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Saucy Wench #4: Snow Angels (FF, exhibition, snow)[1/1]

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Mar 6, 2006, 1:22:38 AM3/6/06
Saucy Wench #4: Snow Angels (FF, exhibition, snow)[1/1]

Snow Angels (A Saucy Wench Adventure, #4)
(c) 1997, by

It sounded like a good weekend getaway. Brandi's parents were
going out of town, and they needed someone to watch the dogs. They had
a house in the mountains. We got there early Friday afternoon.
Her parents left, and we had the place to ourselves. It had been
in the high 20's, and about 4pm, it started snowing like crazy.
Big fluffy flakes, and it was sticking. Well-stocked fridge.
Cozy warm house. Huge stone fireplace, all set for a roaring
fire, and throw pillows in the Great Room before it (no bearskin
rug, but you can't have everything). Hot tub on the back deck.
Two great big friendly dogs, an Irish setter, and a Great Dane
which dwarfed the Irish Setter. The Great Dane would come up
to the sofa and set its big old head in your lap, and look up at
you with soulful eyes. It was also dumb as a post. That head was
about the size of a horse's; it looked like something out of JURASSIC
PARK---and it must have had a brain about the same as a dinosaur,
rattling around pea-sized in that huge skull.
We had made some chicken spaghetti for dinner, generously
seasoned with the spices from Brandi's parents' kitchen. We
raided their wine supply, and had polished off most of a bottle
of Chardonney. It was now well past dark, the snow was still gently
but steadily falling, we were watching a movie on their big screen
TV, the fire was roaring, we had a big bowl of popcorn, had moved
on to Margaritas, and I was in paradise. I wanted a house just like
this! And I had the warmest glow one can achieve without fucking.
Brandi sat curled up on the arm of a chair. She is about
5 foot 5, a fiery long-haired redhead, green eyes, a pretty face, big
breasts for her size, 26 years old. She was in jeans and a sweatshirt.
I'm about her height, slimmer, brown hair a few inches down
my shoulders, brown eyes. I was wearing jeans and a flannel shirt.
Smaller boobs, but a good figure. I'm a couple of years older than her.
We met in college. Not long after I discovered I was Bi, I seduced
her one night. We hadn't repeated that, but had been close friends
ever since. Lately we'd been getting into a lot of risque escapades
I lounged on the couch, sipping my margarita, and staring
lazily into the fire.
"What do you want to do now?" Brandi asked. "Ready to
take a soak in the hot tub?"
"How about we stay right here and play some cards?" I grinned.
"Strip Go Fish, perhaps?"
"How about Gin Rummy?" she said. I sighed. Brandi was
a Gin Rummy fiend. She went to get the cards.
I started to shuffle the old, battered deck. Then, on
an impulse, counted the cards. 48. "There's cards missing!"
She got two other decks out. Each was missing a card or two.
"Dammit! Why don't they throw these out!" she said, quickly
disregarding her own advice as she threw them into the cabinet
and shut it.
"Chess?" she said. "Backgammon?"
"That's too much brain effort, after the wine and the tequila."
I replied. "How about...we go frolic in the snow?"
She looked out the window. Snowflakes were still drifting
down lazily.
"We could have a snowball fight. Make snow angels." I said.
"I'll go get some gloves." she stood up.
"I'm going to do it naked." I said.
Brandi's eyes widened.
"You can't be serious! it's freezing out there!"
"We won't stay out all that long. The house is right here,
and the hot tub, and the fire. I dare ya!" I started to unbutton
my flannel shirt.
"I don't know.." Brandi said.
I shrugged off the shirt and dropped it to the floor.
Undid my white bra. Kicked off my Nikes. "I double dare ya!"
Pulled off my jeans. My panties. Now I was bare but for my socks.
I stood defiantly, my breasts perky. It was warm in
the house, but my nipples were hard, and the warmth I felt was
from excitement, not the alcohol.
"I'm succumbing to peer pressure!" she laughed. Brandi
shrugged the sweatshirt over her head. Pulled the sweatpants
off. Undid her white bra. Now she just had on her panties.
I would claim we were in Victoria Secret getup, but her panties
were WalMart issue, plain cotton, worn out and raggedy, and had a torn
hole in them. "Look at that underwear! What if you were ever caught in
an accident!" I said, assuming a motherly tone. She pulled
them down, kicked them off an ankle, exposing her spicy
red curls of trimmed pubic hair. Now we were both butt
naked, but for our white socks. I decided to keep those on.
"Last one out has to screw Caesar!" I shouted. The
Great Dane looked up joyously at the call of his name. We
both ran for the door, I flung it open and leaped out onto
the deck. The dogs were barking behind us. A motion
sensor light clicked on.
"Wait a minute, Janet!" Brandi called. "We better
not let the dogs out. They'll track snow all over the
house!" She pulled the door almost shut, leaving it about
an inch ajar.
I stood on the wooden deck, already three inches
deep in beautiful, pristine, virgin snow. "Geronimo!"
I shouted as I leaped off the deck into the back yard.
"Shit it's cold!" Brandi screamed. It wasn't
TOO bad. No wind, and it wasn't a biting cold. But I
was tingly all over, and my feet felt like they were on fire,
the socks already soaked through.
We ran, leaping and laughing through the snow,
churning up that perfect blanket. Two pretty, naked women,
having an almost pagan commune with nature.
I got hit with a snowball in the back of the neck.
I turned around to see Brandi with an evil grin on her face.
"Why you!" I shouted. scooped up another one, it was a very wet snow,
and easy to sculpt. I hit Brandi right between the breasts. "Ouch,
stop it!" she laughed. Her nipples were hard too.
We ran around for a few more minutes, and amazingly,
I was actually sweating, despite the chill.
"Snow angel!" I yelled, falling flat, my ass and bare
back pressed into the cold snow. I fanned my arms and legs,
creating the most sinful snow angel ever.
Brandi did the same. It had stopped snowing. There were a few
torn rents in the clouds. We looked up at the bright stars above us,
twinkling their cold light that had been traveling for millennia
to get here just in time to shine down on our pale, naked flesh
there in the snow.
That moment of serene beauty lasted for about 30 seconds,
and then I could hear Brandi's teeth chattering. "Shit, I'm freezing
my pussy off, let's go in!" she stammered.
We jumped up and ran for the door. Caesar saw us through the
door's window, gave a joyous bark, and jumped up against the door. It
slid shut with a loud clunk.
"Uh. Oh." I said.
"Please tell me that didn't lock." I whimpered.
Brandi turned the knob. It didn't budge. "OK, it's not
locked." she baldfacedly lied.
"Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit oh shit oh shit!" I repeated
like a mantra. Already, I could feel a cold wind across my
goosebumped flesh.
Brandi started to cry. "How did I ever let you talk me
into this Janet, you stupid ---!" she paused, but I'm pretty
sure what she was about to say started with the letter C.
Which portion of my anatomy, by the way, was feeling the sting
of bitter cold. Cold that seemed a whole lot warmer when we
had a warm house to go back to.
"Me! Why the fuck didn't you unlock the door!"
I yelled. She started to sniffle and snuffle, her lips
trembling, and her teeth chattering. She looked really
I took a deep breath. We weren't going to have a catfight there
on the snowy deck, no matter how much male readers would like that
later when I chronicled this little misadventure.
"Look, I'm sorry! It's my fault. You know I get carried
away sometimes, when it's something that seems wild and naughty."
I tugged at the door futilely. Caesar continued to
look at us from inside.
"Caesar, unlock the door. Come on Caesar. Turn the knob
with your paws. You can do it! Good boy!"
Caesar looked on cheerfully, seemed to almost be nodding
his head.
"On second thought, go dial 911."
As if he had heard and understood me, he whirled
and trotted away from the door. It was such perfect timing,
even Brandi had to laugh. I'm fairly certain he wasn't going
to make any phone calls though, probably just went to check
his food dish or sniff the Irish Setter's butt.
"OK." I said, "First off, Don't Panic.
We're not going to freeze to death. We may die of embarrassment,
but we're not going to freeze." I was clear headed, the slight
buzz of the wine and tequila had switched off like a light switch.
Brandi stood there with her hands cupping her breasts,
and half crouched, holding her knees and her legs tightly together.
There was ice in her beautiful red hair. "How do you figure?"
she shivered.
"Well, if this wasn't your parents house, you'd already
be heaving a rock through the window."
"No! We're not going to do that!" she said archly.
"Do your parents keep a key hidden outside?"
"I don't think so.." She looked around at the edges
of the house, already buried in snow.
"OK...contingency plan: There's a hot tub over on
the other side of the house. We can always get in that
to get warm. Problem is, once we get that wet, then we
can't walk to your neighbors. We might freeze to death then."
"Yeah, does anyone have a key to your parents house?"
"Oh my god! Yeah, the Smith's do, about a quarter mile
away. No way! No way am I going to that little old couple
naked as a jaybird. They'll tell my parents!"
"Brandi, those are the choices: Hot tub, and soak
til morning, which I'm not sure is all that safe. And then
we're still naked in daylight. Your parents won't be home til
Sunday night. I'm not sitting in a hot tub for two more days
and nights. And I don't think you want them to come home to
the two of us naked. Or we break a window. Or we go to the neighbors.
But we need to decide now. If we're going to get in the tub
and wait to think of what to do next, like I said, I think
walking any distance later will be out."
She breathed. "OK, let's do it!"
We set out up her driveway, which we could barely
tell from the yard, only because there weren't plants and
rocks disturbing the shape of the snow. I'm sure we
made a real interesting visual, two petite, pretty, naked girls
in socks trudging through the untouched snow between the rows
of pine trees.
Oddly, once we got moving, it was a little warmer.
The cold still stung, but I didn't feel quite as miserable
and helpless now that we had a plan. Of my whole exposed
body, the tips of my ears were the most painfully cold.
They felt like they were burning.
"If bigfoot finds us, you get to do him." I quipped.
Well, it seemed funny at the time, when you're walking
naked down a dark country road in the snow.
There was a few lights on at the Smith's; on the porch,
somewhere back in the house. But somehow it looked like nobody
was home. Maybe they had just gone to bed. I wasn't sure
which to wish for. Nobody knew me around here, but Brandi
would be mortified. The Smith's had known her since
elementary school. She stood there, silent and shivering,
her lip trembling, I think she was about to cry again. I finally rang
the bell. Long moments passed. I banged on the door. Nothing.
"OK, Sherlock, what now?" she said. Strangely, she actually
seemed a little stronger, now that she knew giving the Smith's
a late night coronary was out.
"Who lives in that house?" I said, pointing further down
the road.
"I'm not sure." she said. "We can't..."
"We've got to. Let's go."
At first, I had crossed an arm over my breasts,
and cupped my other hand over my pussy for warmth and
to protect it from the cold. But that seemed to just
make me colder. Now I defiantly swung my arms as I
walked swiftly, like I was some fashion show runway model.
Brandi was stumbling more often in the deeper snow patches,
I grabbed her once when I thought she would fall.
Before we got to the next house, we could see the blue flicker
of a TV set through the big picture window as we walked up the
driveway. On a weird impulse, I walked across the snow covered
lawn to peer in.
On the TV screen a porn movie was playing. On the coffee
table was an assortment of beer bottles. On the two couches
were 5 or 6 high school age boys, maybe 16 or 17.
Two of them seemed to have their pants unzipped and
were playing with themselves. It looked like Brandi's parents
weren't the only ones gone for the evening.
On the screen, a young starlet was rocking to the rhythm
of an anal invasion while her mouth was fed an enormous penis.
There we stood, two pretty naked women, freezing in the
cold and dark, our noses almost pressed up against the glass.
Inside was warmth and light...and a pack of horny teenagers.
"Brandi, no offense, but given this scenario, if we ring
that doorbell, I really think we're asking for trouble.
And though it is not without some points of interest..I don't
think it's a good idea. If these guys find two naked babes
shivering on their doorstep, we're going to be in for a long
night. They'll think we're an answer to their prayers. We're either
going to get raped, or if we go along voluntarily, we'll probably be
the ones charged with statutory rape! Or corrupting minors. Or
"Agreed. I'll chance freezing to death." said Brandi.
Although she looked back with a glance that seemed to be
imagining the possibilities wistfully.
We backed away from the window. They never noticed, staring
raptly at the scene. We turned and ran through the snow.
The next house down was also an unknown. Now we were
downright freezing our fannies off. I took a deep breath,
and rang the bell.
A guy, maybe 35 or so, answered. He stared at us
incredulously. Suddenly, despite the cold, I was blushing.
"Uh, this is kind of hard to explain, but we were locked out
of..her house", I said, nodding to Brandi.
He continued staring at us for a few minutes.
"Um, hold on a second, let me get my wife..." he started to
shut the door in our shivering faces, thought better of it. "Here,
come in, I'll be right back!" He disappeared.
We stood in the hallway, shivering and dripping.
We could hear muffled conversation. A few minutes later,
his wife appeared, armed with towels and blankets.
She burst out laughing, and then, when we started to
open our mouths, she stopped us.
"Everyone should get at least one opportunity in life where
someone helps them and doesn't ask any questions. Here!
Shhh, don't talk, dry!"
We vigorously toweled off, and then wrapped the blankets
around us. She led us to the kitchen, where she heated up
cider. We sat there, wrapped in blankets, our hair
wet and in disarray, we looked like drowned rats. Well,
cute drowned rats. The husband obviously had a million
questions, but was holding his tongue, following his wife's lead.
I think he was getting turned on by the whole situation. I'd
a feeling after we were gone that couple was going to have a
good laugh..and then some wild sex. The warmth slowly came
back to my limbs, and I could feel my fingers and toes again,
they began to tingle and then to throb painfully.
Brandi finally stopped shivering.
After we had taken a warm shower and gotten back to normal a bit,
we decided we'd better call the cops. Maybe they could get us in.
By the time the local police car pulled in the driveway
through the snow, we had gotten out of the blankets and into
some old, badly fitting clothes that the wife had loaned us.
We thanked the couple and the cops drove us back.
They looked at us speculatively. "So you got locked out
in just those clothes? You must have been freezing!"
said one. "Uh...yeah." I said. I'm glad we'd gotten to
swap the blankets for real clothes. (Besides, I'd been
naked in a police cruiser once before...working my way out
of a traffic ticket. The officer had offered me a rather
unique "breathalyzer" test. I blew a 7.0).
The ride back was odd, there we were in the back of
this warm police car, looking through the grill. The
police radio squelched and squawked occasionally, with far
off voices talking almost unintelligibly. The windshield
wipers beat rhythmically, scattering the snowflakes. The
headlights reflected dazzlingly on the snow.
We got to the house, snow crunching under the tires.
One cop went around back with a flashlight and got in with
embarrassing ease, picking the lock. He led us around to that back
door through the snow (he hadn't wanted to go into the house with
the dogs barking). He asked to come in to use the bathroom
And, I suspect, to chat a bit. His partner stayed in the car.
As he stood in the kitchen, looking at the Great Room,
the officer noticed the trail of pants and panties and
bras and shoes leading to the door by the deck.
"These aren't your clothes, are they?" he said,
indicating the garments we were wearing. For the second time that
evening, we found ourselves blushing furiously. That
looks really cute on Brandi, by the way.
"No, but it wasn't what it looks like..." I lied.
He grinned. "Do you have any idea how often I hear
that in this job? But why did you go to that house so
far away? There's closer ones."
In for a penny, in for a pound. I briefly sketched
our path, the empty house, and then the high school party.
Leaving out the fact that the kids were drinking beer.
But I think he got it.
He tipped his hat. "Ladies, have a wonderful evening.
Stay warm. If you go outside again, may I suggest you wear
your key on a chain around your neck?"
I grinned. He was kind of cute. His partner wasn't
bad either. "Hey, are you two on duty tomorrow night?"
"We're having a little party. Why don't you come
join us? We've got a hot tub."
He grinned. "Well, my partner's married, but
I do have a friend.."
"Seven o'clock sharp." I shut the door.
"We're having a party?" said Brandi.
"We are now. And about that hot tub?"
It was just a little after midnight. That whole escapade
had taken only about an hour and a half!
We each fixed ourselves a big oversized mug of coffee, laced
it with some whisky, and headed out for the hot tub.
"See, I'm leaving the door unlocked this time" said Brandi.
"I don't trust you!" I took the key and plunked it in the
bottom of the mug, where I knew where to find it. We peeled
off our unfashionable clothes. Then it was out into the cold again,
for the 30 foot dash to the hot tub! Bracing! But to sink into
that heated water was heavenly!
I lay back, basking in the wet warmth. Again I studied the
stars. They seemed a lot less cold when I was slowly cooking in
this big soup bowl. My hands each grasped a breast, and I
flicked my nipples lazily.
Brandi slowly sank down until just her mouth was above the
water. Her long curly red hair floated on either side of her head.
Steam rose in a warm cloud towards the heavens.
I slid a foot across the tub, put it between her legs.
I started kneading her pussy with my toes (and needing it!).
Her eyes widened. I moved bouyantly across the tub, nestled
up against her, pressed my breasts against her back, wrapped
my legs around her, and continued to play footsie with her pussy.
I reached around on either side, and molded her breasts,
squeezed her nipples. I moved her long hair aside, kissed
her neck. She closed her eyes and smiled. I kissed the corner
of her mouth, her ears. She reached a hand back behind her,
slid it between her ass and my crotch, and started to explore
the folds of my pussy, spreading me wide to the warm water,
my clit under her thumb. She kept her eyes closed, but turned
her head towards me, opened her mouth, and our tongues dueled.
"You girls don't quit, do you?" said a feminine voice. We froze
like two deer caught in the headlights. There, a few feet away, in
full winter gear, was the married couple from down the road.
"We decided to take a walk in the snow after your visit.
And we heard voices..."
Brandi giggled. "Come on in, the water's fine!"
In record speed, they'd doffed their winter clothes
and slid in. The husband kept to one side, but couldn't hide
his erection. They were an attractive couple. Both were
blond haired and blue eyed. Though I saw she had a dark bush
before it disappeared beneath the water.
We chatted a bit, and all the while Brandi and I continued
to nestle close, and our hands worked each other under the water.
Our conversation stayed on light topics, but it was pretty obvious
we were a little distracted. They were getting very turned on
by the spectacle. Their hands weren't visible either, and she was
occasionally letting out some involuntary gasps.
We continued to chatter, all the while our eyes locking
and our lips smiling and making it all silently clear we all
knew what was going on. Brandi had two fingers in me, had me
spread wide, and was gently and slowly giving me an interior massage.
I was frigging her more energetically and rubbing a breast with my
other hand. The wife raised up, and then, obviously,
impaled herself on his shaft. They rocked there, making
some small warm waves. After about ten minutes, she was
crying out, he was groaning, and Brandi and I were having
our comparatively quieter orgasms.
And then we all lay there silently, holding our respective
partners, watching the steam rise up, the white snow in all directions,
and the silent stars twinkling down on us.
The wife looked nervously for a minute at the house.
" DO have the key this time, right?"

The End

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