{RAE} HUNGRY FOR FUSCHIA [6/?] {Hungry Guy, Lady Fuschia} (M/F Mpov Mdom Fsub mult les humil cons piv oral anal ws choke strangle reluc rom caution)

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Hungry Guy

Feb 17, 2009, 7:04:34 PM2/17/09
{RAE} HUNGRY FOR FUSCHIA [6/?] {Hungry Guy, Lady Fuschia} (M/F Mpov
Mdom Fsub mult les humil cons piv oral anal ws choke strangle reluc rom

COLLABORATION BY: Hungry Guy and Lady Fuschia


Guy came home from work early one Wednesday afternoon as the hot
weather of summer was cooling down. "Get dressed, Fuschia. We're
taking a little trip."

"Yes, Master? Where to?"

"There's this swingers club I'd been to once with an old
girlfriend, and I've always wanted to return. I'd already purchased
the club tickets online a couple days ago."

"Oh? Sounds like fun, Master! Is it in New York?"

"Nope! Cleveland."

"I've heard of Cleveland, Master. Is it far?"

"About 8 hours by train. So get packed. There's only one train to
Cleveland from New York and it leaves at 7 PM."

Guy picked out the smuttiest outfit he had purchased for Fuschia in
the time that her body had been his property and told her to pack their
bags while he showered.

Fuschia was sitting on the edge of the bed as Guy came out of the

"Oooh! You look like such a whore, Fuschia!"

Her face turned red. "Thank you, Master."

A little later, Guy had parked in the long-term parking garage
under the train station. Guy led the way as Fuschia pulled their two
bags behind her.

Guy purchased their train tickets and they proceeded to the waiting
area. At precisely a half-hour late, Amtrak announced their train.

The porter showed them to their private stateroom

Their train, the Lakeshore Limited, left a half-hour late, but
dinner was announced shortly after an apology for the delay due to
heavy CSX freight traffic. Guy and Fuschia were seated in the dining
car and had a pleasant meal together while rural New York rolled by

When they got back to their stateroom, the porter had already
lowered and made up the bed. Guy told Fuschia to lay on the bed, and
then he pulled his jeans down and climbed upon her. Sliding his hard
cock into her mouth, he told her to suck him off while he gazed out the
window as the train headed westward past Syracuse, Rochester, and

The Lakeshore Limited finally pulled into Cleveland at around 4:30
AM, one hour late. Fuschia had drained him well during the long train
ride--he hadn't had to disengage from her at all during the trip.

Even at this wee hour of the morning, taxis were queued up outside
the station in anticipation of the arriving train.

Their hotel on Euclid Avenue in downtown Cleveland was just a few
blocks from the Amtrak station. Upon checking in, they both shed their
clothes and were soon in bed again. Guy spared Fuschia his cock down
her throat the rest of the night, as they slept in each others' arms.


Master and slave stayed in bed most of the rest of the day, leaving
their room only once to go down to the pizza shop off the lobby for

At 8:00 they had both showered and dressed, and Guy had called for
a cab on his cell phone.

Getting into the cab, Guy told the driver, "Eros Connection."

The cabby knew where that was, as he sped off immediately.

A short ride down Euclid Avenue brought them across Veterans
Memorial Bridge and down into the section of Cleveland called "The

Underneath the shadow of the bridge, the cab let them out in front
of a row of seedy warehouses.

Guy rang the bell and the two were admitted to the club. One
upstairs, it was rather nice, with a number of interconnected rooms,
some with beds ready for the night's activities.

But still early, the club was rather sparse. Lacking a liquor
license, the club didn't sell alcohol. Guy brought a bottle of his
favorite wine, which he handed to the bartender to dispense later.

Guy and Fuschia sat at the bar and watched the club fill. A couple
sat at the bar next to Guy.

"Hi!" said the man, a skinny fellow with short red hair. "New

"I was here a couple of years ago with a different girlfriend."

"I'm Gary," he said. Patting his girl on the hand, he said, "and
this is Melanie."

"I'm Guy, and this is my slave, Fuschia."

"Slave?" they both said.

"Yes. Slave. I own her."

To Fuschia, Melanie asked, "He owns you?"

Fuschia glanced at Guy, who nodded his assent to speak, and
answered, "Yes, Guy owns me. I'm his property."

"And you two swing?" asked Gary.

"We're here to try it," said Guy.

Gary leaned back and whispered to Melanie for a few minutes, then
to Guy he asked, "You like Melanie?"

"Yeah," said Guy looking over Melanie's long blonde hair and petite
figure. "You like Fuschia?"

"Sure, does Fuschia like me?"

"She's my slave. It doesn't matter whether or not she likes you."

"I see," said Gary with an odd smile.

"Shall we find an empty room to play in?" said Guy.

"Yeah!" said Gary. The four of them set off and, after walking
past a few occupied rooms, found an empty lounge with an untouched
king-size bed.

Gary and Melanie jumped into the bed, and began top remove their
clothes. Guy motioned at Fuschia, who also climbed into bed and began
to disrobe. Guy then shed his clothed and joined them.

To Fuschia, Guy said, "Do as Gary says." Then to Gary, Guy said,
"Enjoy her!"

Upon sitting in the bed and crossing his legs, Melanie climbed into
Guy's lap. Guy's member was already hard, and Melanie impaled herself
upon him upon taking her seat.

Melanie began bouncing up and down drawing moan after moan from
Guy's lips.

Meanwhile, Gary had positioned Fuschia with her legs over the side
of the bed with her feet on the floor. He then stepped up to her,
between her legs, and began thrusting into her. "Hey!" said Gary!
"She's already soaking wet!"

Guy smiled and said, "I've never known her _NOT_ to be wet! Any

Guy returned his attention to Melanie. After a few moments, he
exploded inside her. The bed began rocking every which way while the
two men went into auto-pilot, their orgasms taking control of their
voluntary muscles.

Melanie sat still on Guy's lap while he quaked and quivered under

Guy smiled at Melanie and fell onto his back while she still sat on
his crotch, still impaled on him.

"You gonna lick me clean now?" asked Melanie giving Guy's cock a
squeeze with her pussy muscles.

"That's Fuschia's job," said Guy.

"Oh? She does women?"

"She does if I tell her to."

Melanie crawled over and hovered her crotch just above Fuschia's
face. "You want me to?" she asked Fuschia.

"Guy wants me to, so I will," said Fuschia.

Melanie smiled wickedly and sat on Fuschia's face while Gary
continued to thrust between Fuschia's legs.

At that, Guy sat on Fuschia's chest, facing Melanie, and began to
kiss her again.

Fuschia, it seemed, was doing more than cleaning, for after a
moment, Melanie began to quake wildly. "Oh my God!" screamed Melanie.
"She's good!"

"She's well trained," said Guy.

After a few moments, Melanie's orgasm was subsiding, while Fuschia
began to buck and flail her arms about.

"I don't think she can breathe with me on her face and you on her
chest," said Melanie. "We'd better get off her."

Guy shrugged and said, "She's held her breath longer than this for
me, but sure." Guy and Melanie fell off Fuschia and grabbed each other
for another deep kiss.

Melanie then whispered, "Wanna go off alone and try for two-zies
while Gary and Fuschia do the same?"

"Sure!" said Guy.

Hand-in-hand, Guy and Melanie wandered off, looking for another
available room. Other couples had already shed their clothes while
wandering the club, so Guy and Melanie left theirs back with Gary and


Guy and Melanie left the room. Gary was sitting now cross-legged and
naked at the end of the bed, looking Fuschia up and down again as she
rested back on the headboard more or less where she had been abandoned
following the last encounter. Gary's eyes were drawn to between her
open legs. Her pussy was bright pink and slightly swollen from all the
vigorous use it had endured since Guy had bought her. Still, it was
shiny wet, almost dripping - an unmistakable invite to his fast
recovering cock. He reached over and felt her wetness with the back of
his hand - then pushed his hand gently up to her mouth for her to
dutifully to lick up the mix of warm fluids.

"So you're really his slave?" He asked "No game playing? The real

"Yes," said Fuschia, then added "Sir."

Gary seemed intrigued and she continued. "He bought me in London. I
belong to him. I am his property."

"And you enjoy that?"

"What I enjoy is unimportant. My duty is to please my Master."

"But you do enjoy it don't you?" Gary couldn't help grinning as
Fuschia lowered her eyes "Look at me when I'm speaking to you!"

He hadn't meant it to come out quite that forceful. She wasn't _HIS_
slave after all, but he enjoyed the feeling, and grabbed her face to
force her to look him in the eyes. "You like it don't you?" he

"Yes Sir, I do."

"And he's commanded you to please me now?"

"My Master has left me under you power Sir. You may do as you wish.
I must obey my Master, so I won't refuse you anything."

"So I can really do as I like?" He stroked his hand across her pussy
a few more times, enjoying her shudder as it ran across her clit.

"So stretch your legs wider."

Fuschia obliged and he stood up above her. He took each one of her
spread-eagled legs and lifted them up to the top of the headboard,
where there were a number of convenient straps and shackles that he
twisted around her ankles. Fuschia was bent over in a near complete

Gary stood back a moment to admire his handiwork. Fuschia was pretty
flexible but she still felt the stretch down each leg.

"You'd like me to fuck you again then?" Gary was now nursing a full

"Yes Sir"

"Yes what?"

"Yes please."

Gary leant down over her, grabbed her shackled ankles firmly for
leverage and shoved his cock deep into her. Fuschia clenched tight
around him, flushing with the shame, apprehension and excitement of
being left at the mercy of this unpredictable stranger. Gary looked
down, feeling her clench around him, beckoning another orgasm so soon
after the last one.

"Jesus that's tight!" he exclaimed through his heavy breaths. Fuschia
felt a flash of pride at the success of her master's training, and felt
herself starting to come. To her frustration Gary suddenly stopped
thrusting and pulled away.

"You want me to carry on?" he asked.

"Yes Sir!" gasped Fuschia, right on the brink of her orgasm, a wet
patch creeping out below her from the drips of her soaking pussy.

"Say please!" said Gary. He was dying to shoot his load, but this was

"Please Sir!" she gasped

"OK, he did say anything."

Gary put one hand on the small of her back and lifted her up even
more so she was curved to a near circle, and then shoved his cock
neatly into her well-lubricated ass. Fuschia let out a squeal of

"Shut up!" he yelled and delivered a firm slap on her left buttock -
the sensation inexplicably sent her straight back into her delayed
orgasm,, she started to gasp and groan, the pushing against her ass
adding in a heavy half painful edge to the sensation. She felt herself
contract against him as he gave her another sharp slap just before his
dick exploded inside of her.

She felt his come dribble back down her back as he fell away,
exhausted and grinned to himself again looking proudly at the other
man's slave he had been so kindly loaned for a time.

"Well maybe I'll try that one at home," he said, as he finally leant
over to untie her. She felt the tingling rush of blood back down her
legs as she unrolled.

"I wonder what those two are getting up to?" he asked "They should be
back soon."

Fuschia still exhausted and excited by being commanded to obey
another man still couldn't help but think that those precious orgasms
granted by her master were quite unbeatable. She was happy to be his
slave - it seemed it was what she was always meant to be...


In the meantime, Guy and Melanie found another empty room.

"Ahh!" said Melanie. By this time of night, it's hard to find a
clean unsoiled bed.

"Lucky us!" said Guy who grabbed Melanie and pulled her into the

"Can you get hard again?" said Melanie.

"You might have to work at it," said Guy with a chuckle. "If you
know what I mean."

"Men! Jeez!" said Melanie. "I know what you mean!" and she pushed
him onto his back fell onto her chest and engulfed his cock in her

She did, indeed, have to work at bringing him off a second time,
but before long, Guy flooded her throat with his seed.

"You want to come again?" asked Guy.

"Of course!" said Melanie, who then fell onto her back and spread
her legs.

In a split second, Guy's head was between Melanie's legs sucking on
her clit like an all-day sucker.

Melanie, already primed, began to quake and quiver immediately to
Guy's oral manipulations.

Guy continued to play Melanie for a good long time before she
couldn't take any more and pushed his head away from her crotch.

"Wow! You're both good!"

"Thanks!" said Guy.

Melanie sat up, climbed into Guy's lap once again, and gave him a
deep kiss. "You two live around here?" she then asked.

"No," Guy whispered into Melanie's ear, giving her another kiss.
"We're from New York. I knew about this club from an ex-girlfriend."

"You don't have swing clubs in New York?"

"Not as nice and open as this. _Eros Connection_ is unique."

Melanie then looked lost in thought. "I wonder how Gary and
Fuschia are doing?" said Melanie.

"Oh?" said Guy. "Jealous?"

"Well, maybe a little," said Melanie. "Gary and I have been
swinging for a few years now, but I still get feeling a little jealous
when he's off with someone else. Aren't you a little jealous over
Fuschia and Gary?"

"Well, yeah, a little. I've heard the green-eyed monster rears its
head among the swing scene from time to time. You've got to have a
strong relationship for it not to be torn apart."

"I've heard that, too," said Melanie. "Let's go back and join Gary
and Fuschia, okay?"

"Sure!" said Guy, and the two of them headed back to the first room
they were all in.

"Had fun?" said Melanie as they Gary was still untying Fuschia.

"Yeah! Lots!" said Gary. "I gotta get me a slave!"

"Don't look at me," said Melanie with a chuckle. "I ain't going to
be nobody's slave!"

"Then I'll just have to go to England,, right Guy?"

"Uhm, yeah," said Guy. "There's this place in the Docklands..."

"The _WHAT?"_ said Gary.

"The Docklands. It's a district in London, you see."

"Oh, okay," said Gary.

"Well, we all better mingle a little more," said Guy. "It's been

"Yeah!" said Guy. "see ya!"

"See ya," said Gary and Melanie together as Guy as led Fuschia out
into the main part of the club.

A little later, exhausted from the night's exertions, Guy and
Fuschia left the club, called for a cab on his cell phone, and returned
to their hotel.

After a quick shower together, they fell into bed and went to sleep


Sleeping late the next morning, Guy let out a yawn and said, "What
do you want to do today, my sweet slave?"

"I don't know, Sir. Are we staying a few days? What is there to do?"

"Well, Thursday nights is when the swingers club allows new members
to attend. Now that we've attended once, we're considered existing
members, so we can go again on Saturday night which is for members

"Oh? We're going back?"

"Yeah. We're going back again tomorrow night. But today, we're
just going to play tourist in Cleveland."

Guy reached into their suitcase and removed a sheer black fishnet
top and a short black miniskirt. "Here, Fuschia. Put these on."

"Okay," she said. "Uh, panties?"

"Nope! No panties."

"Yes sir," she said and put the clothes, such as they were, on.

After getting dressed and heading down to the lobby, Guy bought a
copy of _The Plain Dealer_ from a newsbox and looked over the City

The two then walked out onto Euclid Avenue and boarded the next RTA
bus to come along.

On Friday afternoon, the bus was fairly empty. Guy noticed some
people gawk at Fuschia, struggling to keep her legs pressed together
while she sat on the narrow plastic seat.

A short ride brought them eastbound down Euclid and onto Wade Oval
Drive. Passing by several prominent museums that ringed University
Circle. Taking his slave by the hand, Guy led Fuschia off the bus and
into the glass-lined entryway to Museum of Art.

Guy snickered at Fuschia walking in we steps with her legs pressed
together, for the skirt was so short that a hint of muff hair was
clearly visible in the front.

It was a short wait in line to purchase tickets, and soon they were
exploring the museum. Passersby seemed to be studying Fuschia as
diligently as they were the artwork on display.

An hour later, they pair left the art museum and walked across Wade
Park to the Museum of Natural History, Fuschia shuffling the whole way.

Again, they explored the museum for a while. While "oohing" and
"aahing" a skeleton of a gigantic Tyrannosaurus, Guy said, "Hungry

"Yes sir. Can we eat soon?"

They wound their way to the small cafe adjacent to the main
entrance. Guy took a seat and handed Fuschia some money. "Get what
you want. I'll have a burger and fries and a coke."

"Yes sir," said Fuschia and headed up to the counter.

Fuschia returned a few minutes later with their food.

Sitting down at the table, Fuschia waited for Guy to begin eating
before taking a sip of her tea. "I got this cup of tea, but it doesn't
taste like tea back home."

"Ah! If we were someplace a little more private, I'd give you
something tasty to drink."

"I know, sir," she said with a grin.

Guy leaned over and gave Fuschia a quick kiss. "Shall we go back
to our hotel, sweet slave?"

"Yes, sir! Lets!"

A short walk down Wade Oval Drive and back onto Euclid Avenue
brought them to a RTA bus stop. A short wait brought a bus back toward
downtown Cleveland.

As the bus headed back, Guy, sitting next to her, reached down and
slid his fingers between her legs. "Ah! Wet and randy as usual, sweet

"Of course, sir," she said. "I'm so embarrassed being in public
dressed like this, but I..."

Guy pulled Fuschia onto his lap as the bus swayed along. The few
people on the bus hardly paid much attention, with only the occasional
furtive glance.

Master and slave had thoroughly swapped a bit of spit by the time
the bus stopped in front of their hotel.

Dashing across Euclid Avenue, hand in hand and mouth to mouth, they
made their way up to their room.

In a matter of moments, they had shed their clothes and Guy was
upon Fuschia.

Though it was hardly necessary, he slowly sucked his way down her
body. Each of her nipples got a good sucking on before he moved down
to her navel, then her crotch. She was already quite wet, and Guy
succeeded in drinking in all her juices of the day.

"Oh Master!" she cried. "Make me come! Please!"

Without answering, Guy drew her clit deep into his mouth and
commenced sucking. She began responding immediately, bucking and
trashing about as he played her clit.

Panting heavily as she was, Guy then crawled up on her and rested
upon her body. She smiled sweetly at him as he gave her a kiss, then
promptly wrapped his hands around her throat and squeezed.

Her momentary panic turned into a sly grin as he slid his hungry
member into her well-prepared pussy.

Her grin soon turned back into panic as his effort at released
continued for a minute or so.

His up desires released themselves while Fuschia's panic started to
overtake her and she began to buck and thrash beneath his weight.

As expected, her exertions only amplified his pleasure while he
thrusted powerfully into her, filling her body with his seed.

Letting out a gasp when he finally released his steel grip from
around her neck, the two lovers, Master and slave, settled down to a
more sedate lovemaking, snuggling and kissing the rest of the evening


Hungry Guy

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