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Lingerie Shop (Introduction)

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Nov 4, 2007, 7:52:11 PM11/4/07
Jefferson College is a strict and exclusive institution.
The education is accompanied with lots of sexual activities.
Life at Jefferson College is described at the site:

There are short wiki-like articles describing the rules and customs at
this college.
And longer stories exploring the life at Jefferson College in detail.

This is story can be found at:

The Dean of Jefferson College

Lingerie Shop


Jefferson College has a hosiery requirement for all females. For
modesty reasons freshmen girls are prohibited to wear stockings, they
have to resort wearing pantyhose. Another rule at Jefferson College
intends to improve the health of the students. To prevent a restricted
airflow around the genital area, maximal one layer of underwear is
permitted. The pussies of the freshmen girls are already covered by
the compulsory pantyhose, thus they are forbidden to wear panties or
any other underwear.

After a year of wearing only pantyhose, the girls want something
different. The moment a girl become a sophomore, she will run to my
lingerie shop to buy stockings. But not only stockings. It's my job to
fit those girls with the most flimsy underwear and sexy lingerie.

During the fitting I have ample opportunities to touch and play with
their delicious young bodies. While I touch the girls I direct them so
they will be well exposed to the hidden cameras in my shop. The
cameras are operated on behalf of the board of regents. There presence
is a requirement for me to have my lingerie shop her on the campus. If
the regents are not satisfied with the footage of the cameras, I can
loose my licence.

Since the girls have worn only pantyhose for at least a year, they are
accustomed to underwear that only covers, but hides nothing. I have no
trouble selling them transparent and lace panties. If a girl still has
pubic hair, I make sure she tries a pair of panties so small, her
pubic hair will peep out under them. Forcing the girl to shave or at
least trim her bush in my shop.

With new panties the girls also need matching bras. These are either
transparent or quarter cup bras, leaving the girl's nipples always
visible. To keep their stockings up, the girls wear garter belts. They
are shown the most racy belts from my collection and end up with a
more sexier belt than they initially planned to wear. Providing a nice
frame for their buttocks and pussy.

Some girls can be persuaded to wear a corset with suspenders. Waist
reduction has a long tradition at Jefferson College. Sororities with a
maximal waist size policy can count on many privileges. The smaller
the maximal waist size, the more privileges they receive.

Their first corset reduces their waist a few inches. Corseted girls
are stimulated to follow a waist reduction program. For members of
sororities with a maximal waist size rule, corset training program is

Finally I urge them to purchase some erotic accessories. Like
vibrators, butt plugs, nipple and clit clamps, etcetera. The doctrine
of Jefferson College is that if a girl feel like a woman, she'll
behave like a woman. What more will remind a girl of her womanhood
than a dildo moving around in her pussy or a chain tugging her breasts.

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