{RAE} BLOWJOB MANIA {Hungry Guy} (M/F+ Mpov Mdom Fsub oral ws mc caution)

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Hungry Guy

May 13, 2006, 12:27:07 AM5/13/06
{RAE} BLOWJOB MANIA {Hungry Guy} (M/F+ Mpov Mdom Fsub oral ws mc
BY: Hungry Guy (hun...@stoolmail.zzn.com)

Foreword: The story that follows this introduction contains written
words that came out of someone's imagination (nothing more and nothing
less) for the purpose of entertainment and social commentary. Indeed,
it is a sad commentary that an introduction like this is needed to
defend such a basic, essential, and precious human right as freedom of
speech. This right is affirmed in the First Amendment of the United
States Constitution, which reads, "Congress shall make no law
respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free
exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press;
or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the
Government for a redress of grievances." The words "no law" and "or
abridging the freedom of speech" are perfectly clear and leave no room
for interpretation. The First Amendment protects every kind of speech,
and makes no exceptions whatsoever for offensive, erotic, prurient,
obscene, or other forms of speech. I stand in good company in defense
of free speech:

- "Our liberty depends on freedom of the press, and that cannot be
limited without being lost."--Thomas Jefferson

- "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."--Benjamin Franklin

- "A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring
one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their
own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the
mouths of labor the bread it has earned, this is the sum of good
government."--Thomas Jefferson

- "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your
right to say it."--The Friends Of Voltaire, 1906

- "There is no such thing as a moral or immoral book. Books are well
written, or badly written. That is all."--Oscar Wilde

- "The Greatest evils inflicted by man over the face of the Earth are
wrought not by the self-seekers, the pleasure lovers, or the merely
amoral, but by the fervent devotees of ethical principles."--Robert M.

- "Laws that prevent the choosing of sin also prevent the choosing of
virtue."--Daniel B. Klein

- "Liberty is the only thing you can't have unless you give it to
others."--William Allan White

- "The sole end for which mankind are warranted, individually or
collectively, in interfering with the liberty of action of any of their
number, is self protection."--John Stuart Mill

Furthermore, every US President, Attorney General, FBI Director, and
other government employees whose job is to enforce the law is sworn to
an oath to defend the Constitution. Therefore, any government
representative or employee who enacts laws or imposes punishments upon
people for their speech is violating their solemn oath of office. For

- "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the
office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my
ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United
States."--George W. Bush, Jr., President of the United States

- "I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States
against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith
and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without
any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and
faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to
enter. So help me God."--Robert Mueller, Director of the FBI

Lastly, the purpose of the jury trial system is not merely to judge
those accused of crimes, but also to judge the law itself. The jury
trial system exists to empower the people to enforce the Constitution
upon the government, in the same way that the jury trial system exists
to empower the government to enforce the law upon the people. Again, I
stand in good company in my awareness of the true function of the jury
trial process:

- "The jury has a right to judge both the law as well as the facts in
controversy."--John Jay, 1789, first Chief Justice of the US Supreme

- "If a juror feels that the statute involved in any criminal case
being tried is unfair, or that it infringes upon the defendant's
natural, inalienable, or Constitutional rights, then it is his duty to
affirm that the offending statute is really no law at all and that the
violation of it is no crime at all--for no one is bound to obey an
unjust law...the law itself is on trial, quite as much as the cause
which is to be decided."--Harlan F. Stone, former Chief Justice of the
US Supreme Court.

- "I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by
man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its
constitution."--Thomas Jefferson.

- "It is not only the juror's right, but his duty, in that case, to
find the verdict according to his own best understanding, judgment, and
conscience, though in direct opposition to the direction of the
court."--John Adams, 1771.

For more information of freedom of speech, see:

American Civil Liberties Union--http://www.aclu.org/
CATO Institute--http://www.cato.org/
Electronic Frontier Foundation--http://www.eff.org/
Fully Informed Juries Association--http://www.fija.org/
Institute for Justice--http://www.ij.org/
The Independent Institute--http://www.independent.org/

Now, on to the story...


Eddie didn't usually pay much attention to the supermarket
tabloids; you know--the ones that claim that Elvis is still alive and
living on Mars with a family of space aliens. Yet today's headline was
enough to catch the eye of any red-blooded American male: countless
women throughout the city of Atlanta were stopping men on the street
and offering to give them blowjobs right then and there.

A few days later, the local newspaper reported the same thing. For
one week in September, women throughout Atlanta had been offering
blowjobs to men on the street. The article dismissed it as some sort
of college prank during rush week at Georgia Tech. Yet one fact that
the article glossed over was that it was being done by women from all
walks of life, not just college coeds.

The thrill died down for a while, then the same thing started
happening again a few months later in cities throughout the USA:
Cambridge, MA; Ithaca, NY; Pasadena, CA; Princeton, NJ; and
Rennsselear, NY.

As time went on, the activity seemed to be becoming a national
craze. Arrests for public indecency flooded the courts. But, if
anything, the behavior was spreading.

It was a typical Wednesday afternoon searching for a programming
bug in a C++ program with some co-workers at his terminal in one of
hundreds of identical cubicles in the offices of Lotsatech.

The phenomena hadn't reached the Chicago suburbs, and Eddie had
been thinking idly of taking a couple of days off some upcoming weekend
to take a brief vacation to one of those cities in New York, New Jersey
or California, just to see what the fuss was all about, you understand.

Cindy pointed at the glowing code on his terminal, "There! I see
it! You coded _for (i=0; i<10; i++);_ when you should have coded _for
(i=0; i<100; i++);_.

"Yeah! Carol added. That sure looks like that would cause our

"Okay!" Eddie said, and made the change, and typed _make_ for the
umpteenth time.

Eddie's stomach growled just then. Looking at his watch it was
about ten minutes to noon. Almost time for lunch, and get away from
C++ code for an hour.

Eddie glanced back at the computer screen as the compile finished.
"Ready to try again?" he said.

He turned to face the women who were giving him the strangest look.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Can I give you a blowjob, Eddie?" Carol asked in a hushed voice,
then looked nervously around.

Eddie gasped and sputtered. "What?"

"No!" Cindy said and looked around nervously too. "Let me give you
one, Eddie! Please!"

"Hey!" Carol said a little urgently. "I asked first!"

It was one thing to fantasize about going off in search of the
elusive blowjob. It was quite another to be offered blowjobs by two
female co-workers in your cubicle at work in the middle of the

"I, uhm, don't think so," he stammered. "I mean, it's not a good
idea. Not here at work."

"We can go into an empty conference room!" Carol urged. "Please!"

"Me too!" Cindy added with equal urgency. "Please, Eddie! I'd
really love to suck on your cock!"

Eddie got firm. "Some other time. You know the rules about sexual
harassment. I really don't want to get fired!"

The girls rushed out of Eddie's cube in a huff and disappeared in
the maze of cubicles.

Eddie headed down to the cafeteria for lunch. While waiting for
the elevator, it occurred to him that Cindy and Carol were probably
just teasing him. They'd surely heard the news. Shit, it was the
biggest new story since 9/11. They probably just wanted to get a laugh
at his reaction when he accepted their offers and they, then, said,
"Fuck off!"

The elevator stopped on the way down. A woman entered and stared
at him for a moment. "Hey! You want a blowjob?" she asked.

"What? Here? Now?"

"Yeah! Now! C'mon! My husband says I give real good head!"

"Your husband? I don't think so," Eddie stammered.

"But why not?" she persisted.

The elevator door opened at the mezzanine level, and Eddie rushed
out down the hall to the cafeteria. The sexual energy in the air was
unmistakable. Women everywhere were arguing with men in hushed
whispers. Eddie had no doubts about what the conversations were about.

The server women were at their stations serving lasagna and carving
cold cuts, so this _compulsion_ wasn't totally overpowering. Yet
pained looks in their eyes showed that they'd rather be doing something
other than serving lunch.

Bob picked a salad out of the cart and quickly paid the female
cashier, who was obviously struggling to maintain her composure, to
find a seat in the dining hall. The same sexual energy filled the air.
Then. Ohmygod! At a table against the far wall: a woman was under the
table with her head between some guy's legs with his trousers loosened.
And over in the corner, behind a partially open door: a woman was on
her knees with her head planted on some guy's crotch, with his slacks

Holy shit! It's really happening! Don't be a fool, man! Accept
some woman's offer before whatever's going on blows over!

He ate quickly and headed back to his cubicle. He considered how
he would handle the next offer. Perhaps he would suggest they find an
empty conference room, or go into that small one-only lavatory off by
the mailroom.

"Psst!" a woman's voice came from behind him. Turning, he faced a
somewhat older woman in a conservative gray skirt and blouse. "May I
suck on your cock?" she asked in a whisper.

Eddie recognized her. Holy shit! She was the division manager of
the Mid-Range Server Solutions Business Unit--something Jameson--his
boss's boss's boss. "Uh," he stammered. "Where?"

She looked around a moment and said. "My office. C'mon!"

Her office, he knew was in _executive country,_ that semi-private
corridor on the second floor that you get to by going through the
marble-tiled atrium overlooking the lobby. "Okay," he whispered back.

Eddie turned red when her private secretary gave them a knowing
glance as they passed through her outer office into her inner office.

Her business unit being one of the smaller, her office wasn't one
of the coveted corner offices, yet it was as spacious as his L-shaped
living room-dining room at home.

The moment she closed and locked her door, she dropped to her knees
and said, "C'mon! Drop 'em!" She glanced at her watch. "I have a
reorganization meeting in fifteen minutes!"

Eddie cautiously unbuckled his pants and slowly unzipped his
trousers. What if this was a huge joke, and he was about to show his
pecker to the big boss and get fired on the spot for sexual harassment?

He pushed his Jockeys down and let it flop out, semi-rigid.

Without hesitation, she leaned forward and engulfed it in one gulp.
Holy shit! Her continuous swallowing motion drew him to full erection
in a near instant. With her nose pressed tightly to his short hairs,
it wasn't long before he grabbed the back of her head and exploded deep
down her throat. She didn't miss a beat, either, and it ended all too

He felt his body twitch as he tried to squeeze the last few drops
out the tip of his cock into her throat. After a moment, she slid her
lips off his shaft and looked up. She stood, brushed off her business
suit, and said "Thank you!"

"Uh, thank you, too!" he said.

In a flurry of activity, she grabbed some papers off her desk, and
flew out the door, leaving him alone in her office. So that's that.
He zipped up his slacks and headed for the door, and bumped into the
secretary in the doorway.

"Sorry," he said as he tried to pass her.

"Wait!" she said. "Can I give you a blowjob, too?"

"Uhm," said Eddie.

She walked into the inner office and closed the door.

"Uhm," Eddie said again.

She reached for his belt. "C'mon! Linda won't be back for at
least an hour!"

"But I just, er, came a second ago. I don't know if I can come
again so soon."

"It won't hurt to try, will it?" she asked. "Please!"

Before he could answer, she was on her knees, unbuckling his belt
and pulling his trousers down. His cock was still moist with Linda's
saliva as her secretary now swallowed it, again, to his short hairs.

No prior girlfriend had ever deep-throated him, even when they
relented to give him a blowjob at all. Now, two women in a row sucked
the whole thing down in one quick gulp. Wow!

He was, indeed, drained. It took nearly twenty minutes of
continuous sucking before he even got hard again, and another twenty to
bring him to his second orgasm. Past girlfriends had complained of
fatigue after a mere minute or two. How was this possible?

Upon draining him thoroughly, she, too, stood and said, "Thank
you!" and returned to her desk in the outer office as if nothing had

He hurried out before any more women found him alone in that

He had to fervently decline blowjobs from two more women on the
elevator on his way back to his cube. When he got there, Joe was in
Diane's cubicle across the aisle, and she was on her knees giving him a
blowjob. What the hell is going on?

Upon sitting at his terminal, Human Resources had sent out a
broadcast e-mail saying that any employees engaging in lewd,
lascivious, or inappropriate conduct on company property will be
terminated immediately.

An hour later, a broadcast came over the PA system announcing an
early closing.

Eddie rushed out of the office, declining several more blowjobs
along the way, got to his car and headed home. It was hard to miss
seeing the occasional woman giving the occasional man a blowjob right
there on the sidewalk. His short commute brought him out of the
downtown area into the suburbs where, if random blowjobs were in
progress, they weren't as visible as in town.

At least his evening at home was normal. The news wasn't much
different from previous nights. Occurrences of public blowjobs were on
the rise in more and more places across the country, but nothing
specific to his town was mentioned.

He called the company hotline the following morning: Lotsatech was
closed again, so he rolled over and returned to sleep.

Of course, when he stepped outside in the afternoon to get his mail
from the cluster box, he waved to his new neighbor, Sally. She was
single, and really cute. He had hoped to get a chance to meet her.
But now, she hurried over to him. "Hi! Want a blowjob?"

"Uh," he said, then shrugged. "Sure, why not."

She dropped to her knees. "C'mon! Whip it out for me!"

"Not here!" Eddie gasped. "Can we go inside first?"

She looked around, as if she had accidentally neglected that
detail. "Oh! Sure."

With mail in hand, she followed him to his unit and they went
inside. He was getting used to the routine, so he dropped his trousers
standing in his living room, and she immediately dropped to her knees
and engulfed his rigid member. After 24 hours since his last orgasm,
he was primed again, and she didn't have to work much to get a belly
full of his jism.

When she had sucked the last possible drop from his gonads, she
stood and said, "Thanks!"

"Want to stay for lunch?" Eddie asked.

"Ah, I can't," she said. "My boyfriend's on his way over. Maybe
some other time."

"Oh, sure," he mumbled as she headed out his front door.

He ensconced himself inside for the rest of the day to ponder the
meaning of what's happening. What has gotten into women all of a
sudden? What a mystery!

The news, that night, reported that the blowjob phenomenon had
spread to points throughout Europe: Cambridge, England; Paris, even

Lotsatech reopened the following day. A subsequent broadcast e-
mail that morning rescinded their termination policy rather than fire
every last employee, but had asked that people engage in sexual
activity "discreetly" and not let it interfere in their work duties.

The following night after work, as usual, a woman approached him,
dropped to her knees, and said, "My throat needs your cock jammed down
it! C'mon! Give it to me!"

But he then realized that he had to take a piss. He should have
taken care of that before leaving. Now, signing back in after 5 PM,
just to use the men's room, would involve a huge rigmarole with
corporate security, signing in and getting approval and all that. So
he said, "Sorry, I gotta pass. I gotta take a leak first."

She smiled and said, "I don't mind. C'mon!"

"But it's a hassle to get back in to use the men's room, even if
you're willing to wait. Some other time, maybe."

"No, silly!" she said. "Take your leak in my throat, okay?"

Eddie was at a loss for words. That's disgusting! "I don't think

"Please!" she begged as she knelt there on the sidewalk in front of
him, right in front of the main entrance to Lotsatech. "Please!"

"Okay, okay," Eddie sighed. "But not here! C'mon!"

There was a wooded area in a park across the street and half a
block down, so Eddie and the woman went into the woods where they were
well secluded. Although it had become perfectly acceptable to give
blowjobs right on the street these days, Eddie still had a hang-up
about sex in public.

She dropped to her knees again and fully engulfed his member.
Having never peed in someone's throat before, it took Eddie a while to
relax his bladder to let his piss flow. She just knelt there,
patiently waiting for it to happen while her throat muscles massaged
his glans.

He felt his pee slowly flow down his haft and splash out the tip of
his cock. She tensed slightly at that moment, but held his cock in her
lip lock while his bladder slowly emptied into her throat.

She seemed to sense when he had finished peeing, for she then began
sucking. He was already on the verge of climax from having her tongue
and throat massage his cock that whole time, so he exploded almost

She waited until he was completely drained, then pulled away,
stood, and said, "Thank you!"

He replied, "You're welcome," and they both went their separate

Over the following weeks, law enforcement, as well, gave up
enforcing public indecency laws.

The phenomenon eventually spread to all inhabited areas. Reports
of people, mostly women, but some men also, fleeing to wilderness areas
where the compulsion didn't seem to be present were numerous, but those
people soon discovered that wilderness living was more like _Survivor_
than _Gilligan's Island._ even if you go with a Hummer stocked full of
food, clothing, and the latest survival gear

Eddie soon came to enjoy the Eddieefit of walking in the park, and
not having to use one of those hot and filthy public restrooms built
from gray concrete blocks. All he had to do when he had to relieve
himself in public was to pick out any woman passing by and saying,
"Excuse me, I need to pee."

Most women would understand his request without further comment.
Though once or twice, he had to explain, and then she would happily

Other bizarre behavior started occurring as well. Cruise ships at
sea were routinely being hijacked by groups of women refusing to let
the ships return to port. When the ships ran out of food, fuel, and
supplies, the hijackers relented and allowed themselves to return.
Upon being arrested when the ships docked, the women had no explanation
for their actions. Likewise, women passengers on board planes
frequently tried to hijack the planes, curiously, only involving
overseas flights while far from land. The hijackers didn't seem to
want to go anywhere in particular, just to keep the planes in flight
over international water for as long as possible. Only when the planes
became dangerously low on fuel did the hijackers relent and allow the
planes to land. It was not uncommon for planes to go down over sea
after running out of fuel. The government had to promptly reinstate
many of the provisions of the Patriot Act--only, instead of Muslims,
all females were prime suspects.

This behavior gradually became an accepted part of human nature
over the years that followed. One could hardly imagine a time when
women didn't routinely offer men blowjobs throughout the day. Many
large corporations set aside small conference rooms as "privacy rooms"
for their employees' lascivious activities during their breaks.

Eddie was never one to be sexually aggressive with women. But he
had grown comfortable, on the rare occasion that a woman didn't offer
him a blowjob during the day, to simply approach some attractive woman,
and ask her for one. And they were always delighted to be so
requested, even apologetic that no woman had offered him one yet in the


It was almost ten years later, when he had just arrived home after
work on a hot summer evening. There had been record highs every day
for the past week, often topping 115 degrees each and every day. The
sky looked angry, like it was going to burst any second.

Wendy, another young attractive neighbor, was just getting out of
her car as he was getting his mail. Eddie didn't know a woman to give
a bad blowjob, but Wendy's tiny throat always squeezed his cock so
tightly! "Hi Wendy!" said Eddie.

"Hi Eddie! Sure is hot! Want a blowjob?"

Eddie laughed. "I thought you'd never ask! Hurry in before the
sky opens up!"

The clouds ripped open no sooner than they got inside. She had his
cock down her little throat as the first clap of thunder shook the
house. The second thunderclap a moment later took the electric power
with it, plunging them into near darkness.

Immediately, she fell back coughing and sputtering, just before he
felt his orgasm come on.

"You okay, Wendy?" asked Eddie.

She looked around, nervous, and shaken. "Yeah, but..."

"You want to try again? I'm almost there! C'mon, Wendy!"

"I," she stammered. She put his cock back in her mouth, but only
the head up to the glans. She slowly sucked and drew his orgasm out
into her mouth, but Eddie sensed that something was wrong--that she
wasn't really into it.

She pulled her mouth off while his orgasm was winding down, before
he shot his last spurt. She ran into his kitchen and spit it out into
the sink--something he had never, ever, seen a woman do before.

"Is something wrong, Wendy?" Eddie asked again/

"I'm okay," she squeaked. "I'm sorry if I wasn't as good as I
usually am. I gotta go. We'll try again some other time, maybe.

Wendy rushed outside into the furious thunderstorm. With no power,
and no television or computer, Eddie lit a candle and ate a bowl of
cold cereal and a cup of hot cola from his closet rather than open his
fridge with the power out. He sat in the darkness watching the rain
and the lightning out of his living room window for the next hour or
so, then went to bed early as there was nothing else to do.

The storm was over by the next morning, but the power still wasn't
back on. He brushed his teeth with toothpaste and Pepsi, and combed
his matted, dry hair as best as he could.

Eddie didn't know whether Lotsatech would be open or closed due to
the blackout, and the phones were out. Still, he was looking forward
to a blowjob or two, so he decided to risk heading in; the worst thing
is that they'd be closed and he'd just head back home again having
gotten his rocks well off.

With the power out so long, the government must have declared a
national emergency. Police cars were screaming down the streets
everywhere. For a couple of blocks, he got stuck behind two black FBI
marked cars slowly escorting some kind of black FCC marked van with a
large spinning radar thingy on top of it. Whoa! What's up with that?
The power's out, and the FCC is hunting for illegal ham radios and
cable TV thieves?

Fortunately, Eddie got to work on time, and Lotsatech had their
emergency generator running when he got there. Everything was business
as usual. Almost. But the strangest mood was everywhere. Women
huddled together in groups. He could almost see daggers shoot out of
their eyes at him whenever he made eye contact with one. Their icy
stares clearly said, "Stay away from me if you value your life!"

Eddie made his way to his cubicle. Upon taking his seat, Pete
leaned over the cubicle wall. "Hey Eddie! What's going on with the
bitches? I asked one for a blowjob a few minutes ago, and she damn
near knocked my head off swinging her purse at me!"

"Ain't got a clue, Pete!" Eddie shrugged.

Eddie didn't know what to make of this development, so he just
stayed at his desk all day, grabbing junk and soda from the vending
machine in the break room.

By the end of the day, Eddie was as horny as a wild rabbit. He had
never had less than three blowjobs by the end of the day, and usually
more than that. His sexual angst was demanding release. He exited the
building and paused before heading to his car.

Aha! He spotted a lone woman walking out of the entrance. "Excuse
me! I bet you'd like to give me a blowjob!"

She just glared at him for a split second, and then hurried off
down the sidewalk toward one of the parking lots.

So he started walking down the sidewalk toward his car. He spotted
another woman scurrying to her car, her head down, avoiding eye contact
with anyone.

"Excuse me!" Eddie said. "Can I have a blowjob?"

She stopped and glared at him, giving him a look that could have
terrified the devil. At that, she yelled, "Here's your fucking
blowjob!" and instantly swung her purse, smacking him on the side of
the head, sending him sprawling on the concrete.

Eddie gasped, catching his breath, brushing the stones out of the
cuts in the palms of his hands.

"Oh dear!" a woman, a cute little redhead at that, came rushing
over to him. She knelt next to him, pulling a tissue out of her purse
and rubbing his bloody palms.

"Thanks," he mumbled.

"No problem," she said as she took his arm and helped him stand.

"Thanks again!" he said. "This was really kind of you."

She smiled and looked down. Eddie turned to walk away.

"Wait!" she said.

"Yes?" Eddie said.

"I'll, uhm, give you a blowjob."

"You will?" Eddie said.

"Yeah, I always loved sucking cock, even before it became a
national public pastime."

"Well, that's great!"

"But not here! In private, okay?"

"The woods?" Eddie suggested.

"I guess that's okay," she said. "I really don't like doing it in
public, but I've given more blowjobs that I can count over in those
trees, so I guess it's okay."

They headed over to the park down the block and she looked
sheepishly at him for a moment. "What's your name?" she asked.

"Huh?" No woman had ever cared about his name before. "Eddie.
What's yours?"

"I'm Lisa. Ready?"


Lisa knelt while Eddie dropped his trousers. He'd been hard all
day, eager for a blowjob. She plunged his cock down her throat in the
way that women had done for as long as he could remember. She didn't
have to work it to bring him to orgasm. And she sucked him dry,
waiting for him to squirt that last satisfying drop out before pulling
her mouth off.

"Wow, Lisa! That was really good! Thanks! "

"I'm glad you liked it. I had lots of practice."

"So, uhm, what now?"

"I don't know," she said. "What now?"

"Hungry? Care to get something to eat? If we can find someplace
that has power, that is."

"Sure. It's been about ten years since I've been on an actual,
uhm, date," she said and looked down.

"Where are you parked? Want to follow me? Or should I follow

"Let's just walk," she suggested.

"Okay," he agreed and they headed down the sidewalk past stores and
businesses closed because of the power outage. Police cars, and FBI
cars were still everywhere. One black government-type car screeched to
a stop on the street, and two men in FBI jackets got out and approached
Eddie and Lisa. "May I ask you some questions?"

"Sure," Eddie and Lisa said together.

"The questions are personal, and there'll be no action against
either of you no matter how you answer. And it's important that you
answer truthfully. It's a matter of national security. I hope you'll

"Of course," they both said.

"Did either of you engage in oral erotic activity in the past 8
hours, either together or with others?"

Lisa blushed and looked down.

"Please answer the question," one of the FBI agents said.

"Yes," Eddie said. "We did together. Just a little while ago.

"What was the exact location?"

"That little park down the street from Lotsatech, two blocks north
of here or so?"

"Do you recall the exact time it happened?"

"Not really," said Eddie. "Maybe about a half hour ago. A few
minutes past five when I got out of work."

To Lisa, he asked, "Do you feel a compulsion to engage in erotic
oral activity right now?"

"No. Not now," Lisa said, and giggled.

"Thank you," the FBI agent said. They both jumped back into their
car and spun around in the direction of Lotsatech in a cloud of burning

"What was that all about?" Lisa asked.

"How do I know?" Eddie laughed.

Eddie and Lisa walked a few more blocks and came to the college.
Police and FBI jackets were swarming like locusts through the campus
and had taped off the entire campus block. Students were milling about
on the sidewalk, in seeming stunned confusion.

"Hey, what's going on?" Eddie asked one of the college kids.

"Dunno! Cops raided all the dorms this morning. But won't tell us
shit." The kid turned to Lisa. "Hey! Will'ya give me a blowjob?"

Lisa snickered. "Sorry, I'm spoken for." Then she took Eddie's
hand in hers.

"Sorry," the kid shrugged. "But how come you girls stopped giving
blowjobs ever since the power went out?"

"I don't know," Lisa said with a giggle. She tugged on Eddie's
hand, and they continued down the sidewalk watching the police activity
within the campus. Every so often, they spotted cops and FBI jackets
carrying computer and other electronic gear out of dorms and other
buildings, and loading them into SWAT trucks.

Once they got past the college, they finally found a diner that had
its own power generator and was open for business.

Inside, most of the patrons were single people, or either groups of
men, or groups of women. Eddie and Lisa were the only mixed couple.

Having had only one blowjob that day, Eddie was still feeling
horny. "Say, how about we sneak into the lavatory for another blowjob
before our food comes?"

Lisa smiled oddly and whispered. "Actually, Eddie. I've given
dozens of blowjobs every day for years, but I can't remember what it's
like to have my pussy eaten. I think you guys owe us girls big time!"
Then she blew him a kiss.

"Okay, it's a date!" Eddie said. Eddie actually remembered loving
to eat pussy, but had never had to chance to do so since the blowjob
phenomenon started ten years ago.

Their dinner came, and they spent most of their time remembering
what life was like before the blowjob craze--what it was like to be in
a committed relationship and plan for the future.

They avoided the college on their way back to their cars. Eddie
wasn't sure what to say, so he said, "Will I see you again, Lisa?"

"What do you mean? You promised me a pussy-suck! Remember? The
question is: your place or mine?"

They agreed on her place, so she drove them there and jumped
straight into bed. Eddie was a little clumsy, indeed they both were.
But to use a cliche, sex is a lot like riding a bicycle, you never
really forget. After kissing for a while, Eddie crawled slowly down
her belly, licking all the way. When he got to her muff, he shoved his
face in and found her clit with his tongue. He sucked the little nub
into his mouth with his breath, and sucked on it like he was giving a
blowjob to a tiny pecker. Lisa exploded almost immediately, grabbing
his head and pulled it even tighter to her muff while squeezing his
head between her thighs. She wrapped her legs around the back of his
head and squeezed, pushing his face into her crotch all her might.
Eddie continued sucking, swallowing nearly a mouthful of pussy juice
before he was done.

Her body rocked with every suck of her pussy. What a joy is was to
be able to play a woman like that--to have her body under his total
control. What a rush!

Soon thereafter, he crawled up her body and lay upon her. "Shall I
fuck you now?"

"Gosh!" she said. "I used to be on the pill, but not any more. I
don't know," she whimpered.

"It's okay," Eddie said. "I understand."

"No Eddie, you don't. I want to fuck you so bad! It's driving me
crazy!" She paused a moment. "Do it, Eddie! Fuck me! Fuck me like
there's no tomorrow!"

He did. His member was so hard after eating her pussy that he
plunged his hips down and was inside her. A few motions later, he was
exploding inside her pussy.

Their passion continued through the night, and they finally fell
asleep in each other's arms. Then every light in her house came on at
around 3 AM, startling them both awake.

Eddie was relieved that the power had finally returned, but a
strange fear nagged at the back of his mind. "Lisa?" he said sleepily.
"Want to give me a blowjob?"

"What?" she also asked sleepily. "Now?"

"Yeah, now!"

"Oh, Eddie, I'm exhausted. Not now, okay?"

Eddie smiled as though he'd been given a second life. "That's
perfectly okay! Let's turn these lights off and go back to bed."

"Sure!" She paused for a moment. "Hey Eddie! Let's both call in
work tomorrow and stay home. If you suck my pussy like you did last
night, I'll be glad to give you that blowjob you want!"

"Sounds like a plan! And if you don't mind, Lisa, with this heat
wave, and not having had a shower in two days, I'd kill for a shower
now that the power's back."

"Me too!" Lisa said with a crooked grin.

The two new lovers showered together and repeated their lovemaking.
The following morning, while Lisa was making them breakfast, Eddie
turned on the TV.

"Lisa! Come here! Quick!"

Lisa ran into the room. Special news reports were on every
channel. College students were being rounded up by the hundreds around
the world.

Details were still sketchy, but ten years ago, engineering students
had invented a mind control device and had programmed it to cause women
to have an insatiable appetite to give blowjobs. These engineering
students had slowly and clandestinely shared their technology with
students across the US, and eventually around the world. The signals,
originating from thousands of college campuses, had quickly spread to
cover almost all populated land. Successive generations of students
kept the systems operating, often in ignorance, as their forbears hid
the equipment in racks in networking closets and server farms.

"Wow!" Eddie and Lisa said together as they watched the unfolding
news story through the day. But hungry for genuine romance, the two
agreed to move in together immediately.

In the days that followed, Eddie wondered what implications this
new technology will mean to society. The genie out of the bottle, as
they say. How will they keep government and companies from abusing it?

When 5 PM came upon Eddie a few weeks later, he was anxious to get
home to Lisa. While a part of him missed getting numerous blowjobs
from willing multiple women throughout the day, Lisa made up for it.
As he stood, pins and needles shot through his legs from sitting
continuously for 8 hours straight. His stomach growled, for he hadn't
had a bite to eat since taking his seat in his cubicle this morning at
9 AM. Indeed, he hadn't once left his chair the entire time, and his
bladder was near bursting. And there was _always_ a long wait to use
the restrooms at 5 PM any more. He wondered why it was never like that
before. Oh well.

As he stepped out onto the sidewalk to head for his car and home to
Lisa, the strangest impulse nagged him. He'd love to suck the pussies
of every woman in sight. The drive to offer to suck someone's pussy
was overpowering, yet he knew better than to just approach some strange
woman and say, "Would you like me to suck your pussy?"

He looked around thinking about taking a chance and asking some
woman who might be inclined to accept his offer. Maybe this woman who
was walking toward him. She was rather odd looking, wild eyed, and
wearing a large knapsack with all kinds of wires and antennas sticking
out of it. Doesn't that usually suggest a suicide bomber or something?
But something prevented him from running away from her as she neared

His dilemma was solved when she walked right up to him and said,
"Hi! Would you suck my pussy?"

"I'd love to?" Eddie dropped to his knees in front of her on the

"Not here!" she said. "Somewhere more private."

"There's a little park down the street from here, with lots of
trees for seclusion, where women used to like to give blowjobs? Is
that okay?"

"Sounds perfect! Let's go!" she said.

* END *

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