{RAE} CHOKE ON THIS {Hungry Guy} (M/F Mdom Fsub Fpov ScFi vore nosex viol sm tragic caution)

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Hungry Guy

Feb 17, 2009, 6:33:00 PM2/17/09
{RAE} CHOKE ON THIS {Hungry Guy} (M/F Mdom Fsub Fpov ScFi vore nosex
viol sm tragic caution)
By Hungry Guy (hun...@stoolmail.zzn.com)



Furball jumped off Nancy's lap at the strange noise coming from the
coffee table and ran off to hide under some chair. Nancy leaned
forward, grabbed her cell phone, and flipped it open. Seeing the call
was from her friend Katie, she pressed the _TALK_ button. "Hello!" she

"Hi Nancy!"

"Hey Katie! What's happening, girl?"

"You'll never believe what Dan bought after he got that promotion
at Lotsatech."

"Some outrageously expensive guy-toy! Am I right?"

"Bingo! But it's so cool! It's a home matter replicator."

"Really? I heard everyone's into scanning _THEMSELVES_ with those
things and uploading themselves to the Internet. And creepy guys are
downloading copies of girls and forcing them to be, like, sex slaves.
Ewww! Those things ought to be illegal, Katie!"

"Well, well, well! Weren't you the one who downloaded a kitten
from CNET last week and took the CD to Staples to make it?"

"But that's different. Furball is a kitty, and she's _sooooo_
cute! Who wants to make a copy of another person? There's too many of
us on the planet already! And don't they cost, like, millions of
dollars for one of those things?"

"Nah! The price has been coming down. Technology is like that,
Nancy--the price drops while the technology improves. At least until
it becomes regulated. Bob found two on Ebay for just under ten grand
for the pair: a scanner and an assembler."

"Well, I guess that's nice."

"And we're having a replicator party. Wanna come?"

"What's a replicator party?"

"You'll see," said Katie.

"I guess so. Sure! What should I bring?"

"Just yourself."

"Food? Snacks? Beer?"

"Nah. Food's covered. Just show up next Saturday."

"Okay," said Nancy. "Sure. Why not?"


Nancy knocked on Katie's front door at the appointed time. "Come
in! Come in!" said Katie, ushering Nancy into the living room. "You
know everyone, right?"

"Yeah!" said Nancy as she waved at Bob, Carol, Ted, and Alice who
were sitting on the sofa chatting together. Cathy and Ronnie were
talking in a corner. Fuschia and Jack were making eyes at each other
next to the sliding glass patio door. Mindy was by herself as usual as
she caught Nancy's eye.

"Care for a snack?" asked Katie.

"Sure!" said Nancy as Katie held up a large wooden tray with a large
plastic bowl and several cups of dip on it.

"Aaaack!" screamed Nancy. "What the..."

In the bowl were miniature naked people. Nancy recognized
miniature versions of everyone at the party: Ted, Alice, Mindy, Bob,
Ronnie, and Carol.

"Yes," Katie laughed. "Everyone's there."

"I'm not sure..." Nancy stammered.

"Go on. Try one of us!" said Katie. "Dan and I are even in

Mindy had walked over to say "Hi! May I?"

"Help yourself!" said Katie as Mindy reached in and picked a
miniature Dan out of the bowl, dipped him face down in the onion dip,
shoved him in her mouth, and swallowed.

Nancy reached toward the bowl and hesitated. "Go ahead," said
Mindy. "Try me. I think there's two of me left."

Nancy reached in the bowl and picked out one of two miniature
"twins" of Mindy. Nancy held up the miniature Mindy--identical in
appearance except that the miniature was about 6 inches tall. She
looked up at the full-sized Mindy and said, "Is this really you?"

"It's a copy of me. All the details are right."

Nancy shrugged and said, "Okay, here goes..."

The tiny Mindy screamed, "No! Don't eat me! Please!"

Nancy slid Mindy into her mouth, head first and began to gag, and
spit Mindy back out onto her hand.

"What's wrong?" said Katie.

"I can't swallow Mindy--even a 6-inch tall Mindy--whole. Can I
chew her?"

"Noooo!" the little Mindy screamed.

"However you want," said Katie. "But if you close your eyes and
start swallowing as soon as you put her in your mouth, she'll go right
down. And try a little dip with her, that'll help."

Again, Katie dipped the little Mindy in the dip and put her in her
mouth. Just her butt and legs were sticking out of Nancy's mouth,
kicking and flailing. Nancy felt herself start to gag, and she bit
down. Only Nancy could hear the gurgled scream come from within her
mouth as she chewed felt her mouth fill with blood. In a moment, she
swallowed Mindy's upper body and head.

Katie then sucked Mindy's butt and legs in and chewed and

Mindy laughed and quickly handed Nancy a tissue. "What?"

"You're dripping blood from your mouth."

Nancy quickly dabbed her mouth and chin, sopping up a tiny amount--or
was it a large amount--of Mindy's blood that was trickling out the
corners of her mouth.

"Well?" asked Katie, Mindy, and Dan who had formed a cluster around

"Interesting," said Nancy. "What was it like, Mindy?"

"I'm dead," laughed Mindy. "No way to tell you."

"No," smirked Nancy. "I mean, were you copied? What did it feel
like? And how was everybody miniaturized?"

"Well," said Mindy. "I just stepped into the copier, a light
flashed, then I stepped out and joined the party like nothing had
happened. A little later, Katie and Dan were serving miniature copies
of me, along with the others here."

Dan added, "The replicator I bought has a reduction/enlarge
feature. Uber fredashay, eh?"

"Care for another?" asked Katie.

"Sure!" said Nancy as she reached into the bowl and picked out a
miniature Ronnie.

Again, Nancy dipped Ronnie in the dip and slid him into her mouth
as he screamed, "God, No! Don't eat me!"

This time, Nancy slid him in and swallowed in one gulp. He went
right down.

"See?" said Katie. "It gets easier."

"Now it's your turn!" said Dan.

"My turn?" asked Nancy suspiciously.

"Yup! Follow me."

"I..." Nancy stammered.

"Don't be a fraidy cat!" said Katie. "It takes just a second..
You'll be back to the party in no time!"

"Okay," Nancy shrugged.

Dan called out, "Hey Cathy! You haven't been scanned yet either!
C'mon you chicken!"

Nancy and Cathy followed Dan downstairs to the game room in the
finished basement. In one corner stood a tall glass cylinder that
looked like a prop out of some science fiction B-movie.

Nancy trembled and said, "You got first Cathy."

"Sure," Cathy shrugged and stepped unto the cylinder. "Will it

"Nah," said Dan as he pressed a button on the machine. The glass
door slid closed, a light flashed, and then the door slid open.

"How was it?" Asked Nancy as Cathy stepped out.

"Nothing to it," said Cathy. "Just a flash of light."

"Look here," said Dan pointing to an LCD screen. A static image of
Cathy appeared on the screen, like in a 3D version of _Adobe PhotoShop.

Dan moved a trackball around and clicked on a few places until the
image of Cathy was naked. "I just deleted all synthetic elements from
the scan, to remove all her clothes."

Dan also said to Cathy, "I also ran a virsuscan on you. You'll be
pleased to know that you don't have cancer or any fatal diseases."

"Oh?" said Cathy. "That's good to know."

"Don't want to serve any tainted snacks," laughed Dan.

Dan then pulled a CD from a drive under the screen, and stepped over to
a similar, but smaller, machine sitting on a table. "That was the
scanner. I couldn't afford a full sized assembler, but this small one
does what we need."

Again an image of nude Cathy appeared on the screen. An alert text
box appeared on the screen read, "Unable to begin. Object exceeds
physical dimensions of assembler."

Dan clicked on some icons on the top of the screen. "There! I
reduced her to 10%." He clicked a few more times, and the machine
began to hum and buzz.

A few minutes later, the door clicked open. Inside was five
miniature naked copies of Cathy.

"Oh my!" gasped Cathy. "Can I see one!" before Dan could answer,
Cathy reached in and gently picked one up. "Wow!" perfect detail!
"Even my mangled tattoo is there on..."

Nancy laughed, "On where, Cathy?"

Dan interrupted. "Your turn, Nancy."

Nancy shrugged and said, "Okay." Then she stepped into the
scanner. She smiled at Dan and Cathy as Dan pressed the button and the
door slid closed around her.

A violet light flashed, then she felt disoriented for a moment.
The floor dropped away, then she landed with a _THUD!_

She was about to bang on the glass when something felt decidedly
odd. She was naked. And she wasn't alone. It took a moment for her
eyes to focus, then she saw herself. There were four others of her
standing together in the copier, all naked.

"What the hell is going on?" they all said at once.

Before any of them could answer, the door slid open. A giant hand
reached in and scooped them up and placed them in a large smooth
stadium--no a plastic bowl. Nancy stared at the four copies of herself
and the five of Cathy who stood together in the bowl.

Looking up, a giant version of herself and of Dan were looking down
into the bowl.

Nancy watched as the giant version of herself reached in a picked
up one of the other copies of herself. "Wow! It really looks like
me!" boomed the voice of the giant Nancy.

Nancy put her smaller self back in the bowl and Dan carried them back
upstairs where the party was in progress.

They all slipped and fell as their bowl was poured into another
bowl containing all the other shrunken people. Nancy looked up into
the room full of people--friends that she knew.

The others in the bowl, Ted and Carol and Mindy came over to the
newcomers. "They don't know what they've done!" said Ronnie.

All the Cathys rushed into Ronnie's arms.

"They're going to eat us and kill us!" cried the remaining Mindy.

"We have to escape," said Ted, "We have to talk to Dan and tell
him to stop eating us like snacks."

At that moment, someone reached into the bowl and lifted someone
out. A moment later, Nancy saw her-giant-self reach in and pluck Ted
out and swallow him.

"Nooooo!" Nancy screamed with some of the others.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" they all started to scream from within the bowl.
But their voices, it seemed, were too tiny to be heard by the full-
sized people in the room.

Nancy and some of the other Nancys and the Cathys tried to scale
the walls of the bowl, but the slick plastic was too slippery. As she
slid back down, a hand reached in and grabbed her.

She froze in panic as a man's fingers squeezed her body a little
too tightly. She was brought up to his face--Ronnie's face. "No!" she
cried when he spread her legs with his tick fingers.

"You creep!" she yelled as he fingered her pussy with his fingers
as thick as tree trunks.

She struggled as he opened his mouth and he slid her in between his
open lips. Closing his mouth around her torso plunged her into

"Don't eat me, Ronnie !" she screamed. "It's me! Nancy! Ronnie,
don't eat me! Please!"

Nancy couldn't breathe. She was drenched in his saliva inside his
mouth as his tongue swirled around her torso, twisting her this way and
that. The darkness inside his mouth was absolute, and the odor of his
breath made her feel ill.

The warm wetness that engulfed her upper torso contrasted with the
cold crisp air of her butt sticking out of his mouth as she flailed her
legs wildly, trying to kick his chin or nose.

Suddenly, she felt herself being sucked in. Her butt, then her
legs, and finally her feet slid past his wet rubbery lips and she slid
down his throat.

By then, she was feeling light-headed from lack of air and from
being crushed by his throat muscles as she was propelled down, down,
down into his stomach.

Without warning, she was plunged into an ocean of vomit. The
undiluted stomach acid set her eyes and pussy aflame. Kicking and
flailing wildly, her lungs forced her to take a breath, only to inhale
his stomach vomit setting her lungs and throat on fire.

The pain! The intense pain seemed to last an eternity, until she
finally began to feel numb all over. She began to float as the pain
eased and her senses shut down.

* END *

Hungry Guy

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