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Story: America's Next Top Porn Star

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Martin Phipps

Jul 19, 2007, 8:45:33 AM7/19/07
America's Next Top Porn Star
with Asia Kelly


The top twenty contestants for the title of
America's Next Top Porn Star were told to wait on a
rooftop and look surprised when Asia Kelly came out to
greet them. They had to be told to look surprised
because not one of them was quite so stupid as to not
have already guessed hwy they were there.
Asia Kelly walked onto the set and the girls are
screamed on cue. "Congratulations," she said. "You
twenty girls were hand picked by me to be contestants
in this first cycle of America's Next Top Porn Star.
Your first task will be to have nude pictures taken of
each of you right here on this rooftop. Later, you
will be brought down to be judged by me and the other
celebrity judges. Are you ready?" The girls screamed
Later, the girls assembled in the judging room.
"Did you have a good shoot?" Asia asked. The girls
all smiled. "Alright. As you can see we have our
celebrity judges here. First, famous porn star Angel
"Famous porn star and amateur video producer Randy
"Hi, girls!"
"And immediately on my right, famous porn star and
amateur video producer Peter West."
"It's great to be here."
"I'll bet," Asia said with a smile. "Now you're
going to be tested on your appearance in person.
You'll all be asked to say a few words to introduce
yourself so we know what you sound like and that
you're not too shy in front of the camera. Got it?"
The girls all nodded. "Alright then let's get
The girls walked up one at a time and were each
asked to turn around and bend over so that they could
all see the girl's ass and pussy. Each of them then
said a few words about why they wanted to get into the
porn business with Asia responding with "Thank you"
each time. Finally, it was time to deliberate. Asia
thanked them all and told them to go wait in the room
next door.
For the deliberation, Asia, Angel, Randy and Peter
looked at the pictures they had had taken earlier for
"Alright," said Asia, "let's start with Alicia."
"Very impressive tits!" said Randy.
"She seemed a bit nervous to me," Angel said.
"I agree with Randy," Peter said. "Guys don't
really care if the girl can deliver her lines as long
as she's got a big rack."
"Okay," Asia said, "how about Nikki?"
"I liked Nikki," Angel said.
"I think she needs to lose a bit of weight though if
she wants to work in features," Peter said.
"Or she could gain weight and be featured in the
next volume of Chubby Chicks," Randy suggested.
"Too skinny," Angel said.
"I don't mind skinny," Randy admitted.
"These girls have had time to prepare for this
competition," Peter said. "They've had time to look
themselves in the mirror and think about their flaws
and either think about putting on or taking off a few
pounds before they came here. We have to judge the
girls based on how they look right now."
"Hot!" Randy said. "Scorching hot!"
"I agree," Peter said. "I'd want to use her in my
next video just so I could put her picture on the
"Exotic sells in this industry," Angel pointed out.
"Yeah," Randy said, "especially for amateur videos."
"In general, exotic girls still have less broad
appeal than blue eyed blondes," Peter said.
"And yet there are so many blue eyed blondes in the
industry that just being blonde isn't enough any
"Nor is it enough to be exotic," Peter pointed out.
"Is she in or not?" Asia asked.
"She's in," Randy said.
"Alright then," Asia said. "Lisa."
"Boring," Angel said.
Randy nodded. "She pretty much just stood there
until we asked her to turn around and bend over, even
after she'd seen others come up here and do a little
dance for us."
"She doesn't seem to want to be here," Peter said,
The judging went on like this for some time until
Asia wrapped it up. "Looks like we've made our
decision," she said.
Asia then went to the next room to meet with the top
twenty contestants. "Again," she said, "I want to
congratulate you all for getting this far but we
needed to elimate eight of you so that we could pick
our top twelve. If I don't call your name then it
means you haven't been selected. The first name on my
list is Alicia."
Alicia started crying, as did Mia, Annabelle,
Jessie, Tricia, Eva, Nadia, Brandy, Heather, Dana,
Sabrina and Jade when their names were called. Most
of the remaining eight tried not to try for having not
been selected but a couple took the opportunity to
bawl out loud and claim their remaining fifteen
minutes of fame.
"Alicia, Mia, Annabelle, Jessie, Tricia, Eva, Nadia,
Brandy, Heather, Dana, Sabrina, Jade, you are our
final twelve," Asia said. "Tomorrow you'll face your
next challenge on your way to becoming America's Next
Top Porn Star."


The next day, the top twelve contestants assembled
in front of a stage with a pole.
"Welcome back everybody!" Asia said. "Can you guess
what you're going to be doing today?"
"Ploe dancing!" they all said.
"That's right! And while you are dancing, a
photographer will take your picture so be sure to give
us some sexy poses. But first, let me reintroduce our
judges: Angel Carerra."
"Randy North."
"Hi, girls!"
"And Peter West."
"I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to
this!" Peter said.
"I'll bet," Asia said with a smile. "Alright, first
up is Alicia."
Alicia got up on stage and started dancing around
the pole. After about a minute, the top came off,
much to the delight of the male judges. She proceeded
to wrap her breasts around the pole and then lick it
as if it were a penis. Even the female judges seemed
aroused by this. After her panties came off, she spun
around the pole a few times and then lifted her legs
up and wrapped them around the pole so that when she
was finished spinning her head was resting on the
floor with her legs still wrapped around the pole.
"Alright," Asia said. "Thank you very much."
The other eleven contestants each did similar
routines. It was clear that they had all had
experience dancing around poles, so much so that the
judges were more likely to notice when somebody made a
mistake than anything else. Still, this wasn't a
dancing competition: the question was whose
performance would stick in their minds and make them
want to see more.
"Well done everybody!" Asia said. "Now, I'm going
to separate you girls into two groups. Alicia, Mia,
Annabelle, Jessie, Tricia and Eva, you go follow Randy
and the rest of you, namely Nadia, Brandy, Heather,
Dana, Sabrina and Jade, you go with Peter."
This was it, of course. Their first sex scene, an
orgy scene with six girls and one guy. The girls
looked at each other. Would they be better off
jumping on Randy or Peter (as the case may be) or
would it get their attention if two girls started
going at each other. They all decided that the first
thing to do was to try getting their respective guys
to themselves and then, failing that, do whatever it
took to regain his attention.
As it turned out, they needn't have worried: the
male judges weren't picking favorites at this point.
Randy started by feeling Alicia's tits but then
grabbed Mia's ass and then kissed Annabelle on the
lips. Jessie moved in and unzipped his pants and
started sucking on his cock but Randy pulled out after
a few minutes and started fucking Tricia doggy style.
The other girls surrounded the couple and started
kissing them both. Mia then got the idea of spreading
herself in front of Tricia so that Tricia could
greedily slurp up her pussy juice. This caused Randy
to want to move over and start fucking Mia missionary
style. After a few minutes, Randy pulled out.
"Slow down, girls," he said. "If I come too soon
then I won't have enough to go on." He laughed.
"Eva, come here and suck my cock."
Eva came over and did as he asked. After sucking
him for a few minutes, Randy gestured to have her turn
around and he started fucking her doggy stlye. Again,
he pulled out before he could come.
"I'm getting too old for this shit," he said with a
smile. "Annabelle, Jessie, I want you two to take
turns sucking me."
Annabelle and Jessie did as they were told with the
one not sucking his cock licking his balls. Randy
liked it so much that he had Tricia and Eva do
likewise and then Alicia and Mia. Randy then fucked
Alicia doggy style and then pulled out before he would
have come.
"Okay," he said. "Who haven't I fucked yet?"
Annabelle and Jessie raised their hands. Randy told
them to get on their hands and knees. He fucked
Annabelle from behind, then Jessie and then went back
to Annabelle. Finally, he couldn't take any more.
"Alicia, get over here and stick out your tits."
Alicia did so and Randy pulled out of Annabelle and
came all over her tits.
"Oh, girls, that was great!" he said.

Meanwhile, Peter started by taking a less hands on
approach. He asked the girls to line up for him and
then get on their knees. He went down the row and had
each of them suck him off, first Brandy then Dana,
Jade, Sabrina, Heather and Nadia. He then told them
to all bend over and he fucked them all doggy style,
first Nadia, then Heather, Sabrina, Jade, Dana and
Brandy. He then asked the girls to pair off, Brandy
with Dana, Jade with Sabrina and Heather with Nadia.
He watched and masturbated for a few minutes while
watching them kiss. Jade then had Sabrina lie down so
she could suck her pussy. This got Peter's attention.
"That's it girls!" he said. "Like that."
Peter moved in and started fucking Jade from behind.
The other girls stopped kissing each other and
surrounded the three of them and started kissing them
all. Dana got the idea of sitting on Sabrina's face
so that Sabrina would be licking her pussy while her
pussy was being licked by Jade, who was of course
getting fucked by Peter. Heather then moved in to
kiss Dana, Brandy started licking Sabrina's nipples
and Nadia managed to slip in under Peter and Jade so
that she could alternate between licking Peter's balls
and Jade's pussy. It wasn't long before Peter could
take no more.
"I'm coming!" he said and then pulled out and came
over Nadia's face. "Great teamwork, girls!" he said
after he had finished coming.

The girls were asked to go clean up, reapply their
make up and go for lunch while the judges deliberated
once more.
"So, Randy, Peter, did you have fun?" Asia asked.
"Oh, God, yeah!" Randy said.
"They all did a good job," Peter said, matter of
Asia sighed. "But two of them will have to go
home." She spread out twelve photos, each of them
representing the best photo of each of the girls from
the sets that were taken that morning of them pole
dancing. "Let's start with Alicia."
"Alicia was great in our group sex scene this
morning," Randy said.
"Did you rub your dick between her tits?" Peter
"No but I did come all over them," Randy said.
"Alright," Peter said. "Well that alone should give
her a by into the next round."
"Alright then," Asia said. "Nadia?"
"I thought Nadia did a great job dancing," Angel
Peter nodded. "And this morning I came over her
face and she didn't wince at all."
"That's saying a lot," Randy said. "It takes a while to get used to
a facial."
"How would you know?" Angel asked with a smile.
"From observation," Randy said and rolled his eyes.
"Mia's not shy at all," Randy said. "She needs to
stick around."
"I agree," Angel said. "She's got a lot of
"Brandy might have to go home," Peter said. "She
didn't seem as imaginative to me as the other girls."
"Very pretty girl though," Randy said.
"A lot of this industry is based on looks," Randy
said, "so at this stage of the competition I want to
keep her around and see what she can do."
"You mean you want to fuck her again," Asia said.
"Well, sure," Randy said, "and if the people who buy
porn videos also want to fuck her then that will sell
Peter nodded. "It's the fantasy. Guys want to see porn stars that
they themselves would want to fuck and then as the watch the porno
they imagine that they are the ones fucking her."
Asia smiled. "Okay. I'll keep that min mind. Heather?"
"Again," Peter said, "she's somebody who's a bit exotic, very
attractive and damn sexy. She needs to stick around."
Angel nodded. "I was impressed by her pole dancing. She could go
far in this business."
"Jessie is very aggressive," Randy said, "and that's a plus."
"She needs to smile more though," Angel said.
"It depends," Peter said. "Some guys are turned off by girls who
are too bubbly because they come across as airheads."
"Yeah," Randy said. "For every guy who fantasizes about a
submissive bimbo there's a guy who fantasizes about an agressive bitch
who will rip their clothes off."
"Sometimes it's the same guy," Peter said. "It's a question of what
mood you're in."
"So preferably we need somebody who can be both," Asia said.
"True," Randy said, "so I suggest we hold on to her and see what
else she can do."
"Alright," Asia said. "Dana?"
"Dana impressed me with her girl on girl action," Peter said, "as
did Jade and Sabrina."
"They all danced very well too," Angel said.
"Alright then," Asia said. "What about the others, Tricia and Eva?"
"It's a tough call," Randy said, "but I'd go with Tricia ahead of
"I agree," Peter said.
"Me too," Angel said.
"So are we all agreed?" Asia asked.

The twelve girls were called in. Asia called off the names of the
ones who were going to continue in the competition: Alicia, Jade, Mia,
Annabelle, Sabrina, Dana, Jessie, Heather, Tricia and Nadia. Eva and
Brandy knew they were being sent home.
"I'm sorry, Eva, Brandy," Asia said, "but you're going to have to
pack your bags and go home."
The girls engaged in a group hug. Although it was supposed to be a
poignant moment, Randy and Peter felt themselves getting horny
watching these women embrace. Eva and Brandy then wiped their tears
and left.
"Alright," Asia said. "Congratulations on making it this far.
Tomorrow you will face your next task on the way to becoming America's
Next Top Porn Star."


The top ten girls assembled in the judging room where a round bed
had been placed in front of the judge's table.
"Can you guess what you're going to be doing today?" Asia asked.
"Fuck?" Jade asked. The other girls laughed.
"That's an option," Asia said and then bent down to pick up a strap
on dildo from behind the desk. "Care to guess again?"
"We're going to pair off and fuck each other," Annabelle said.
"That's part of it," Asia said. "Yes, you're going to pair off:
Alicia with Nadia, Mia with Heather, Annabelle with Dana, Jessie with
Jade and Tricia with Sabrina. In the room next door, we've set up a
photo studio and each pair of girls will pose together for some
pictures. The first two girls who finish will then come in here and
perform for us on the bed. When they are finished, the next two girls
will be called in. Are you ready?"
"Yes!" they all said and then went over to the next room.

A half an hour later, Alicia and Nadia came back. Nadia had Alicia
lie back on the bed and started licking her pussy. She then put on
the strap on dildo and started fucking her, first missionary style and
then doggy style. Nadia then substituted the strap on dildo for a
regular dildo and started using it on Alicia.
"Now you," Alicia said.
Nadia lied on the bed and had Alicia get on top of her so that she
could lick Nadia's pussy. Alicia, meanwhile, used the dildo on Nadia
and they continued to sixty-nine until they both came.
"What did you think?" Nadia asked.
"It worked for me," Angel said.
"I would have kept the strap on dildo until the end," Peter said,
"but I liked the fact that you both came at the same time."
"We assume you came at the same time," Randy said.
"It looked real," Peter said. "That's what counts."
"Alright," Asia said. "Thank you."

Alicia and Nadia left and Mia and Heather came in. The judges all
got excited because these were two very sexy women who were going to
have sex with each other. They wisely began by kissing each other
passionately, thus building up more anticipation and excitement. Mia
moved down to kissing Mia's nipples and Heather responded by opening
her mouth. They kissed again and then moved to sixty nine position.
They sixty-nined for a while, using fingers and tongue on each other's
pussy until they were well and truly wet and only then inserted dildos
into each other.
Finally, Heather screamed "Fuck me!" and Mia took that as her cue to
strap on a dildo and proceed to fuck Heather. After a few thrusts,
however, they switched and Heather put the dildo on. Heather was far
more aggressive with the dildo than Mia and before long Mia was
screaming with orgasm after orgasm. When it looked like Mia could
take no more, Heather took off the dildo and they just cuddled for a
few minutes. Then they started giggling.
"Well?" Heather asked.
"What did you think?" Mia asked.
The judges were stunned.
"That... that was great," Peter finally said.
"Yeah," Randy said.
"Either of you girls can do a scene with me anytime," Angel said.
"Thank you so much," Asia said.

Mia and Heather left and Annabelle and Dana came in.
Dana started by playing with Annabelle's tits and then eagerly got on
her hands and knees on the bed and had Annabelle lick and finger her
from behind, then use a dildo on her and then finally fuck her. They
then switched and Annabelle did the same thing to her. They finished
with a sixty-nine but, to the judge's disappointment, there was no big
climactic finish: they just stopped when they got tired.
"Okay," Asia said. "What did you guys think?"
"I think we need to be fair and keep in mind that most of these
girls are not lesbians or even bi and that they are just trying to put
on a show," Peter said, "and also keep in mind that if they were to be
doing this for a living then they would always have directors telling
them what to do if they themnselves had run out of ideas."
Randy nodded. "It was pretty standard lick, fuck, sixty nine girl-
on-girl stuff. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing because you showed
us what you were willing to do."
"I think if you're in this business long enough," Angel said, "then
you'll start to like pussy almost as much as dick."
"I do like getting licked," Dana said.
"Yes," Peter said, "more than the actual licking of somebody else's
pussy. We could tell."
"Okay," Asia said. "Thank you."

Annabelle and Dana left and Jessie and Jade came in. These two were
immediately all over each other and very quickly moved to sixty nine,
using fingers and tongue on each other's pussies. Jade even managed
to lean forward and lick Jessie's asshole.
Jade then asked Jessie, "Do you want me to fuck you?" and Jessie
eagerly replied with "Yes, please!" so Jade strapped on a dildo and
fucked Jessie doggy style. After a few minutes, Jade stuck a finger
up Jessie's asshole and started stretching the asshole enough to
accomodate two fingers and then asked "Are you ready?" to which Jessie
said "Yes, please!" once more.
Jade took the dildo out of Jessie's pussy and stuck it in her ass.
After a few thrusts, Jade pulled out and said "Lick it!" and Jessie
obediently started sucking on Jade's plastic cock. A couple of the
judges winced at this and one of them even looked away.
"Now fuck me," Jade said.
Jessie put the dildo on and started fucking Jade. Perhaps Jessie
was a bit angry at Jade for making her lick the dildo after it had
been in her own ass because she was very rough with Jade, thrusting in
and out violently. But Jade seemed to like it and started yelling
"Harder! Harder!" until Jessie finally got tired and had to lie
down. Jade then moved over to where Jessie was lying and they kissed
for a few minutes.
"Was that okay?" Jessie asked.
"Okay?" Randy asked. "It was great!"
"I liked it," Jade said.
"Actually, yes," Peter said, "we could tell that you did."
"You voth did a good job," Angel said. "Congratulations."
"Yes, congratulations on a job well done," Asia said, "and thank

Jessie and Jade left and the final pair, Tricia and Sabrina came
in. Unlike the others, Tricia and Sabrina tried for a more
affectionate approach, carrying on endlessly with their tongues and
fingers in each other's pussies before even bothering to use dildos.
Then Tricia strapped on a dildo and Sabrina rode her before they
repositioned themselves so that Tricia was fucking Sabrina doggy
"Now me," Tricia said and Sabrina strapped on the dildo herself and
fucked Tricia doggy style. When she got tired, she lied back on the
bed and Tricia rode on top of her until she too got tired. Sabrina
then too off the dildo and the two of them hugged and kissed for a few
"That's it," Tricia said finally.
Asia eyed them suspiciously. "Did you two know each other before
you came here?" she asked.
"No," they both said, shaking their heads.
"So you've never done this before with each other? You're not
"No!" they said and burst out laughing.
"Then that was very good."
"I agree," Peter said. "There's always a market for couples videos
so it's good to be able to show genuine affection, even in porn."
"It's also a question of what mood you are in," Randy said.
"Sometimes it can be a turn off to watch really rough stuff."
"I agree," Angel said. "The last couple of scenes we watched were
two extremes with kinky sex on one hand and a lot of kissing and
hugging on the other. But they were both good."
"Thank you," Asia said. "Now please go outside and wait while we

Tricia and Sabrina left the judges to deliberate.
"Alright," Asia said, "let's start with Alicia."
"Did you notice that Alicia did not lick Nadia's pussy?" Randy
asked. "Not once."
"Pussy is an acquired taste," Angel admitted.
"Yeah but you acquire the taste for pussy by actually tasting it,"
Peter said.
"She definitely should go," Randy said.
"I'm afraid I have to agree," Peter said.
"Alright," Asia said. "Who else should go?"
"Dana should also go then," Angel said. "Because while she did lick
Annabelle's pussy it was clear that she didn't like it."
Randy laughed. "Peter and I are known for producing amateur porn
and what we want are genuine reactions but feature directors are going
to ask their actors to at least make it look like they actually like
what they are doing."
"That's why they are called 'actors'," Peter said with a smile.
"So have we decided them?" Asia asked.
The top ten contestants were called in and Alicia and Dana were sent


The top eight contestants spent the morning doing a nude photoshoot
on a nearby beach. In the afternoon, they met the judges in the
judging room.
"Now, ladies," Asia said, "I'm going to ask you to take turns giving
Randy and Peter blow jobs. In this competition, you'll be judged not
only on how well you give a blow job but also how well you look while
giving a blow job. Okay?"
"Okay!" they all said.
"Good. First up is Mia and Annabelle."
Randy and Peter, already completely naked, walked over to meet Mia
and Annabelle in front of the judge's table. Mia got on her knees and
started sucking Randy and Annabelle did likewise and started sucking
Peter. After a few minutes, they switched. Then Asia announced that
it was Jessie and Tricia's turn to try to impress the judges: when
they had both spent a few minutes sucking each of Randy and Peter's
dicks, they were asked to step aside and let Nadia and Heather take
over. Finally, Jade and Sabrina sucked on their cocks.
"That's enough," Asia said. "Thank you, girls."
"Hold on," Randy said, "they're not finished."
"We haven't come yet," Peter pointed out.
"Oh you poor dears," Asia said. "Come here, Peter. Angel, will you
take care of Randy?"
"Gladly," Angel said. Angel got up and went over to service Randy
while Peter went behind the judge's table and got his dick sucked off
by Asia. After a few minutes, Randy and Peter had both come into
Angel and Asia's respective mouths.
"Alright," Asia said as she wiped cum from her chin. "The judges
are going to deliberate now. When you return, two of you will be
The judges deliberated for just a few minutes before deciding who
would be eliminated. The girls were called back in.
"I am going to call the names of the girls who will go on to
possibly become America's Next Top Porn Star," Asia told them. "The
girls whose names I do not call must immediately pack tehir bags and
go home." She started calling out names. "Mia... Annabelle...
Jade... Tricia... Nadia... Heather. That means that Jessie and
Sabrina have been eliminated."
Jessie and Heather both grimaced.
"I want you both to know that you both did good jobs but you have to
remember that, when you are doing porn, you're not just thinking about
pleasing your partner but you're also supposed to think about how you
look on camera. You should be asking yourselves if the guys watching
you on video are going to be as turned on as the guy right in front of
Jessie and Heather both nodded sadly.
"Okay," Asia said. "The rest of you, congratulations! You're still
in the running to become America's Next Top Porn Star. Be sure to
come here early tomorrow morning because you're going to be doing a
lingerie photo shoot all morning. Okay?"


The lingerie photoshoot lasted all morning, just as Asia had said it
would. After lunch, the girls met in the judging room with Asia,
Angel, Randy and Peter.
"Good afternoon, ladies!" Asia said.
"Good afternoon, Asia!" they all replied.
"So this is the top six," she said. They laughed. "By the end of
today, you will be the top four and that means two of you will be
eliminated. The judging will be based on all the photos you've done
so far, including your audition photos, the girl-girl photos, the
beach photos and the lingerie photos you did this morning. Plus,
we're going to judge you on sex scenes that you are going to perform
this afternoon with me and Angel."
All the girls gasped excitedly.
"I'm looking forward to this too!" Angel said.
"Now whereas the guys took on six girls at once," Asia said, "we're
only going to take on three at a time. Mia, Annabelle and Jade will
come with me and Tricia, Nadia and Heather will go with Angel."

Asia, Mia, Annabelle and Jade gathered in another room where there
was a bed, a sofa and a rug.
"So, girls," Asia said. "Where should we go first."
"There's not enough room on the sofa for all of us," Mia said, "and
the bed is more comfortable."
"But there's more room on the floor," Jade argued.
"Let's just do what comes naturally," Annabelle said as she walked
up to Asia and gave her a kiss. Jade smiled and stuck her tongue down
Mia's throat.
"Switch," Asia said. Annabelle went to kiss Mia and Jade kissed
"Once more," Asia said. Obviously it was Mia's turn to kiss Asia
while Annabelle kissed Jade.
"Alright," Asia said reaching under the bed and pulling out four
dildos. "Shall we pair up again or shall we make a daisy chain?"
"Let's start by lying you on the bed and pleasuring you," Mia
"That sounds good," Jade said. Then we can move to the floor and
form a daisy chain."
"Okay." Asia lied back on the bed and the girls took turns licking
her pussy while the other two sucked on her titties. They then moved
to the floor and formed a daisy chain that took the form of a square
with each corner featuring a mouth greedily chomping away at a pussy.
Again, the girls switched positions twice so as to get a taste of
Asia's pussy.
"Alright," Asia said, "that's enough." She reached under the bed
and took out a strap on dildo. "Who wants to do me first?"
Jade snatched it from here. While this was a bit rude of her, Asia
made a note to award her eagerness. Jade strapped the dildo onto her
and told Asia to "get into position" which in this case meant doggy
style. After a few thrusts, Jade asked her "Do you want it in the
"I'd rather not," Asia said.
"Suit yourself," Jade said.
After a few more thrusts, Asia asked Mia to take over. Annabelle
was the last.
"You're so wet," Annabelle said.
"Yes," Asia said. "You've all done a great job."

Angel, Tricia, Nadia and Heather gathered in yet another room which
was also equiped with a bed, a sofa and a rug.
"Alright," Angel said, "to get me in the mood I want you to start by
having a threesome on the bed. For now, I just want to watch."
Tricia, Nadia and Heather crawled up onto the bed and started
kissing each other. They soon formed a daisy chain on the bed. Angel
watched and started to get aroused.
"Okay," she said, "it's my turn."
Angel lied back on the bed and the three girls took turns licking
her pussy with the other two girls sucking on her titties.
"Okay," Angel said. "That's enough." She got up and reached under
the bed and pulled out two dildos, one of which could be strapped on,
and asked Tricia to strap on the dildo.
"And I want you, Nadia, to lay back on the bed." Nadia did so.
"Now, I'm going to suck on your pussy while Tricia fucks me from
behind. Got it?"
"What about me?" Heather asked.
"Just wait," Asia said.
"I'm ready," Tricia said eagerly.
"Alright then." Angel moved in and started licking Nadia's pussy
and Tricia fucked her from behind. After a while, Angel said
"Switch!" and Tricia gave the dildo to Heather to strap on. Angel
turned and grabbed Tricia and said "Come here!" and laid Tricia on the
bed while Heather fucked her from behind. Once Angel had been driven
to orgasm, she said "Switch" again and Heather then gave the dildo to
Nadia, laid herself on the bed in front of Angel and had Angel lick
her pussy while Nadia fucked her from behind.
Finally, Angel looked at Tricia. "Take my place," she said. "I
want to watch." Tricia moved in and started licking Heather and had
Nadia fuck her from behind. Angel said "Switch!" and Heather
proceeded to fuck Nadia while she licked Tricia.
"One more switch," Angel said and then watched as Tricia fucked
Heather who licked Nadia.
"Okay," Angel said and started clapping. "Good job! Very good

After a quick break during which they reapplied their makeup, Angel
and Asia went back to the judging room to join Randy and Peter.
"Did you guys have fun?" Randy asked.
"Oh, yes!" Asia said.
"I'll bet," Peter said with a smile.
"They were all so good!" Angel said.
"Yes but we need to choose two girls to go home," Asia pointed out.
"We've already got the pictures laid out," Randy said. Sure enough,
there were twenty three pictures laid out, four for each of the girls
except Heather and Mia who had one picture taken together.
"So who goes home?" Asia asked.
"My three girls all responded well to direction," Angel said.
"And the three I had all had good ideas of their own," Asia said.
"So I guess we'll be choosing based on who took the best pictures.
So, guys, what do you think?"
"It's hard to say," Peter said. "Heather, Nadia and Jade had the
best beach shots but Tricia, Annabelle and Mia were great in
Asia sighed. "So this is going to be a difficult deliberation,"
Asia said.
"I'm afraid so," Randy said.
"Alright then," Asia said, "let's think back to the girl-girl
"We've got the pictures here," Peter said, picking out the five best
pictures from the girl-girl shoot.
"They're all really good pictures," Randy said.
Asia sighed. "You know, when we had the girls go one on one we
didn't penalize the girls who didn't get the best performance out of
their partners."
"Do you think we should?" Angel asked.
"I think we're going to have to," Asia said.
"Is that fair?" Angel asked.
"It is when you consider that a lackluster performance by your
partner is going to ruin the whole scene and make you look bad. A
professional should be thinking not just about their own performance
but also of the performance of the person they are partnered with.
It's a question of trying to make the scene as good as possible."
"I agree," Randy said.
"Me too," Peter said.
"Then it looks like we've made our decision."

The girls were called in.
"Girls," Asia said, "these past couple of days you've all done a
great job, so we had to think back to earlier in the competition to
make our decision as to who goes and who stays. I'll only call four
names. The girls whose names I do not call must immediately back
their bags and go home." She started calling names. "Heather...
Mia... Jade... Tricia. That means Annabelle and Nadia have been
The girls all hugged and Annabelle and Nadia left.


The next morning, the top four girls gathered in the judging room.
In addition to Asia, Angel, Randy and Peter, there were four men and a
round bed waiting for them.
"Congratulations on getting this far," Asia said. "Peter, would you
like to introduce our guests."
"Ladies," Peter said, "I'd like you to meet four of the most famous
porn stars in the industry today... Rod Hard, Long Wang, Dick Huge
and... Enormous Penis."
"What?" he asked indignantly.
"Sorry, Nick. It's Nick South, ladies, but I assure you that the
name Enormous Penis would suit him just fine."
"And my dick really is long," Long Wang assured the ladies. "My
father was Dutch."
"Alright, girls," Asia said, "we'll leave it up to you which guy you
want to work with. We want you to show some enthusiasm after all."
After a brief consideration, Heather chose Nick South, Jade chose
Rod Hard, Mia chose Long Wang and Tricia chose Dick Huge.
"Alright," Asia said. "Now you go to the photo studio we have set
up in the other room. You're going to be taking erotic photos with
your partner and the first couple who is finished will come here and
have sex in front of us on this bed."

Heather and Nick South were the first to come back. They started by
kissing and caressing each other and then undressing each other.
Heather sucked Nick's cock for a few minutes and then Nick took
Heather from behind. After changing positions a few times, Nick got
Heather on all fours again but this time fucked her in the ass. After
a few minutes, he pulled out and came over her ass.
Jade and Rod Hard came out and Jade immediately went for Rod's
pants, pulling them down and proceeding to suck on his dick, which was
already true to his name. Rod then had Jade ride his cock before
changing positions. After a few more position cahnges, he ended up
fucking her doggy style. While he fucked her doggy style, he placed
his fingers up her ass. When Jade said "Fuck my ass!" he pulled out
of her pussy and penetrated her ass. After a few minutes he said "I'm
coming!" at which point Jade pulled away and moved in to catch the cum
in her mouth.
Mia and Long Wang came out and Mia danced seductively for Long while
Long sat on the edge of the bed. With Mia fully naked, Mia's dance
become a lap dance. Mia then pulled down Long's pants and started
sucking on his cock. After a few minutes, Long literally picked Mia
up and laid her on the bed where he began to greedily munch on her
pussy. Only after bringing Mia to orgasm did Long then mount her
missionary style and penetrate her pussy with his long penis. After a
few minutes of missionary style sex, Long turned her over and started
doing her doggy style. After a few minutes, Long said "I'm cumming!"
and Mia said "Come inside me!" and he did. After Long pulled out, Mia
got off the bed and went to proudly show the judges that Long had
indeed come inside of her and that the cum was, in fact, dripping out
of her.
Finally, Tricia and Dick Huge came out. Tricia grabbed Dick by the
shirt and pulled him over to the bed. "Fuck me, Dick!" she said.
"Fuck me now!" Dick, meanwhile, was obviously taking the role of a
submissive and did as he was told. Tricia started by sucking his cock
until it was hard and then straddled him so that his dick could
penetrate her from underneath. She rode his dick for a few minutes
and then demanded to be fucked like a dog. He fucked her doggy style
until she demanded to be fucked in the ass. "Don't cum yet!" she said
after a few minutes of ass fucking and then laid him on his back once
more and sat down on his dick so that his dick once more penetrated
her ass. After a few minutes of this, he said "I'm cumming!" so she
got off the bed and knelt down and said "On my face!" and so he too
got off the bed and came on her face.
"Alright," Asia said to this last pair, "thank you. Please wait
while we deliberate."

"So who should we eliminate?" Asia asked.
"It's tough call," Randy said.
"Let's look at the choices we've been given," Peter said. "Heather
and Mia both went for romantic sex while Jade and Tricia both went for
kinky hardcore sex."
"In that contest, Jade has the advantage over Tricia," Randy argued.
"And I think Mia did a better job than Heather," Angel said.
Asia nodded. "I agree. The lap dance was good. It focused
attention on her. If she did that in a video I think people would
remember her."
"Agreed," Peter said.
"So does this mean we've made our decision?"

The girls were called back in: Jade and Mia stayed but Tricia and
Heather had to go.


Jade and Mia gathered in the judging room. This time there were two
beds in front of the judges table.
"This is it, girls," Asia said, "your final task, another orgy
scene. First it will start as a girl-girl scene between the two of
you and then you will pair off with Randy and Peter. Then each of us
will come over and join in. Finally, Randy and Peter are going to
take on each of you one at a time until finally they will each come in
your mouths. Got it?"
The girls did as they were asked. Despite being in competition with
each other, these girls were seriously hot for each other and eagerly
engaged in saphic sex, so much so that they seemed slightly put out
when Randy and Peter separated them. They nevertheless proceeded to
gladly suck on their cocks and gladly accepted their dicks into their
respective pussies. After a few minutes of this, Asia went over to
join Randy and Jade and Angel went over to join Peter and Mia.
Asia and Jade took turns sucking Randy's cock while Angel and Mia
did likewise with Peter's. Jade continued to lick Randy's balls while
he fucked Asia while Mia, instead, opted to have her pussy eaten by
Angel. Randy proceeded to fuck Jade again while Asia and Jade kissed;
Mia, on the other hand, got to eat Angel's pussy while Peter fucked
Peter and Asia switched beds so that Asia could munch on Mia's pussy
while Peter got his dick sucked by Jade. After a few minutes, the
judges all switched places again so that now Peter was fucking Jade
who was sucking Randy's dick and Angel was munching away at the pussy
of Mia, who was similarly going at Asia's pussy. A couple more
switches had Peter and Randy alternatively fucking or getting sucked
by Mia and Angel and Asia alternatively eating out and getting eaten
out by Jade.
Finally, when Randy and Peter were ready to come, all four girls
lined up and got facials, Asia and Mia by Randy and Angel and Jade by
Peter, respectively.
"Whoa," Randy said. "I need to rest up after that."
Asia nodded. "You guys rest and we girls will all reapply makeup.
We'll deliberate after lunch."

The judges got together after lunch.
"So, guys," Asia asked, "what did you think?"
"Those girls were fantastic!" Peter said.
"It would be very difficult choosing between them!" Randy said.
Asia nodded. "You did seem to be enjoying yourselves. Alright,
Angel, what do you think?"
Angel grimaced. "It's a very tough call. I think Jade is destined
for hardcore, kinky sex whereas Mia would do well in features."
Asia nodded. "Well then, that's it, isn't it?"

Jade and Mia were called back in. There was a picture of one of
them hidden behind a curtain.
"It's been a long week and both of you did very well," Asia said,
"but only one of you can go on to be America's Next Top Porn Star and
that is the one who we felt was more likely to actually go on and
become a representative for the porn industry in the mainstream
Asia unveiled the picture.
"America's Next Top Porn Star is Mia Lay!"
Mia and Jade embraced each other one last time. Or was it the last
time? The judges wondered if these two hadn't become an item and if,
in fact, there had been anything going on between them during those
nights when they were supposed to have been resting.


Tom Russell

Jul 24, 2007, 10:19:41 AM7/24/07
On Jul 19, 8:45 am, Martin Phipps <> wrote:
> America's Next Top Porn Star
> with Asia Kelly

This is at once the oddest and yet the most typical work in the Phipps
ouvere. It's odd because it's in a genre-- pornography-- that, as far
as I'm aware, Phipps has not worked in before; however, it shares many
of the same qualities that one has come to associate with his work in
the LNH and Superfreaks universes.

Primary among these is a very stream-lined approach to narrative and
the use of character types: both very vital to the comedic work that
makes up the bulk of Phipps's writing. And though there are certainly
some satirical elements within "America's Next Top Porn Star", on a
whole it can be classified unabashedly as a pornographic work, and the
synthesis between style and genre leaves us to discover exactly what
kind of pornography it is.

I would say that it is very similiar, on a structural level, to the
works of De Sade, particularly the 120 Days of Sodom; in both works,
there are a large number of largely interchangable protagonists. More
tellingly, both works could be classified as a "pornography of
novelty". Rather than spend time on any one scene and position,
developing the emotional and psychosexual responses of the
protagonists until climax, both works are concerned instead with
orchestration, design, and architecture: a concrete image of these
bodies connected in this way with those bodies. Once the basic image,
and the novelty of that image, is exhausted, it's time to move on to
the next one.

The problem in such a case is, of course, what to do with the climax;
how to build this multitude of erotic incidents to its apex. Without
the conventional modes for ratcheting up suspense-- character, theme,
or heightened stakes-- it becomes difficult to find a true structure.
It is here that the similarities between De Sade and Phipps end; De
Sade not only was a master structuralist, working out a complex series
of debaucheries, but also possessed of a devilish imagination.
Thankfully, Phipps's story does not end in the orgy of terror and
bloodshed that is the logical and grotesque extrapolation of De Sade's

However, it still leaves the story wanting of a climax, and is
unsatisfying as a masturbatory aid insomuchas no scene is really
allowed to develop beyond a brief image: one must remember that the
pornography of novelty is also that of the short attention span.


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