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Story: The Interview (IR, Asian, M/F/f, B/D, oral, anal, coercion, fiction)

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Jul 23, 2006, 5:46:51 PM7/23/06
The Interview (IR, Asian, M/F/f, B/D, oral, anal, coercion, fiction)

This story is a work of pure fiction. Any similarity in names or events
is purely coincidental. If you wish to comment, and you wish to do so
anonymously, go ahead, but "sign" your post with a name; it does not
have to be your own name. All comments are WELCOME!

Copyright (c) 2006 by

I was very nervous as I walked through the doors of the building. I
stepped up to the security desk to sign in, and gave the company name
to the guard. He raised his eyebrows at me, as he handed me the
clipboard, and a visitor's pass.

"Reason for visit?" he asked. "Job interview," I admitted,
shrugging a tad self-consciously. He smiled warmly at that, and said,
"Well, I wish you luck. Yours is a face I wouldn't mind seeing
every day." I thanked him, rather gratefully, for those unexpected
words of welcome. After so many submitted resumes and failed
interviews, it was nice to feel a little wanted, even if it was only by
a security guard.

I went up to the eighth floor, which was one of my lucky numbers, so I
held out hope. I glanced at my reflection in the mirrored walls of the
elevator. Oh, goodness I hoped my outfit was semi-appropriate. I
hadn't really had the budget to go shopping for a
business-professional outfit, so I had raided my closet for what I
hoped would pass until I was paid and could go shopping. I had on one
of my tamer clubbing outfits from my oh-so recent college days. In
fact, my graduation was in two weeks.

I was wearing a flared, black mini-skirt, that I hoped was long enough
to hide the garters for my stockings. I didn't actually own any
pantyhose. My top was a scooped necked, button-down blouse, which,
unfortunately showed what I thought was a tad too much cleavage. For a
Chinese girl, I actually have rather large breasts - double Ds. This
blouse was too open-topped to wear a bra, but I thought it was ok,
since it had a flounce at the neckline that would hide my nipples, and
was stiff enough to give me the support I needed. Believe it or not,
this was the tamest of the blouses I had with me; all my other clothes
were already packed and shipped back home to Iowa.

When I reached the eighth floor, I was so nervous, from second-guessing
myself, that I almost missed getting off the elevator. The elevator
opened onto a receptionist's desk, which was currently empty - not
surprisingly, as that was the job for which I had applied. I guessed
that the entire floor was devoted to this company. I stepped out, and
read the little hand-written note that said, "Have a seat in the
conference room, and we'll be right in to see you." A door to the
right of the receptionist's desk was clearly marked, "Conference

I walked into the conference room, as instructed, and was immediately
impressed by how ritzy the place was. The chairs were all state of the
art, very ergonomically inviting and completely comfortable, as I soon
found out. The art-deco conference table was shaped in a concave curvy
rectangle. I re-evaluated, and decided it was more of a fat, curvy X.
There were sideboards, complete with pitchers of ice-water, and real
glasses. I decided right then that they probably wouldn't be hiring
somebody straight out of college. But I figured I'd stick around and
see how this interview went. I didn't have anything else lined up
for the week.

Soon, the door opened, and a young woman walked in. One look at her
outfit, and I knew that mine was tame! She was wearing a bright red
mini-skirt, thigh high leather boots, and a top was made of soft silk,
but cut in such a way that it clung to her every curve, and the cut of
the neckline was so low, that mine looked like a nun's collar in
comparison. Her hair, however, was done up in a chignon, and she wore
such heavy glasses, she looked like a secretary out of the sixties.

"Hello," she said, crisp and cool as could be, "I'm Liza, Mr.
Bradley's assistant. He'll be in shortly; I just wanted to let you
know that I'll be sitting in on the interview, since I'll be
working quite closely with the receptionist. Are you alright with
that?" As she spoke, she took me in with a glance, and seemed to
make positive judgment.

"Oh, that's fine," I gushed. Then I caught myself, and in a
forcibly calmer voice, said, "That only makes sense." There, I
thought, at least I won't seem like a complete moron.

We sat there in silence, for only a minute more, when the door opened
and a man walked in. Oh, what a man. Immediately, he dominated the
room - even though the room was actually huge. His tailored business
suit only accentuated his muscular build, and wide frame. He came
directly over to me, and as I rose to shake his extended hand, he
nearly pulled me the rest of the way out of my chair.

"Hello, Ms. Pine," he greeted me, "I'm Mr. Bradley. I hope we
didn't keep you too long?" I merely shook my head. His very male,
primal presence threw me off balance. I suddenly felt not like a
prospective secretary, but more like a virginal sacrifice in front of
this man. Get it together, girl! I admonished myself. You have got to
get through this interview! This was one of the better packages for
which I had applied. And who knew, maybe they didn't have that many
applicants from which to choose.

"Well, Ms. Pine," he started, his voice a rumble, that I felt in my
belly. "I would like to get through this interview, but I'm afraid
you might find it rather unconventional. Are you willing to keep an
open mind?"

"Certainly," I replied. Yes, that's a great word - must
remember that one for later.

He stepped around Liza and me, and seated himself at a chair at the
"head" of the table. This was a curved indentation at one of the
short sides. He didn't pull himself to the table, though. Liza
walked around me, and perched herself on the far, curved wing of the
table, next to him. The way she crossed her legs was so feminine and
dainty, but also raised the hem of her skirt about three more inches!

"I hope you don't mind a physical inspection, Ms. Pine, or may I
call you Rissa?" I nodded. "As our receptionist, you will be the
first face, and body, that our clients, and our prospective clients,
see. So, it is important that you look acceptable." I nodded again.
Since I had remained standing, he could look at all of me. He twirled
his forefinger downwards in a circle, indicating that I should
pirouette for him. Feeling a tad nervous, but never doubting my looks,
I turned in place, slowly. This is one thing I know; when a person
wants a look at you, you don't twirl, you slowly rotate.

"Very good," he said. "Now, the next thing that you must
remember is that the client is always right." Again, I nodded.
"Even if he is technically, or even legally, not right - in this
office, he is always right." I must have looked a little puzzled.
"For example, Rissa. Let's say that a client comes into the
office, and he says, 'Man, it would be hot to see the two of you
kiss!' - meaning you and Liza, well, you would hop right up and do
so." My eyes widened. What on earth?

Liza stood up. She walked over to me, and gently kissed me on the
lips. "No, Liza, do you think a client wants to watch you kiss her
like a sister?" Mr. Bradley said, with a smile in his voice. Liza
took my cheek in one hand and kissed me deeply. I'd never been
kissed or touched by a woman before, and the shock of it, and where
this interview had turned, completely held me rigid.

"Liza, what else do you think a client might want to see of Rissa?"
Liza quietly reached down, and lifted the hem of my skirt, her
fingertips trailing a hot, burning path up my thigh. She showed my
gartered stockings to Mr. Bradley, who raised his eyebrows, much like
the security guard downstairs had. "Oh, my, it looks like we may
have a candidate here that might fit in to our little outfit!" It
took me a minute to realize he meant the company, not a dress he wanted
me to wear!

Liza led me around until I was directly in front of Mr. Bradley. I had
my back to the table, where I was standing at the deepest part of the
curve. "Rissa, I know you'll be graduating in a couple of weeks.
Do you know how hard the job market is to get into right now?" I
nodded. "Do you want to work for me? You know you'll have a secure
position.." Liza giggled, but quickly recovered herself. ".. and
great benefits. Think about that. How many interviews have you
already done?" He looked like he was really asking me, so I
answered, "Twenty-six, not counting this one." He nodded, looking
grave and concerned. "How badly do you need a job?" "Really
badly." I whispered. I did - I had shipped all my things home, but
with the last argument with my mom, I didn't really have a home
anymore. I had to stay here; I was out of money.

As he spoke, Mr. Bradley had been softly stroking my thighs, running
his hands up and down the outside of my stockings, sliding under my
skirt, and running his fingers under my garter straps. I thought I
knew where this was going. Fuck the boss, get hired. I stiffened my
resolve - if that was the way the game was played in the adult world,
I'd do it. I'm a big girl now.

"Good, I see you've made a decision at some level." Mr. Bradley
must be a mind-reader. "But I feel I should tell you, you probably
made the wrong decision, without all the facts." What??? "This
company caters to a rather special clientele." As he continued
talking, he and Liza were busily undressing me. Liza unbuttoned my
blouse, and pushed it off my shoulders, but not down my arms. She
glanced at her boss, as they both realized I had no bra on underneath.
She bent down and took one nipple in her mouth, while Mr. Bradley took
the other one between his fingers. I gasped, as he said, "Our
clients expect us to provide them with every sort of comfort, including
the comfort of a woman's services, do you understand?" I was
beginning to, and as my eyes widened further, and my breathing
quickened, his other hand reached between my legs and slipped under my
panties and into my moistening slit.

I wasn't a virgin, by any means, but all my experience had been the
hot and heavy groping of jock boyfriends in cars, in my dorm room, in
secret closets. I'd never been so exposed in broad daylight in such
circumstances before. I was extremely uncomfortable, yet incredibly
aroused. The two interviewers quickly removed my skirt, my panties and
my blouse, but left my stockings on, though the garters were left

I was made to sit on the table, and they arranged my legs onto the two
curved "legs" of the "X." This was worse (better) than being
at the doctor's! Mr. Bradley said, as he inserted first one long
finger, then another, into my hot, wet pussy, "You would be expected
to wear appealing outfits, the more daring the better; are you
comfortable with that?" I just nodded. What he was doing to me felt
so good, I couldn't quite reconcile the idea that I was actually at a
job interview with what was going on!

As he inserted a third finger in me, and Liza continued to suck on my
nipples in turn, he continued, "You will keep up with your work load,
but take time out for any client who wants your services. You will
accept his attentions anywhere in this office: your desk, this
conference room, the hallway, the restroom, the elevator, anything."
As he began pumping his fingers in and out of me, his thumb rolled my
clit against his buried fingers.

He went on, "I'm going to sample you today, to be sure that you are
ready for our clients. At one, an old client is coming in and I want
to be sure we don't miss a step in the quality of service which he
has come to expect from us, do you understand?" I moaned and nodded.

He stood up, and unzipped his pants. Not even bothering to lower his
trousers at all, he simply slipped his rock-hard cock into me, without
any preliminaries. He continued talking, "Our clients sometimes have
aberrant appetites. We cater to all of them. You will not be harmed,
though you will be made to do things. Whatever the client wants,
remember that." As he spoke, he emphasized every sentence with a
hard, thrusting stroke.

"You will cater to Liza, as well," he said. "She must have her
needs met, in order to serve me better. You will cater to her, in
front of clients, and in between, to keep yourself in a state of
readiness at all times." As he spoke, he leaned over and kissed Liza
deeply. He raised himself again, and continued to fuck me on the
table. "Sometimes, you will be asked to service a guest of the
client, or several clients at once - you must not balk, do you
understand?" Again, I could only moan in agreement.

"You will come running whenever I page you, as I cannot afford to be
stressed, running this huge company by myself. I will need relief
often!" I sighed, thinking of how often I'd have this wonderful,
hard cock in me! "Don't think you will always get to lie there and
enjoy it. You will have to go through a week's probation, where Liza
and I, along with a select number of our clients, will evaluate your
abilities to lick, suck, and fuck all of us. Have you ever been fucked
in the ass, dear?" I nodded, eyes wide. It had only been once, and
it had been painful! "Well, you'll have to get used to it; we have
a lot of clients who like to sample all of you!"

As he was talking, he kept pounding me mercilessly, while Liza kept up
a constant torment on both my nipples, alternating biting them and
pinching them. Liza and Mr. Bradley would pause between statements and
fervently kiss one another, letting me know that I was merely there for
their convenience, and there would be no feelings involved with me.

Bradley moved his hands off my thighs, in order to reach over and
caress Liza. She took over the not-so-essential task of holding my
thighs humiliatingly wide for him, as he kept pounding me. His fucking
me was so very clinical, and I was so wet from this unusual treatment.
Without really wanting to, certainly not in front of perfect strangers,
I approached my climax. I tried vainly to hold onto my dignity, what
little was left of it, but the quivering deep inside of me shook me
violently. With waves of release and an involuntary cry, I came,
squeezing and releasing Bradley's cock, still pummeling my wet and
burning depths without pause.

"Liza, you should feel this girl come, it's definitely
noticeable!" He commented, as though pointing out a lack of errors on
an interoffice memo. He forced me quickly through two more violent
orgasms, as I moaned and cried out through both. As I rode the crest
of my third climax, Mr. Bradley came in me, quietly, efficiently, and
without even the slightest of groans. He plunged deep within me, and
released, unprotected and unblocked far inside my womb. He withdrew,
zipped up, and said, "Liza here will clean you up. So you know,
birth-control is your responsibility." And so saying, he left the

Liza knelt between my legs, one hand on my stomache to let me know that
I wasn't to get up yet. She took her glasses off, and leaned
forward, licking my swollen pussy lips, and sucking out the cum. As
her expert tongue laved me, I came yet again. She undid my garter belt
and removed it, and rolled my stockings off and threw them over her
shoulder too. I was now fully naked in front of her. She pulled me to
my wobbling legs, and stood me where she was, as she took my place.

Silently, without a word, she pulled her blouse over her head, and
quickly followed that with her bra. I obediently started to lick and
suck her nipples, as she indicated. Then I heard her voice for the
first time since Mr. Bradley had come in, as she sighed contentedly.
She lifted her legs and spread them wide on the table, as mine had
been. She lifted the hem of her skirt, and I saw that she had NO
panties on.

I knelt quietly in front of her. I had no idea what to do, but I'd
just had her do it to me. So, I started by fingering her gently, just
to get the feel of what a woman feels like. I was fascinated. I knew
how I felt from the inside, but to see it up close was completely
different. I'd never seen myself before. I slid my fingers gently
down her slit, and watched amazed at the way her lips fluttered open
under my fingertips.

Her scent was strong, but not entirely unpleasant. I tentatively
licked her along the contours of her pussy lips. She bucked gently
under my tongue. Emboldened, I licked a little harder, and a little
faster. I could feel a trickle of liquid hit the tip of my tongue!
Her scent got stronger. I was enjoying my power over her. I
tentatively stuck my tongue a little deeper into her slit. I was
amazed! Her pussy felt like it jumped up and sucked the end of my
tongue into her! Liza reached up and grabbed the back of my head and
forced me deeper into her cunt! I realized then who was really in
charge. She forced me to plunge deeper and deeper into her, and as she
held me and cried out softly, I realized I was making a woman come on
my tongue! Her juices coated my tongue, and I swallowed a woman's
cum-juices for the first time in my life!

When she was finished, she straightened her clothes and refastened
everything, but made no move to let me get dressed. She patted the
table, and I hopped back up. I couldn't help thinking that this was
the strangest interview ever.

She picked up all my clothes, and laid them in a pile on one of the
chairs by the window, which I suddenly realized were wide, plate-glass
walls, with no curtains whatsoever. The way I was positioned, my
wide-spread legs were pointed directly out the window! Liza shook one
finger at me, and I knew it was my job if I were to even get down off
this table! I shivered in fear, as Liza left the conference room,
leaving the door wide open.

I can't tell you how long it was that I waited there, propped back on
my elbows, with my naked breasts and my fully exposed pussy pointed out
that wide, wide window. Finally, I sensed a presence in the room. I
dared to look back down the conference table towards the door, and saw
an older, severe looking man coming in and leaving the door open behind
him. He came towards me, so quietly, without saying a single word.

Without even looking me in the eye, he hungrily looked me up and down.
I quivered in his gaze. I had not a shred of dignity left to me, as he
laid one hand on my right breast. He traced my curves up to my neck,
around my cheek, back down my collarbone to my other breast, and
squeezed my nipple between his fingers. He let his fingers glide down
my belly, and trace a path to my still aching pussy. As he turned his
hand around to cup me, his middle finger broke a path for his first and
ring fingers to follow as he plunged without preamble into my still
soaking cunt.

My legs trembled and involuntarily closed a little. I was shocked when
his other hand came up and slapped my inner thighs, one heavy handed
slap each! I quickly forced my thighs open wide again, even as I
stifled a startled gasping sob. He lifted a finger to his lips, to
indicate that I was to be silent. He then turned his hand in me into a
piston, as he pumped in and out of me so rapidly that my head reeled.
I quickly came, but managed to stifle my moans, and my cries came out
as a series of half choked coughs. He shook his head at me, and I
struggled to be quieter!

He then unzipped himself, and like Bradley, didn't even bother to
fully remove his trousers. He simply opened his fly and released his
cock, which I saw was much larger than Bradley's. He stepped up to
me, and pushed it into me without any further ado. He began to pump
into me, his rhythm so steady that I began building up to another
climax before I knew it. Just as I began to come, he reached down and
took one nipple in hand and pinched HARD! I struggled to keep my
coming inaudible. I tried!

He didn't even break rhythm when I came, nor when I came again, when
he pinched the OTHER nipple so harshly. The third time I came, he
pinched both nipples together, raising my oversized breasts vertically
towards the ceiling by them. I couldn't help it. My cries escaped
me, then.

He withdrew his cock from me, and pulled me down off the table. He
forced me to my knees, and pointed his cock at my face. I quickly took
him into my mouth, and sucked him as well as I could. All the other
times I'd ever done this, I'd been drunk at one party or another.
This time, I was stone cold sober, and trying my hardest to get a
paying job!

I didn't know if I were good at this task, but I struggled to keep it
interesting. I twirled my tongue around his head, and kissed it. I
licked him all up and down the length of him, and then tried to take
the full length down my throat. I gagged a couple of times, but it
didn't seem to bother him, so I kept it up, feeling my spit making
him slicker and slicker.

Finally, he pulled me back up, and turned me to face the table. He
bent me over at the waist, and slid his rod right back into me. I felt
him glide in and out of me several times, then pull completely out of
me. Suddenly I felt him press his cock up against my ass. He pushed
in so slowly, that I didn't feel any pain. I was so slick from my
own saliva, and my pussy juices that he didn't need any other

He pushed in a few inches, and I gasped, as I got used to him, my
panting slowed down, and he would push in a few more inches. Finally
he was completely in me. As I was getting my breath back, I felt him
start to pull out and thrust back into me. I put my hand over my own
mouth to keep my cries down. There was certainly pain, but overriding
it was an incredible amount of immense pleasure.

I began panting again, and I realize that I'm climaxing through the
pain, and I don't even realize when he starts to come inside my ass.
I look up, and realize that Liza is showing in another client, and as
my first client zips up audibly behind me, this one is already
unzipping, and he slips right into my ass, and it doesn't hurt at
all. He fucks me for a while, then rolls me back over onto my back,
and I resume my spread open position, while he now fucks me in the
pussy. I find it incredibly arousing and disgusting that he fucked me
in that order, as well as the fact that his cock is coated in the first
man's cum. Including Bradley's I will have three separate men's
cum in me, if this one comes in me too. These thoughts turn me on so
much that I start to come on this man's cock, this second nameless
man's cock! As I do, he too reaches down and pinches my nipples, a
pinch and a twist for every time I come, which I continue to do until
he finally gives me a hard pinch and squirts his semen deep into my

Liza comes up behind him with my clothes, and puts my panties on me,
pulling them up completely and tightly until the cotton soaks up all
the combined deposits left behind in me. I finish getting dressed,
with Liza's help and permission. As she turns to leave the room, she
says, "You've got the job. You start right after lunch. By the
way, the security guards also have privileges to your body, as that's
how we ensure they give us extra coverage."

Delighted that I have a job, I reel as I look at my pristine and
sparsely furbished desk. I realize that I may have to answer the
phone, or type up some notes, but that at any given moment, I might
have to be servicing a client. I wondered: just how many clients did
we see each day?

I hope you enjoyed this fictional story of mine.
Comments are very, very welcome. You may email me at
I will try to post more stories as I write them.

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