Nycolle's Medical Examination, Part 3: Final measurements (FFf, bsdm, med, toys)

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Oct 20, 2007, 6:31:40 PM10/20/07
Jefferson College is a strict and exclusive institution.
The education is accompanied with lots of sexual activities.
Life at Jefferson College is described at the site:

There are short wiki-like articles describing the rules and customs at
this college.
And longer stories exploring the life at Jefferson College in detail.

This is story can be found at:

The Dean of Jefferson College

Nycolle's Medical Examination

Part 3: Final measurements

"Just a few more measurements and we're done." the doctor continues.
"Please open your mouth." Nycolle opens her mouth, a rubber ball is
inserted. The ball inflates to fill her mouth. "Wider, please" asks
the doctor. Nycolle opens her mouth wider. The ball expands to fill
her mouth. Then the ball starts to expand by itself. The jaws of
Nycolle have no other choice than to follow the ball. "Can you open
your mouth further?" the doctor asks. Nycolle shakes no.

But the doctor orders: "Try it!" Nycolle tries, without result, to
move her jaws. The doctor concludes: "Let's give her some
stimulation." A nod to the nurse and electricity is flowing through
Nycolle's body. She tries to scream but the ball in her mouth prevents
her to make any sound. It does not prevent her from making the motion
of a scream. Just as the doctor intended her mouth widens and again
the ball expands. Nycolle's jaws start to hurt.

The doctor orders nurse Jones: "Write down her natural size and give
her some training." After the nurse has written down the information,
the ball starts growing in Nycolle's mouth, pushing her mouth even
wider open. Unable to move because of the arm and leg restraints and a
ball in her mouth stopping her screams Nycolle has no way to express
her agony. "This will have to do" comments the nurse after the ball
has stopped expanding. The doctor informs Nycolle: "Your mouth needs
to get accustomed to having your mouth wide open. You'll keep this in
during the rest of your examination."

The doctor says: "The wires are not needed anymore." The nurse and the
doctor start removing the clamps. Nycolle feels her blood flowing back
into her nipples, lips and clit. The doctor removes the metal dildo,
but not before she has made some fucking movements with it.

"We are going to measure your vagina" informs the doctor Nycolle as
she takes a long glass dildo with markings on it. Covers it with KY
jelly. She sticks the dildo in Nycolle's love hole and starts to fuck
her hard and deep. The doctor is working hard to get the glass object
as deep in as possible. With each stroke the dildo goes further into
Nycolle's cunt. When the doctor is convinced she has reached the
limit, she pushes hard for the last time. She reads the scale and
removes the dildo from her patient's vagina.

The doctor continues: "For the last measurement, your vagina has to be
completely without tension. I will have to inject some muscle relaxant
into your vagina." The doctor opens Nycolle vagina with a speculum and
she takes a syringe. The needle pierces Nycolle's sensitive skin. The
drug is injected in Nycolle's tender flesh. The doctor gives
injections all over Nycolle's vaginal walls. Nycolle feels like she is
being perforated.

"It takes some time for the relaxant to become effective." informs the
doctor. "Let's use the time to clean your breasts." She grabs a steel
brush, pinches the top of Nycolle's left nipple, pulls on it and stars
brushing the areola. Red marks appear. When the areola is completely
red, the doctor start brushing the base of the nipple. After that part
has also turned red, the doctor repositions her finger and thumb. She
now holds Nycolle's breast by the base of her sore nipple, Giving her
room to work on the top of her patients nipple. As the doctor is
satisfied with her job, she gives Nycolle's right breast the

After the breast cleaning intermezzo, the doctor tests if the relaxant
is working. She opens the speculum and feels no resistance. "fine" she
says as she inserts a rubber dildo. The dildo expands until it
encounters the resistance of the skin. The doctor starts to test the
elasticity of Nycolle's skin. She inflates the dildo further. Since
Nycolle has received only a muscle relaxant and no anesthetic, she can
feel her pussy lips being stretched. The dildo keeps expanding,
Nycolle's twat is hurting. She moans, the gag in her mouth makes it
easy for the doctor and the nurse to ignore her.

Finally the expansion stops. "This is the maximum pressure for
freshmen" says the nurse. The doctor reads the scale: "23.4, not bad."
Nurse Jones comments: "She might be cheerleader material. Shall we try
to fill her to the for cheerleaders required size of 25?" "O.K."
responds the doctor, "but lets do it carefully."

Slowly the dildo grows again, stretching Nycolle's vagina to it's
limit. The nurse checks the scale and reads out loud: "23.5, 23.6,
23.7" while the doctor probes Nycolle's labia to check the tension of
her lips and plays with her clit just for fun. Nurse Jones keeps
reading the scale: "24.1, 24.2, 24,3" "Stop, Rapture" exclaims the
doctor. Nycolle's cunt has been literally torn apart. Her blood is
dripping on the floor. The doctor removes the dildo. Without the dildo
the bleeding becomes worse. The nurse uses cotton to cleanup her twat.
In the mean time the doctor isstitching Nycolle's damaged love hole.

When she is done, she tells the nurse: "Put some cream on her vagina
to speedup the healing process, and while you are at it, also treat
her breasts, I might have cleaned them too thoroughly." The moment
nurse Jones applies the cream, Nycolle feels her cunt starts itching.
The nurse applies the itching cream liberally all over and in
Nycolle's vagina.

When she is finished, Nycolle's breast get the same treatment. Nycolle
feels the same itch over her breasts as the nurse applies the cream.
Although she wants to scream, as the nurse rubs the cream in her
tormented breasts, Nycolle is unable to make any sound, with the gag
in her mouth. After the nurse is ready, the doctor checks Nycolle's
genitalia for the last time.

She deflates the rubber ball in Nycolle's mouth and removes it. Being
stretched to the limit for such a long time, the muscles of Nycolle's
jaws have become stiff. In spite of the pain she feels when she moves
her jaws, Nycolle is glad she can close her mouth. The restraints from
her arms and legs are removed.

Nycolle feels her breast and cunt. She is shocked when she feels her
cunt stands still wide open. The doctor informs her: "It will close as
the effect of the relaxant wears off." "How long will that take?" asks
Nycolle. "Depends", answers the doctor "The chemicals can be gone in a
few days, but it can also take weeks before they all have been
dissolved. By the way, we are finished. You can get up and dress
yourself. Nycolle walks to the dressing room, terrified by the idea
her cunt could be open for the next weeks.

Nycolle starts dressing herself. She puts on her bra, but feels an
enormous pain as the cups press her abused breasts. She decides to go
bra less until her breasts have healed. Because of the hosiery
requirement at Jefferson College she had to wear her panty hose. The
modesty rules forbids stockings for freshmen. She pulls up her
pantyhose as the nylon tightens around her cross she knows that for
the next period, each step she will set, will be remembering her to
this dreadful experience.

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