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Story: Birthday Sundae Treat (IR, Asian, M++/F, oral, true)

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Jul 3, 2006, 12:07:52 AM7/3/06
Birthday Sundae Treat (IR, Asian, M++/F, oral, true)

Copyright (c) 2006 by

On my birthday, when I turned 26, my husband had planned to turn me
into a Sundae for others to enjoy. We went to our favorite swing club.
This club met every month at a hotel for the entire weekend. Most
participants would book a room for a two night stay, and then join the
dance and visit the club booked suites for playing. Saturday, there
were also workshops, seminars and merchants.

So, Friday night, we let it be known that this thing was happening in
our personal room. Saturday evening, before the big event, we got
dressed in our sexy outfits, and got the room ready. He spread plastic
sheeting over the bedspread. The maid had already come in that morning
and tidied up. On the counter, he placed cans of whipped cream,
bottles of chocolate and caramel syrup and some strawberry spread and
some cherries.

We went downstairs, I was wearing a slinky black dress, heels, and
NOTHING else. We made our way around the dance floor. When I saw
somebody I liked, I went up to him and told him my husband would like
to have a word with him. I said this to the guys, as I pressed my body
up along theirs, and whispered it in their ears. When I pointed out my
husband and sent them that way, he would tell them about our plans,
tell them our room number and about what time we were planning to

Then we left the ballroom and went back to our room, with another
couple who were helping us out. We got upstairs and Dave undressed me,
while his wife, Lily, and my husband, Jared, fussed with the set-up.
They were trying to move the furniture so that the bed would be
centered, but they still had the head of it against a wall, or there
wouldn't be room to walk around. They moved all the other furniture
against a wall, so there was room to move around the other three sides
of the bed. Lily, the practical wench, also put two of our four
washcloths in an icebucket full of warm water and set it on the

Dave helped me to get comfortable on the bed - well, as comfortable as
plastic sheeting would allow. He helped me to lay sideways on the bed,
flat on my back, with my head dangling backward off the edge of the
bed. When I was all situated, with my knees bent, and my legs spread,
Dave climbed up on the bed too, and started eating me out. Just as I
started to moan and whimper, Jared opened the hotel room door, and
propped it open with a doorstop he'd brought with us for this purpose.
So, the first couples to show up, arrived to a scene where I was
already occupied.

Jared directed people to various spots around the bed, all within easy
reach of me. As the room filled up, he explained the proceedings. We
had provided various dessert toppings. People were allowed to dribble
them onto me whereever they wanted - nothing below the belly button,
though. The only rule was, whatever they put on me, they had to lick
off me. If they wanted to cooperate, they could. As long as
everything got licked back off me. Also, if anyone wanted to, they
could have me suck them off, which was why I was positioned the way I
was. And finally, as they could clearly see, I was also available for
any other "use." He also mentioned that climbing on the bed for better
access would be absolutely acceptable.

As Jared was talking, more people started showing up. This swing club
was a couple's only club, but I could see already there were more guys
than girls here, which suited me fine. I'm bi, but I really like the
men. But naturally, it was a woman who broke the ice. She came over
to me with the Hershey's syrup bottle, and looked down at me. She
said, "Happy Birthday!" and poured a small dribble around my left
nipple. Then she very carefully bent over and licked all around my
areola and then took my nipple into her mouth in a sharp suck. Then
she handed the bottle to her husband and directed him to do the same to
my right nipple. At the same time, Dave had lifted his face from my
pussy, and was now deeply finger fucking me.

Another couple came up and dribbled some strawberry topping on my
belly. They took turns lapping me up. I was watching the whole
process with avid interest, when I felt a tap on my forehead. I lay my
head down, and saw my very first naked cock of the evening. It had
some chocolate dribbled down the length of the shaft. I hurriedly
tried to lick it off before it spilled.

I took his shaft deep into my mouth, using one hand to steady it while
I sucked all the chocolate off him. I could see another cock bared and
hard next to him, so I grabbed it with my other hand and alternated
sucking off these two men. Now that my arms were raised and my head
bent back, I had no view of the rest of my body, and it was completely

I could feel any number of hands running across my body. Lips licked
and sucked at me in various places. Eventually, I felt Dave's fingers
leave me, and I heard him unzip his pants. I could hear him tear open
a condom wrapper and after a few moments, I felt him enter me. I felt
a hand on each ankle, holding me open and keeping my legs in the bent
position. I writhed uncontrollably on the bed, under the ministrations
of countless fingers, palms and lips, while I returned my concentration
to the two cocks I had in hand.

I started coming, and felt Dave come in me as well, then pull out. I
whimpered a bit around the cock I was sucking, when I felt it shoot
it's load into my mouth. I hurriedly swallowed all of it and turned my
attention to the other cock, which also shot into my mouth after a
moment. These two gentlemen were quickly replaced, and I started
sucking two very different cocks. Just then, I felt another cock enter
my cunt. It fascinated me that I had no idea who this was. I knew it
wasn't Jared, because I could see him at the foot of the bed, directing
traffic, and he was still fully dressed.

I could hear some snippets of conversation around me. I heard one man
say to his wife, "Do you want this for your birthday?" and I heard her
reply, "No way, I'm not that slutty." Oh, that made me come again.
Which triggered the guy in me to come too. The next thing I heard was,
"Can my husband not use a condom? I swear he's clean, but I want to
suck it out of her." I heard Jared say yes, and several men whistled
catcalls and made some obscene remarks at this. I felt the next cock
enter me, just as the first of these two cocks came in my mouth. I
swallowed it all down, and just then, the second cock came in my mouth
too. Two more guys step up to my mouth and I take them in hand too.

I was still going out of my mind with all the sensations of people who
were STILL licking me and sucking me and fondling my body - especially
my ultra-sensitive nipples. Just then, as I came again, I felt the guy
in my cunt come. I felt him empty his seed deep into me - and knew
that he wasn't wearing a condom. As he withdrew, I moaned around the
cock I had in my mouth, as I felt a tongue replace him in my cunt. I
heard feminine moans as she lapped the semen out of my wet pussy and
swallowed it. I heard her pleasure and felt more as my clit danced to
climax on the tip of her tongue. As she completely cleaned me out, I
suddenly felt her tongue forced into my cunt, and her nose onto my
clit, and knew that someone had just taken this woman from behind. Her
moans and soft, breathy grunts confirmed my suspicions. It wasn't long
before the man came in her, and let her up.

"Sweetie," I heard her say, "Can I please stay?" "Sure," came the
reply, an unfamiliar male voice. Then I heard her saying to Jared,
"Would it be ok, if I stayed and played maid?" He didn't reply, but I
assume he nodded, as I felt the next unclad cock enter my cunt.

The two cocks I'm sucking come in my mouth, one after another, and are
quickly replaced. The cock in my cunt shoots deep into me, and is
replaced by another cock. I am so horny now, I suck the two cocks in
my hands together. The guys are ok with this, as I'm fairly careful to
keep my fingers between them, but I want them to shoot into my mouth at
the same time. They do, just as the guy in my cunt is triggered to
come by another POWERFUL orgasm deep in my center. He is quickly
replaced by another cock. He barely fucks me a few strokes before he
comes. My "maid" interrupts the flow of cocks to clean me up again. I
can't believe what a cum-slut she is. I can feel her licking down to
my ass to catch every last drop of spilled cum.

When she finally lets another cock into me, I'm still coming from her
attentions, and it doesn't take long for him to come in me, once again
condomless. I hazard a glance around, and I see that there are a TON
of men in the room. There are still a few women, including Lily, who
is busy getting her own pussy and breasts rubbed by a gentleman leaning
back against him against the wall, but for the most part it's all men.
Most of them have their pants undone and are jacking themselves up, but
not off - and I realize they are all waiting for a turn at me.

This fact sets me off again! Between all the men coming in me, and all
the licking of my breasts and cunt, I'm quickly turning into a non-stop
coming machine. Suddenly, one of the two guys who I'm sucking now,
reaches down and pinches my right nipple - HARD. I gasp around a cock
and feel the guy in my cunt slam hard into me, grinding himself on my
clit as he comes. Then he withdraws, and another guy enters my
incredibly slick cunt, the other guy I'm sucking reaches down and
pinches my left nipple - and twists. I feel two mouths clamping one
over each nipple and soothing them with their warmth and then sucking
them upwards hard.

My moaning and whimpering and gagged squealing cause my hand-held cocks
to each shoot a load down my throat, which I again, swallow fully. My
cunt squeezes the man in there into coming, and my maid quickly gets to
work again. She starts to lick me professionally and thoroughly, but
then I feel her getting fucked again, and her nose grinds up against my
clit again. I hear her moan against my cunt lips, and the vibration
sets me off again.

My eyes flutter open to see Lily moving away from her playmate to come
to the nightstand and wring out a washcloth. She gently washes me all
over, from my face down to my breasts and belly, and then hands the
other wrung out washcloth to my as-yet-unknown maid, who washes down my
cunt and lips and between my thighs. I think that my torment/pleasure
session is over, when Jared looks down at me, and says, "No, darling,
we're just cleaning up for the next wave."

I look up, and see, sure enough that the flood of people are coming IN
the door, and not out. I've been resting, sort of, with various people
still fondling me, and petting me, when Lily suddenly announces, that
she would like to join my maid in cleaning me up - that is, if there is
any other kind of mess to clean up. As the party gets rolling again, I
am forced to suck in another cock, and feel one enter me, as well. I
know the one in my cunt is not wearing a condom, and the one in my
mouth quickly comes, as I suck him hard. He withdraws from me, and I
am fed another cock, while my nipples are being tormented, when I
suddenly feel hot semen land on my left breast. I gasp, sucking semen
down my throat as the man in my mouth comes too. I feel Lily's lips
and tongue encircle my nipple, then move down to lick up the semen
splattered on my skin.

As I work on the next cock in my mouth, I feel the cock in my cunt
stiffen and explode - filling me back up again. I love the position I
am in - for I am not hindered by a blindfold, but I cannot see what is
happening to most of my body. In fact, for the most part, all I see is
a forest of legs, as I am fed one cock after another. The forest
becomes more and less dense as the crowd of people shifts around me.
As the thicket of male legs around my head thickens, I feel more and
more hands fighting one another to pinch my nipples and massage my
breasts. I feel one load after another of cum land on my breasts and
my belly, quickly followed by two tongues licking them up.

I swallow load after load of come injected deep into my throat, and
feel load after load emptied into my spasming cunt - and every so
often, I feel my chamber-maid cleaning me out. I am fucked by her nose
and tongue time and time again, as impatient participants use her,
instead of me, to relieve themselves. Early on I had heard her
admonish her lovers to be sure to use a condom, as she had no one to
clean up after her! Lily, I knew, would not let anyone fuck her, until
she had gotten to know them better. So, I was the only one in this
room getting fucked by unprotected cocks. My maids were both doing so
well at keeping me clean, that I was only getting a little sticky.

Just as I thought this, the cock in my mouth, drew away from my seeking
tongue, and shot the first load of come onto my upturned face. I felt
come shoot into my mouth, and in my nose, across my eyes, and into my
hair, as well as onto my chin and neck. As I was gasping for breath,
another cock thrust deeply into my mouth, while another one replaced
the spent cock in my cunt. The roller coaster ride just kept
accelerating, and there was no room to catch one's breath! I fought
against the drying come on my eyes to open them, and saw that FINALLY,
the line of men that had been going out the door, had finally dwindled
to a handful. I started a mental tally - only seven more men I had to
service before I could go get showered. Only five more; three more.

I had long since lost count of the number of orgasms I had. I was
finally allowed to sit up, and rub my sore breasts, and Lily handed me
a clean, wrung out washcloth with which to wipe my face. Dave was
sitting in an armchair, with a stupid grin on his face, and Jared was
just shutting the door. I had no clue who my maid was, as she had
disappeared about three men ago, and I was sitting there dripping come
out of my pussy. I languorously wiped up there too. As I got up, to
run into the shower, Jared and Dave held me back. Dave said he hadn't
had a turn at my mouth, and Jared said that he didn't want anything
served on the menu tonight. So, tossing the plastic to a corner, I got
onto my hands and knees on the floor. I took Dave into my mouth, while
Jared took me gently in the ass. As full as my cunt had been tonight,
the pleasure/agony of having my ass fucked was more than I could stand.
I posed there between the two men, and let their rhythms fuck each
other through me. I came again, when Jared shot into me, and Dave fed
me one last course of hot come.

Lily had curled up on the armchair Dave had vacated and fallen asleep.
Dave took me into the shower and washed me off, while Jared went over
to Lily and woke her up, by eating her out. I could hear her moans,
even over the shower. As Dave soaped me up, he turned me around and
pressed me up agains the shower wall, and entered my cunt from behind.
His hands continued to soap my breasts and squeeze them, as he
whispered into my ear, "I've always wanted to fuck you without a
condom, and I don't think it's fair that they all got to, and I didn't,
do you?" I could only respond with, "Unn Nnn!" as he carried me over
the crest into yet another orgasm!

Finally, clean and dried, I fell asleep on the bed, while the others
chatted into the night....

I hope you enjoyed this story of one my exploits.
Comments are very, very welcome. You may email me at
I will try to post more stories as I write them.

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