"On Sunday Afternoon, in the Sunlight" (MF, Rom)

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amelinda the apostrophical

Mar 6, 2006, 1:35:31 AM3/6/06
"On Sunday Afternoon, in the Sunlight" (MF, Rom)

There's two ways I like having sex. The first is at night, in the dark. In
the dark, you don't have to pretend anything, and this allows you to
pretend everything. The second is during the bright sunlight of the
afternoon. There's something about the way the sunlight gleams on their
skin, and you can't help thinking of a soft summer afternoon, out in the
back meadow at the park. It makes me feel rooted in the earth, reaching
out to the sky.

We were at my lover's apartment - he was planning to stay the night, so we
stopped here on our rounds to pick up clothes for him for tomorrow. I was
lounging on the couch when he called out that he was going to take a
shower. We'd rather been in a hurry that morning, so we skipped it then,
and by then I didn't see much sense in me showering separately when we did
return to my place. I pulled off my clothes and left them in a tidy heap
before climbing into the shower with him.

Both feeling grubby to begin with, our shower was fairly businesslike -
unlike our usual ritual of rinsing off before I went home, caressing and
reassuring each other. I got out first, and got myself reasonably dry,
then handed the towel off to him. As he started drying off, I went to open
the door, intending to get dressed again.

As my hand turned the knob, he leaned in and kissed me. Not a soft love
kiss, but the kind of kiss that takes my breath away. Forgotten, the door
swung open a few inches, while we stood and kissed. He paused for a
moment, and I deliberately reached out and pulled the door shut again,
trapping the warm air inside when the kisses started again. His body
pressed against mine, moving me slowly back against the wall, where the
kisses began travelling from my lips to my neck, becoming bites, and then
down to one breast, and then the other. I stood there, quivering and
moaning, while our hands reached up and began caressing each other,
fingers on our backs and sides and nipples.

Soon, though, he took hold of my hand and led me down the hall to his
bedroom, where I sat myself on his narrow bed. He came to the end of the
bed and began again where he had left off - the kisses that leave me
begging for more. Slowly, I leaned further back on the bed, as he again
fastened his lips to my nipples. I fairly quickly discovered that lying
halfway back is an untenable position, and as I lay completely down, he
moved up my body, sliding his cock entirely within me.

I came almost as soon as he entered me. It seems unbelieveable, yes, but
true. It's not the same kind of orgasm as I have sometimes when I play
with myself - then it's hard and quick, like a man's. This is like being
energized - my whole body becomes sensitized and charged. I screamed and
thrust myself onto him, and we moved back and forth in an almost timeless
fashion - at least I completely lost all sense of time.

He pressed himself against me, burying his head in my neck, and pounding
his cock into me. I tried to bite his neck, which he usually likes, but it
didn't seem to have any effect on him - it made me feel helpless, or used,
or as if he was concentrating entirely on making me scream as long and as
loud as he possibly can. It was wonderful.

Occasionally, he would pull himself up, so he could look down on me. I
looked up and watched the sunlight through the blinds play on his face and
in his hair. Even the sweat on his forehead was beautiful to me at that
moment. The entire room faded away for me, and all I could see was the man
I love and me.

When, eventually, we both came, he buried his face in my neck one last
time, and I swear I heard the soft rustle of green leaves in the trees.

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