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{RAE} HUNGRY FOR FUSCHIA [5/?] {Hungry Guy, Lady Fuschia} (M/F Mpov Mdom Fsub humil cons piv oral anal ws choke strangle reluc rom caution)

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Hungry Guy

Feb 17, 2009, 6:50:38 PM2/17/09
{RAE} HUNGRY FOR FUSCHIA [5/?] {Hungry Guy, Lady Fuschia} (M/F Mpov
Mdom Fsub humil cons piv oral anal ws choke strangle reluc rom caution)

COLLABORATION BY: Hungry Guy and Lady Fuschia


On Thursday evening, Guy set out a large shopping bag that he had
brought with him on his way home from work earlier during the week.

"Oh, Fuschia," he called out in a singsong voice as he approached
her cage that he had locked her inside that morning.

"Master?" she asked nervously.

"Oh, don't be frightened, sweet slave," he said with a smile. "If
I recall rightly something that I noticed back in London, you'll like
what I have planned for us this weekend!"

"Yes, Sir," she said meekly, but not without a hint of fright in
her voice.

He handed her a bottle of _Nair_ and said, "First, I want you to
take a shower and use this depilatory all over your body, except for
the hair on your head, of course."

Fuschia obeyed without question. Then, after her shower, Guy
motioned for Fuschia to stand on an old towel on the floor. He had set
out an air brush device and a large assortment of body paints on an
adjacent table. Fuschia smiled and closed her eyes.

Using a photo that he had once found on the Internet, he got to

"Ohh! That tickles," Fuschia said at the time Guy held up her arm
and sprayed under her armpit.

He started on her face, painting her with black, white, and orange.
He worked down her chest, and then down her back. Net, he sprayed each
of her arms in turn. And finally her legs. When he was done several
hours later, Fuschia looked like a leopard-girl out of Star Trek.

The next morning, Guy touched up a few places on Fuschia's body and
then he had her get dresses in that outfit that he had bought for her
in Harrods that day, finishing with a lightweight but wide aluminum
collar around her neck. Packing lightly, they drove down to the Amtrak
station and boarded a train for New York.

Fuschia received a few stares as they made their way up out of Penn
Station onto 34th street and crossed the street to their hotel. After
checking into their room in the early evening, they went down to the
restaurant and had dinner. Again, though she was fully dressed,
Fuschia's appearance was met with many glances from passers by.

A waitress approached the table and began her spiel. "Hi! I'm
Tammy and I'll be serving you tonight. Our specials are..." Tammy
looked right at Fuschia. "Oh my God! That's fantastic! Where did you
get that done?" she asked Fuschia. Fuschia started to speak, then
closed her mouth and glanced nervously at her master.

"You may speak," Guy said to his slave.

"My, er, master painted me," said Fuschia.

"You painted her?" Tammy said to Guy! "She's your pet kitty?
You're really good! You paint a lot of women to look like big cats?"

"No, actually, Fuschia here is my first. I just followed a photo
that I found. I think I could do better with more practice."

"I wish I could see all of her," said Tammy.

"Well, I'll be showing her off later at a club. I just hope her
clothing didn't smear the paint."

"Yeah, that'll be a shame," said Tammy.

After dinner, they returned to the lobby and then approached the
entrance to the hotel. "Would you call me a taxicab?" said Guy to the

The doorman glanced at Guy, then at Fuschia, then back at Guy.
"You want me to call you a taxicab?"

"Yes please," said Guy.

"You really want me to call you a taxicab?" said the doorman.

"Yes! I really do!" said Guy.

"Okay," said the doorman with a shrug. "You're a taxicab."

"Fuschia! Eat him!" said Guy.

"I'd love to!" said Fuschia, licking her lips, as she started to
growl and slowly approached the doorman with her fingers extended like
claws. He banged his head on the revolving door running back into the

Guy led Fuschia up to the curb and hailed a cab, for New York City
had no shortage of them. $20 later, they were on 14th street in front
of the most infamous BDSM club in the world: Edge Play.

Entering through a pair of plate glass doors, they passed some
erotic boutiques that lined the corridor, and passed through a door of
prison bars at the far end. Guy paid their $50 admission fee each to a
girl behind the window and then passed into a foyer and rode an
elevator down to a sub-basement level.

They found a changing room just off the elevator lobby where Guy
told Fuschia to remove all her clothes except for her sandals.

"Master?" she gasped with a pleading look in her eyes.

"C'mon, Fuschia!" he said. "I want to show off my art work."

Fuschia slowly stripped and put her clothes in one of several
plastic buckets that littered the changing room.

Guy examined her, pleased that the paint hadn't smeared. He
reached into his knapsack, and snapped a light chain leash to her

He then handed the bucket to a girl behind a counter who gave him a

At that, he led Fuschia the leopard girl down a short hallway and
stopped at a sign listing scheduled events:


_Branding Demonstration in Orange Dungeon at 8:00_
_Co Ed Tandem Beer Pissing Contest in Red Dungeon at 9:00_
_Body Painting Contest in Yellow Dungeon at 10:00_
_Torture Demonstration in Violet Dungeon at 11:00_
_Human Darts League in Green Dungeon at 11:00_


Guy pointed to the sign and said, "There it is!" Then he led
Fuschia by her leash into the main lounge of the club.

Guy ordered a beer for himself and a seltzer for Fuschia, and then
found an empty table to sit and watch the crowd.

And what a sight to watch! Masters led collared and chained slaves
through the club. As often as not, slaves were down on their hands and
knees on the padded floor while their masters sat on their backs at the
tables. Guy gave a furtive glance at Fuschia, who looked down as if
knowing what he was thinking. But Guy figured that it's not worth
risking smearing the paint--at least not until after the contest.

Fuschia sat still next to Guy with her legs pressed tightly
together and her arms wrapped around her body. Time passed slowly as
they watched the crowd change over.

"Nervous, Fuschia?" Guy asked as the night drew on.

"Yes, Master. "I'm naked in front of all these people."

Guy smiled and put his hand on her leg. "There, there," he said
softly. Guy stroked her leg as he sat and sipped his beer. In time,
his hand slid between her thighs, and eventually made its way up to her

"Oh my!" he said.

"Master!" she squeaked.

"You're soaking wet, Fuschia!"

Fuschia choked back a sob and looked down.

"You're not embarrassed! You're turned on!" he said.

"I'm a little of both, Master," she squeaked.

"Just you wait 'till later, then!" he said with a laugh.

Ten o'clock came around then, and Guy stood and led Fuschia through the
club to the Yellow dungeon.

The dungeon was set up like a fashion show might be, with a
slightly raised stage in front, and a raised runway extending out from
the stage between the rows of seats facing each other.

A small audience had already started to fill the seats. A bouncer
told Guy to take his slave up to the front stage where several masters
held human cats and other "creatures" on leashes.

About five minutes past ten, the bouncers closed the doors. A girl
stepped up onto the makeshift stage and introduced herself. "Hi
everyone. I'm Luann. You'll all be voting for the best kitty in this
room." She turned and looked over the Masters and their painted
slaves. "I see we have not just kitties tonight. We have a she-devil
and a lizard girl, too. As you all know, one of the rules is that the
effects should be done entirely with body paint or ink. No masks,
props, or appliances are permitted. I'm glad to see we have no
disqualification tonight."

Guy and Fuschia were standing with their backs against the back
wall about in the center of the row of contestants when Luann motioned
for the couple on the far left to step up. A master in leather pants
and bare chest, and a woman painted like a tiger, walked up to Luann.

Guy took Fuschia's hand and whispered, "Wow, that's really good.
Don't be disappointed if we don't win, okay?"

Fuschia squeezed Guy's hand and smiled back.

After a moment, Luann announced, "We have Bill and his slave,
Penelope." To Bill, she said, "Please have your pet walk up the runway
in front of everyone, turn and return here."

The tigress did so to the apparent pleasure of the audience. As
she walked, she purred and acted out clawing at the audience.

Luann then said, "Remember everyone! You'll all be voting for 1st,
2nd, and 3rd place." She motioned for the next couple, a Man and his
she-devil to follow in the footsteps of the tiger.

After a few more contestants, Luann pointed at Guy and motioned him
and Fuschia to step up. Luann asked their names, which Guy said, "I'm
Hungry Guy. And this is my slave, Lady Fuschia. She's a leopard."

"Nice paint job," whispered Luann. "You know what do to?"

Guy whispered to Fuschia, "Go on, sweet Fuschia. Strut your

"I'm so nervous, Master. I've never been naked in front of a crowd

"Think of the paint as a tight rubber suit," Guy said, "Which it
is, more-or-less."

"Yes, Sir," said Fuschia and walked down the runway. By the time
she reached the far end, she seemed to be getting into it, growling at
the crowd, wiggling her bum, and clawing out at them."

Fuschia let out a loud sigh when she returned to the stage. Though
she had a big evil grin on her face, she was also shaking. Redness in
her face could be seen through the face paint. Guy put his arms around
her and held her. They stood and embraced while the remaining
contestants showed themselves off.

By around 11 PM, all the contestants had had their turn. Luann
asked each of the contestants to stand side by side on runway, facing
one side of the audience, then the other.

She then walked along the row and held her hand above one at a time
and asked the audience to take the paddles under their seats and vote
for their favorite.

The slaves then returned to their masters' sides while the bouncers
all came up and compared vote counts with Luann.

A few minutes later, Luanne called out, "Well, everyone, we had a
close contest tonight. Every single contestant should be proud of her
master's skill. For first prize, the winners will receive two free
nights in the Edge Play hotel. For those of you who don't know, every
guestroom in the hotel has an adjoining private dungeon. These rooms
usually go for $500 per night, so this is a prize worth $1000. Luann
lifted a paper and said, the winners are Bobby and Sue."

The she-devil and her master hugged each other and walked up to
Luann, who gave them a voucher for their hotel stay.

Next, Luanne announced, "I bet they'll be having fun a couple of
nights very soon. Now, for second place, the winner is Bill and
Penelope. Bill and Penelope will win free use of a private dungeon in
the club any two nights. That's a prize worth $400."

Luann then announced, "I'm sure they'll have fun too. Next, the
third place winners are Hungry Guy and Lady Fuschia."

Guy and Fuschia gasped at each other and walked up to Luann, who
announced, "The third place prize is two free admissions for the both
of them to Edge Play. At $50 per admission, that's a $200 value. All
remaining contestants will receive a coupon for two free drinks at the
bar. Congratulations to all our winners!"

Guy shrugged and whispered to Fuschia, "Well, it beats a free
Answerbag tee-shirt, doesn't it?"

Fuschia giggled and didn't answer.

A short taxi ride later brought them back to their hotel. The
punster doorman wasn't around, and they made their way up to their room
without repartee.

"Still horny?" he asked her as he closed the door.

"Master," she gasped. "I'm so glad that's over. It's over, isn't

"Yes, Fuschia, it's over. The body paint is going to start peeling
soon. A shame, really. You're a lovely leopard girl!"

"But you don't know how randy I've been for you all night,

"As I've been for you, Fuschia!"

Guy approached Fuschia and pushed her gently onto her back on the
bed, and then fell upon her.

"Grrrr!" said Guy.

"Grrrrrowllll!" said Fuschia.

Their growling met in a kiss while Guy's erect member poked Fuschia
in her moist tender flesh. Guy then crawled down Fuschia's body and
found the one spot that wasn't painted over.

Fuschia gasped as he drank in her wetness that was as much feminine
juice as was perspiration oozing out from the layer of paint that
covered nearly her entire body.

After her humiliating and thrilling experience of the night,
Fuschia seemed to be primed more so that ever. Drawing her tender clit
into his mouth was all it took for her to begin quaking uncontrollably.
Guy massaged her clit tenderly between his lips while he played her
like a flute and drank her in.

"Oh! Oh! OH!" she gasped over and over again as her body gave
itself over to his oral control.

Upon draining her, Guy climbed upon her yet again. As if her pussy
wasn't sufficiently soaked before, it was thoroughly drenched now.
Wrapping his hands around her neck, he plunged his eager throbbing
member into her and squeezed her throat tightly in his hands.

If Fuschia started to turn blue, he couldn't tell staring into her
leopard face. He orgasm overcame him quickly at the fantasy of
screwing his leopard girl.

When his seed had thoroughly mixed with her juices, he collapsed
upon her as much from a satisfied orgasm as from the night's

Fuschia caught her breath as his hands fell away from her throat
and he fell to sleep lying on top of her.

When they woke the next morning, some of the paint peeled off of
Fuschia's chest when he rose off of her.

"Awww," said Guy as perspiration poured from the exposed flesh
where the paint had been a moment ago.

Fuschia giggled and peeled more of the paint off.

"C'mon!" said Guy. "I bet you can't wait to get out of that

"Actually, I do feel rather sweaty, Master. Lets!"

Together, Guy and Fuschia peeled the paint off her body. After
about ten minutes, the floor was covered in leopard spotted paint
peelings. Removing the paint released the odor of perspiration through
the room. So, a few moments later found them together in the shower.

"This feels so good, Master!"

"I bet it does, sweet Fuschia!"

Some kissing and touching later left them clean and refreshed. So,
with Fuschia pulling their luggage, they checked out of the hotel and
headed across to the train station to home.

As the summer progressed, the weather turned nicer. "Fuschia,"
said Guy one warm Saturday afternoon standing in his small enclosed
back patio in short and a tee-shirt (Fuschia, being a slave, was nude,
of course). "Wouldn't it be nice to set up a hammock out in the yard?"

"Yes, Master," she said. "That would be very nice."

"I'm glad you agree, sweet Fuschia. Come with me." Guy led
Fuschia out back where a wooden hammock frame stood on the patio
stones. The hammock fabric was conspicuously missing.

"Where's the hammock, Master?"

Guy turned and smiled devilishly at Fuschia.

"I see," said Fuschia.

"Do you?" he asked.

"Forgive me, Master. I think I know you well enough by now. Will
it be painful?"

"Might be a little painful," said Guy. "We'll see. Now come squat
over here."

Fuschia squatted at one end of the hammock frame and Guy tied her
wrists to a pair of ropes tied to each of the two poles. He then tied
two more ropes to each of her ankles, and pulled. After a few minutes,
Guy had Fuschia's body stretched out, spread eagle, hanging from the
hammock like a human hammock.

Taking a few more lengths of rope, he spend the next half hour
tying webbing back and forth between her outstretched arms, and also
her legs. He would need that to rest his head and legs upon when he
was lounging on her.

Guy returned inside, got a pillow, poured himself a glass of iced
tea, grabbed his Harry Potter book that he had still yet to finish, and
returned outside.

Setting a table against Fuschia, he lifted himself up on her as she
let out an "Oof!" Guy squirmed a bit, letting his butt press up
against her chin as he lay on her outstretched body.

Setting the pillow in place, he leaned back upon her and began to

Harry's struggle against the evil Lord Voldemort seemed futile
without Dumbledore's help. But the story progressed.

Fuschia whimpered occasionally whenever Guy stirred, for his 200-
plus pounds was supported entirely by ropes tied to her wrists and

By evening, he had almost finished the final book, with just a few
more chapters to go.

Darkness fell and Guy rested the book on the table. With a yawn,
he lay his head back and closed his eyes. Despite Fuschia's whimpering
and squirming beneath him, sleep came to him in a moment.

He awoke later that night, perhaps due to Fuschia's restlessness,
or perhaps from his own horniness. Reaching down behind the back of
his neck, he felt between Fuschia's thighs. He had already learned not
to be surprised at how that exercise always resulted in moist
fingertips, no matter how severe a position he placed his slave in.
Turning his head, he asked, "Feeling horny, Fuschia?"

"Oh yes, Master. It's been too long since you fucked me."

"It's been only a couple of days," he said.

"I know, Master," she said.

"I see," he said with a grin.

Dismounting Fuschia, he unlaced the webbing from between her arms
and legs, and then untied her from the hammock frame.

Taking her by the hand, he noticed the bright red welts circling
her wrists. "Let's take car of this, first, Fuschia."

"Yes, Master. Thank you."

He led Fuschia upstairs where he rubbed cortisone cream around her
wrists and ankles.

Still sleepy from his interrupted nap on the Fuschia-hammock, he
positioned her in his bed as he had done countless times before, with
her butt up against the headboard and her head in the middle of the
bed. Unlike the hammock ropes, the leather shackles wouldn't dig into
her skin in support of their combined weight. A few minutes later, Guy
was in bed upon Fuschia. He relieved himself directly into her throat
before falling asleep once again.

The weeks continued to pass, and Guy continued to keep all of
Fuschia's holes filled with his cum and various other bodily


Hungry Guy

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