"

"No, sir. The construction crew was removing some kind of septic
tank and when they pulled it out, they found her shackled inside it."

"Who found her?"

The police officer pointed to a group of construction workers
wearing sweaty tee shirts and dented hard hats standing in the far
corner of the basement.

The officer approached the group and returned with one of the men.
"Detective Merrill would like a word with you, Joe."

The officer stepped back, leaving the worker face to face with the

"You found her?" the detective asked.

"Yup!" Joe slapped the concrete block wall. "We were pulling out
some kind of septic tank hanging from this well. But it was all rusted
out, see, so when we pulled on it, it all fell apart, like, and she
fell out of it."

"I see," said the detective.

"We all puked our guts out!" said Joe.

"Anything else?"

"Well, yeah," said Joe. "She had all kinds of pipes connected to
her body inside the septic tank. Gruesome! We all puked!"

"You said that already," said the detective.


The detective continued to grill the worker, making note of the
time and other particulars reported by the construction worker.

A while later, the coroner arrived and took the body to the morgue
in Somerville while the detective returned to his lab in New Brunswick.

The following day, the CSI chief called the detective into his
office for a status report on the body.

"Sir," Detective Merrill began, "the coroner reports that the
subject died two years ago in 2044 at the approximate age of 72.
That's about the time the State Police shut down a brothel running out
of the house in question. The house remained empty ever since."

"Go on," said the chief.

"Her body was badly decayed. The cause of death was determined to
be starvation; she apparently starved to death after the house was shut
down, but the coroner found traces of human excrement in her stomach
contents. This tank she was in was connected to the drains of the
toilets in the house. And the drain entering the pipe fed directly
into her mouth. It seems that, while she was alive, she had been
living by consuming the toilet waste for some time."

"I see. Then our subject is a pro who was being punished for some

"We don't think so, sir. We brought the Madame, and some of her
former employees, in for questioning, but they all knew nothing about
the woman in the tank. Cross questioning was consistent. They're
telling the truth."

"The how did she get there? Who the hell is she?"

"Investigation of the demolition debris shows that the tank was
sealed in some kind of secret room. We ran dental profiles against the
national directory. It took a while because the search went back over
forty years, sir!"

"Forty years? You're kidding!"

"No, sir! She matches the dental records of one Sherry Kobie, who
disappeared in 2006 at the age of 34."

"Go on," the chief said."

"At that time, the house was owned by a small family, surname of
Guy. The house passed ownership a few times until the neighborhood
began to deteriorate and it became a brothel in 2035. At this point,
that's all we know."

"At this point, I'm recommending that we close the case."


"This redevelopment project is a political hot-potato. The mayor
doesn't want to stall the project over a tortured prostitute from 40
years ago, if you get my drift."

"Yes, sir," said the detective.

"Carry on,"

"Yes, sir," said the detective, and returned to his desk.

* END *

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