{RAE} HUNGRY FOR FUSCHIA [4/?] {Hungry Guy, Lady Fuschia} (MF/F Mpov Mdom Fdom Fsub humil cons piv oral anal ws choke strangle reluc rom bi cheat creampie caution)

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Hungry Guy

Jun 20, 2008, 12:29:19 AM6/20/08
{RAE} HUNGRY FOR FUSCHIA [4/?] {Hungry Guy, Lady Fuschia} (MF/F Mpov
Mdom Fdom Fsub humil cons piv oral anal ws choke strangle reluc rom bi
cheat creampie caution)

COLLABORATION BY: Hungry Guy and Lady Fuschia


Guy slept late the next morning, as he always does on weekends.
Before rising, he felt horny, so he started pounding her mouth. His
cock grew hard almost instantly from being forced up and down Fuschia's
throat. His orgasm built quickly, and he was soon flooding her
esophagus with his hot seed as her body began bucking under him.

Thus satisfied, he climbed off her as she gasped for breath.

Without removing the ring from her mouth, he led her over to his
slave machine and shackled her into it once again. With her face
framed in what looked like a toilet bowl, he peed into her mouth whilst
standing above her. The ring in her mouth held her mouth conveniently
open for him.

Then he went downstairs to get some breakfast and play his new game
a little more.

By afternoon, he was hungry again, so he made himself some lunch,
then went back upstairs.

That night, he stood over her and gave her a drink then removed her
from the machine and brought her into the shower with him.

"Wash me," he commanded her.

"Yes sir," she answered, and dutifully washed his body, and
scrubbed his hair.

He then did the same for her, and instructed her to rinse her mouth
out thoroughly with mouthwash.

Thus cleansed, he brought he back into her bedroom whereupon he
strapped her down to his bed with her legs in a "V" against the
headboard and her arms up over her head shackled and tied to the
footboard with rope. But instead of mounting her, he squatted over her

"Fuschia," he said. "My bum is clean, but I want you to clean it
again for me."

"Master!" she squeaked.

He merely sat on her face. "Lick my bum hole clean, slave."

He sat there for a moment, waiting...waiting. Then he felt it. He
felt her first tentative lick. "Oh yes!" he said. "That's good! Keep
doing that!"

He sat on her face for nearly a minute while she licked his
asshole, even pushing her tongue up into it gently a few times.

When her face started to turn blue, he fell off her as she let out
a long gasp. After letting Fuschia catch her breath, he placed a fresh
clean ring into her mouth, climbed into bed, mounted her, and slid his
member into her mouth.

He rested his head on her muff and squirted a trickle of piss into
Fuschia's mouth when his mobile phone rang.

Without moving off Fuschia, he reached over to his bed table and
picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi Guy!" said a high-pitched voice on the other end.

"Hi Kathy!"

"How are you doing?"

"I'm doing just fine, Kathy! You?"

"I miss you, Guy!"

"Awww! It's been, what? A year since our little fling? I miss
you too, Kathy!"

"Really? Can I see you again?"

"I'd love to see you again, Kathy!" Guy said in a teary voice, then
added in a stern voice, "Aaron hasn't beaten you again, has he?"

"No, my marriage is getting better! Really! Everything's getting
better! Dr. Mangla helped me find a job at a hospital that's sending
me to school to get my RN."

"That's great, Kathy! So you're still screwing Pawan on the side,

"Yeah, but Annie's still first in his life, and Aaron's been in
Atlanta on railroad business for the past week. When he comes home
this weekend, the railroad is reassigning him to Virginia right after

"Why don't you go with him?"

"I can't uproot my kids, Guy! You should know that better than

"Yeah," said Guy with a sigh. "I know that..."

"Aaron knows that I can't be nailed down to one man--I told him
that when I married him--just like I told Paul, and just like I told
you when I answered your sex survey on your _Hungry Guy_ story site
back when Aaron and I were looking for swing partners to go with us to
_Eros Connection."_


"Guy! Listen to me! Can you come out to Berea for a few days?"

"What!" said Guy.

"Listen!" said Kathy. "Paul's been at a surgeon's convention all
week. He took Annie with him instead of me, and I'm so jealous!"

"Well..." Guy started to say.

"I'm so lonely and horny I can't stand it, Guy! Please come! I'll
pick you up at the Amtrak station in Cleveland after I drop Aaron off
at the airport, and we can a room at that hotel behind DD on the corner
of Bagley and Engel. Just like last year!"

"Well, Kathy, I just got back from Europe a couple of weeks ago,
and I don't have any vacation days left at work. Why don't you come
out to Rensselear on the Lakeshore Limited? I have a surprise I think
you'll like!"

"What surprise?"

"I can't tell you!" Guy giggled. "It's a surprise!"

"Well, okay. I'll come out for a day or two. I have to see you
again, Guy! I miss you so much!"

"I miss you, too, Kathy! But what about the little ones?"

"I'll see if my mom or my sister can watch the little ones. They
each owe Aaron about fifty bucks! And Dennis still has to finish
laying that floor for me upstairs. So maybe he can watch the kids at
the same time."

"Okay, then. I'll see you next week?"

"Yeah! You'll pick me up at the station?"

"I sure will, Kathy!"

"Or maybe I'll drive out in the minivan!"

"You still have that van?"

"Yeah! The kids love it! Thanks again for helping me buy it! You
were so good to me! I owe you so much, Guy!"

"I... Er..."

"Oh! I gotta go! My little guy wants me to read him a story about
animals. I love you, Guy!"

"I love you too, Kathy!"

When Guy hung up the phone, he realized that his cock had grown
hard down Fuschia's throat. Fuschia was struggling violently against
her bonds and bucking under him. He didn't even notice.

Thinking of that wonderful night in Ohio with Kathy, Guy began
pumping Fuschia's throat with such force that he came almost instantly.
Feeling his hot seed fill Kathy's pussy, or rather, Fuschia's throat
felt so satisfying just then.

Thus spent, he rested his head on Fuschia's crotch and drifted off
to sleep.


The next morning, Guy rolled off Fuschia and said, "You know, there
are still a couple of holes I haven't fucked yet."

"I can't imagine which ones," said Fuschia with a laugh.

He unbuckled the posture collar from around her neck so that he
could turn her head sideways. Then he straddled her head and pressed
the tip of his cock into her ear. His hand went to work and, after a
minute or so, he was flooding her ear canal with his hot seed.

After his last spurt, he slid off and asked, "That wasn't so bad,
was it?"

"What?" she said.

"Turn your head the other way so you can hear me. Your ear is full
of cum!"

"That felt strange, Master," said Fuschia.

"I'll do the other ear some other time," he said. Then, after
giving Fuschia a pee to drink, he brought Fuschia into his dungeon and
strung her up once again.

This time, he suspended a 4-pound weight from her pussy.

"Master!" she shrieked. "That's too heavy! I can't hold it!"

"You know what'll happen if you drop it," he said and left the

To Guy's surprise, Fuschia held the weight by her pussy muscles all
day. When he released her that night, he said, "That was excellent,
Fuschia! You're getting strong down there! I've got a really good
reward for you tonight!"

"Yes, Master?" she asked.

"Yes, indeed, lovely Fuschia!" Guy removed his slave from the
contraption and led her into his bedroom.

Shackling her to the bed, spread eagle, with her head resting on a
pillow at the head of the bed, he pulled the ropes taut until she

"Master!" she gasped as he sat on her chest with a rope in his
hands, and reached for her throat. Guy slid the rope around her neck
and tied it tightly so that it visibly squeezed her neck.

Fuschia stared at him for a silent moment with bulging eyes while
he crawled down her torso and settled his face between her legs at her

He slowly licked up the seam of her pussy, from just above her bum
hole to her clit. Of course, she was soaking wet, no doubt about it,
and he swallowed the copious amounts of female juice that filled his
mouth from that one lick.

He had to act quickly, as he had to do the previous time he had
done this to her, so he moved his lips to her clit straight away, and
began sucking. He drew her engorged nub into his mouth and sucked it
in and out, in and out, over and over again. After barely a moment,
she began quaking and bucking to his oral manipulations. Her utter
silence reminded him of the haste to which he needed to proceed.
Swallowing the last of her juices, he released his oral grasp of her
most intimate flesh, and quickly crawled up her body and untied the
rope from around her neck. Her face had already started to turn blue
as her breath exploded. The color quickly returned to her face as she
gasped for breath.

As she caught her breath, he pushed his hips down and entered her.
Fuschia's strengthened pussy muscles evoked a gasp from his lips as he
felt her tight grip on his member deep inside her. He wrapped his
fingers around her neck as he began pumping her. He pressed his thumbs
against her windpipe as he felt his orgasm building rapidly. At once,
he exploded into her while her mouth quivered in silence. Their mutual
gaze locked together as he grunted over and over again with every shot
of spunk into her pussy while she lay there breathless and helpless
under him. Her eyes had grown droopy and distant by the time he had
shot his load and regained conscious control of his body.

Guy untied her, save for a collar around her ankle chained to her
cage, and they snuggled off to sleep together, arms and legs entwined.


The next morning, guy simply told Fuschia to lie on her back with
her head hanging off the edge of the bed. He squatted over her face,
slid his cock into her mouth and relieved himself.

He then placed her in his slave machine, shackled securely with her
head inside the seat box, then took his shower and headed off to work.

His day was uneventful except for some developer's looping program
that buggered Intertest and crashed CICS a couple of times. But after
disabling the transaction in CEDA, Z/OS remained stable the rest of the

After leaving work, Guy got on I-90 and crossed the river to
Rensselear and parked at the Amtrak station. The Lakeshore Limited
from Cleveland was as abysmally late as usual, and it had arrived into
Rensselear at about 4:30.

Kathy ran into Guy's arms as he walked into the waiting area.
Their kiss lasted for five minutes while Guy ran his hands through her
short blonde hair and played with her ponytail. "I missed you, Kathy!"

"I missed you too, Guy! But we only have a couple of days to be
together again. Let's make the most of it!"

"Okay, let's go!" said Guy.

"And what's this surprise?" Kathy giggled.

"You'll see," said Guy,

During their drive across the Hudson and west on I-90, Kathy's cell
phone bleeped. "Kathy, you there?" a voice blared out with a slight
midwestern accent.

"Shhh," Kathy put her finger to her lips. "It's Aaron," she

"Kath, you there?" the voice became more insistent. "Kathryn!" he
yelled through the phone. Aaron soon gave up and the phone went

They arrived at Guy's house soon thereafter. Guy led Kathy
upstairs to his bedroom where she dropped her bag on his bed. "Looks
just like I remember it from two years ago!"

"Yeah, I never got around to changing the ugly wallpaper," said
Guy. "And now for the surprise,"


Guy led Kathy into his spare bedroom where Fuschia lay shackled,
strapped, and enclosed in Guy's slave machine.

Kathy let out a shriek. "Holy shit! Who's that?"

"That's my slave," said Guy. "I bought her at a slave auction in
London last month."

"Holy fuck! And she doesn't mind you bringing other girls home?"

"She's a slave. She doesn't have anything to say about what, or
who, I do! Say 'Hi!' to Fuschia, Kathy."

Kathy walked up to the toilet seat and looked down. "Hi Fuschia,"
said Kathy.

"Hello Kathy," said Fuschia.

Kathy looked back over at Guy. "Now what?" said Kathy.

"Actually, now, I have to take a pee," said Guy. He walked up to
the toilet, dropped his pants, and pissed directly onto Fuschia's face.
Fuschia scrunched her eyes and mouth closed while his pee dribbled down
her face, saturated her hair, ran through the drain, and dripped
noisily into the plastic pan underneath the toilet box that enclosed
Fuschia's head.

Guy zipped his pants back up, held out his palm toward Fuschia, and
said, "You probably need to go too, Kathy."

Kathy gasped, "I don't know about that, Guy."

"Why? That's what she's there for. You told me you were with a
woman once, and that you liked it."

"But that was years and years ago."

"Oh, go ahead! Try it!"

"But her face is dirty with your piss," said Kathy.

"Jeez!" said Guy. He walked into the bathroom, wetted a washcloth
with warm water and went over and wiped Fuschia's face clean.
"There!" said Guy.

Kathy stepped up to the seat and turned her back to Fuschia's face.
She pulled down her brown scrub pants and her pink thong. Fuschia
gasped for a split second before Kathy sat her naked ass on Fuschia's

"Now just make sure you're pointed into her mouth, and just pee."

"Can you leave the room, Guy?"

"Sure," said Guy with a laugh.

Guy waited outside the bedroom for a couple of minutes until Kathy
opened the door. From inside the toilet box, Fuschia was making the
strangest gagging sounds. Kathy said, "I had to pee pretty bad," and
gave Guy a quick kiss.

Guy grabbed Kathy and pressed his mouth to hers while pulling her
to the bed. He pulled the bedding back and pulled Kathy into the bed
with him into his arms.

Guy gently pressed Kathy onto her back and climbed upon her.

"Eat me first!" she whispered. "Get me wet!"

"You're not wet yet?"

"No, silly! That's your job!"

"Fuschia's always wet for me, but okay, I'll make you wet!"

"Aaron hardly ever gives me head. And Doctor Mangla never does.
He says oral sex is disgusting and unhealthy."

"Really? I thought Indians were into the Kama Sutra and all that."

Kathy just shrugged.

"Okay," said Guy. _"Hungry Guy_ to the rescue!" Guy crawled down
and slid his tongue into Kathy's crack and licked up and down before
finding the magic button and sucking it into his mouth. Before long,
he was playing Kathy like a trumpet.

After giving Kathy an orgasm, Guy crawled up and lay upon her.
Kissing her, he slid his hardened member into her and began pumping
her. Before long, he exploded inside her while she screamed out her
continuing orgasm.

Spent, Guy lay his head upon her shoulder. Kathy rubbed her cheek
against Guy's and whispered "Good night."

"You want to clean off, first?"

"Sure," said Kathy. "Go get a towel."

"I got something better than a towel!" said guy and pulled on
Kathy's hand while climbing out of bed.

Kathy giggled while Guy led her into the spare bedroom. To
Fuschia, he said, "You're now to be a human bidet." Then to Kathy he
said, "Make the slave lick you clean."

"Uhm, okay," said Kathy. Kathy walked over and sat on Fuschia's
face once again.

"Lick Kathy clean, Fuschia," said Guy.

At once, Kathy spasmed. "Oh my!" she said.

A moment later, Kathy was squirming and panting whilst sitting upon
the toilet. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she moaned.

Kathy then stood and fell into Guy's arms. "That was fantastic!"
she said.

"Well, a girl should know best how to give pleasure to a girl,"
said Guy. "Now it's my turn," he said and sat on Fuschia's face and
slid his softening member through her lips. "Lick my cock clean,

Guy breathed heavily for a few moments while Fuschia sucked the mix
of his cum and Kathy's secretions from his member.

Thus cleaned, he stood and took Kathy by the hand and then returned
to bed where they fell to sleep entangled in each other.


Kathy and Guy awoke late the next morning in each other arms.
Donning bathrobes, they went downstairs for a bite of brunch. After
their fill of cinnamon toast and bacon, the kissing began again.

"Shall we return to bed?" asked Kathy.

"Sounds like a plan!" said Guy.

As they reached the top of the stairs, Guy said, "Just a second, I
gotta take a pee," and entered the spare bedroom.

"I'll sit so as not to get her face dirty this time," said Guy.

Fuschia whimpered as Guy sat on her face and slid his soft member
into her mouth. Guy sighed slowly as he let his bladder drain into
Fuschia's throat.

Done, Guy pulled his member, which had grown hard, out of Fuschia's

Kathy licked her lips and walked over to Guy, "Let's not let that
boner go to waste, Guy!" and sat on his lap.

Still sitting on Fuschia's face, Guy leaned back, while Kathy
squirmed on his lap and slid his hard member into her.

Guy began thrusting his hips while Kathy rocked up and down and,
before, long, both their bodies were quaking in a mutual orgasm.

"Oh Kathy!"

"Oh Guy!"

"Oh Kathy!"

"Oh Guy!"

Their shared orgasm continued dangerously long for Fuschia. By the
time they had expended themselves, Fuschia was gasping for breath while
her face was a slimy mess of a mix of Guy's cum and Kathy's feminine

Hand in hand, Guy and Kathy returned to bed and spent the rest of
the day snuggling, petting, and kissing.

While taking a dinner break downstairs, Kathy said, "You know I
have to go home tomorrow."

"Why so soon?" asked Guy.

"I had to pay the older ones to watch the little ones. I can't
stay all week. I'm sorry, Guy."

"Yeah," sighed Guy. "Something always cuts our time together
short. Just like the old days."

"Please don't be mad at me, Guy."

"I'm not mad," he said. "Just disappointed. Like always."

Kathy smiled, "Let's bring Fuschia into bed with us tonight!

"Okay," said Guy. "She'll like that."

"Me too!" said Kathy softly.

A little later, Guy released Fuschia from the slave machine and the
three of them were squeezed into the shower stall. They each took
turns washing the other two until they were all squeaky-clean.

Guy shackled Fuschia down to the bed as usual, with her legs up in
a "V" against the headboard and her arms outstretched tied to the legs
of the bed.

"Okay, Kathy," said Guy, "Why don't you get on her?"

"On her?" asked Kathy. "How do you mean?"

"It's called a dogpile. Lie on her on your back with your butt
pressed against her chin. Then I'm going to fuck you."

Kathy did so and rested the back of her head on Fuschia's crotch
with her ass pressed up tightly against Fuschia's chin.

Guy then climbed into bed upon Kathy as Fuschia let out an "Oof!"
from the combined weight of Kathy and Ben upon her.

"This is weird!" said Kathy,

Guy kissed Kathy and said, "Need me to get you wet?"


Guy crawled down between Kathy's legs and met Fuschia's upside-down
gaze nestled between Kathy's thighs.

Guy kissed Fuschia and then began licking on Kathy's clit.

Guy got Kathy on the verge of her climax and then stopped.

"Hey!" shouted Kathy.

Guy just grinned and crawled up onto Kathy. Arching his hips down
into Kathy's crotch, he slid his cock into Fuschia's mouth and began to

He brought himself almost to orgasm in Fuschia's mouth, then slid
his rock-hard member into Kathy's waiting pussy.

With just a couple more thrusts, both Guy and Kathy exploded

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" they both screamed in unison.

Panting heavily, Guy let his, now, limp member, drop out of Kathy's
soaking pussy and slid it into Fuschia's mouth once again.

"Lick me clean, Fuschia," said Guy between kisses with Kathy.

A moment later, Guy and Kathy rolled off Fuschia, who let out an
explosive gasp of breath.

"What do you want Fuschia to do for us next, Kath?" asked Guy.

"That was excellent! I don't know what can top that."

"Sure you do!"

"Okay," Kathy Giggled. "Can Fuschia eat me?"

"Sure!" said Guy and unshackled Fuschia.

Kathy then lay on her back while Fuschia crawled down between
Kathy's legs and began sucking.

"What about you?" asked Kathy to Guy.

Guy leaned over Kathy's chest and began sucking on one of Kathy's

After mere moments, Kathy began bucking wildly. "Oh! Oh! Oh God!
Oh man! Shit! This is incredible! Oh God!"

Kathy's second orgasm continued on and on as Guy leaned farther to
suck her other nipple.

"Now it's my turn!" said Guy.

Fuschia leaned up and said, "Yes, Master?"

Kathy dropped her head back on the pillow with a satisfied

Guy picked up the fob on his bed table and pressed the button.
Fuschia let out a shriek. "You keep sucking, slave!" said Guy to

Fuschia immediately dropped her face back down into Kathy's crotch.

"What'd you do to her?" asked Kathy.

Guy laughed. "Just one of my toys for keeping slaves obedient."

"I'm glad I'm not one of your slaves!" said Kathy.

"Maybe not, but you owe me now!" said Guy and swung a leg over
Kathy's head.

"I guess you want a blowjob, huh?"

"Yup!" said guy and lowered his butt to Kathy's face and slid his
cock into her mouth.

Resting his weight on her head, his cock slid all the way into her
mouth and down her throat.

He felt Kathy's throat muscles massage his cockhead, and before
long he was shooting his load directly into her esophagus. "Ah! Ah!
Ah!" he moaned again and again.

Thus spent, he fell off Kathy, who let out an explosive breath, but
who was also quaking from her own orgasm through Fuschia's

"Okay! Okay! Enough! Enough!" Kathy panted and squeezed
Fuschia's face out of her crotch between her thighs.

Guy grabbed Fuschia's hand and pulled her back up next to him,
cradling himself between the warmth of Kathy's and Fuschia's bodies.

The three of them fell to sleep entangled in a spider web of arms
and legs.


The next morning, Kathy said to Fuschia, "Last night was

"I enjoyed it too!" said Fuschia.

"Would you like me to pay you back?"

"What do you mean?" asked Fuschia.

"I'll eat you if you'd like me to. Or at least I'll try."

"If master approves," said Fuschia.

"Go for it!" said Guy. "I'll watch!"

Kathy crawled down between Fuschia's legs, and then Fuschia
squirmed around and put them both into the 69 position.

Guy watched as the two women ate each other. Before long, they
were both moaning as their bodies writhed against each other's. They
kept it up for nearly a half-hour before they fell apart exhausted and

"Now your turn!" said Kathy to Guy.

"Huh?" said Guy.

"Double blowjob!" said Kathy to Fuschia.

"Sure!" said Fuschia, and a moment later the two women had pushed
Guy onto his back and they were both sucking on his member.

Guy was panting so heavy at the incredible sensation that he came
almost instantly, shooting his wad into both of their mouths together
pressed together in a girl-girl kiss over the head of his cock.

Two tongues massaging his cockhead and licking up his cum was the
most incredible feeling of a lifetime and he came again and again and

After great effort, his balls finally drained, and the two girls
crawled up and fell together in a three-way embrace for the rest of the

"Oh, look at the time!" said Kathy glancing up at the clock on the
bed table.

"You gotta go, Kath?"

"Yeah," said Kathy with a sob.

Kathy got up out of bed and rooted through her bag while Guy put
Fuschia into her cage.

"You keep her in a cage? Like an animal?" said Kathy a she pulled
on a pair of jeans.

"Yeah! Or my slave machine, or one of my other toys," said Guy.

A little later, Guy drove Kathy to the Amtrak station where, after
a long teary kiss, they announced the Lakeshore Limited to Cleveland
and points west.

"Goodbye Guy!"

"Bye Kathy!"

They kissed once again before she passed through the gate to the
escalator to the platform below.

Guy returned home and let Fuschia out of her cage and brought her
into bed with him.

"She was an ex-girlfriend, I take it," said Fuschia as they
snuggled together.

"Not really," answered Guy. "We had a brief fling for about a
month last year. At the time, she wanted to leave her husband. We'd
talked off and on about something more permanent, even made plans for
her to move in with me with her kids. And maybe even..."

"Even?" said Fuschia.

Guy sighed. "But then she fell in love with someone new all of a
sudden--a doctor at the nursing home she worked at--and that was the
end of all our plans."

"Awww," said Fuschia. "How heartless!"

"Yeah," shrugged Guy. "She has no sense of commitment, but she was
a good fuck! But you're a better fuck, Fuschia!"

"Thanks!" giggled Fuschia. "I think!"

"And she would have brought problems with her," said Guy. "One of
her kids is retarded and demands constant attention, and the two teens
have had run-ins with the police for shoplifting."

"That's not good," said Fuschia.

"Now that I'm over her and can think clearly about what I was
getting myself into," said Guy, "I probably escaped a life of hell with

"Probably," said Fuschia. She grinned wide and added, "You're
better off having purchased me."

"Yup!" said Guy. He then kissed Fuschia and, after a bit of
cuddling, they fell to sleep entangled together.


Over the following weeks, Guy continued to string Fuschia up to his
pussy weight trainer and gradually increased the weight that Fuschia
had to hold from her pussy.

On the day that she had successfully held a 31 pounds of weight
from her pussy all day long, he shackled her to his bed that night.

Mounting her, he faced her and said, "For completing the weight
training, you've earned a special treat tonight, Fuschia."

"What?" she asked.

Without answering, he began kissing her. He slowly crawled down
her body and suckled on her nipples; first one, then the other, then
back again. By the time he had alternated a few times, she was gasping
and moaning and pulling against her bound shackles as if on the verge
of an orgasm.

He then crawled down and sucked on her bellybutton for a while
before sliding his mouth into the seam between her legs. Of course,
she was wet already. He lapped up her pussy juices as he sucked her
clit into his mouth and just held it there for a while. Fuschia's body
quivered as he held her clit in his mouth for nearly a minute. When he
licked it gently, her body exploded. He continued to lick the little
nub gently, drawing wave after wave of ecstasy from Fuschia's body.

His cock was so hard in anticipation. He crawled back up her body
and rested himself upon her and entered her.

"Squeeze me," he said.

Then, _GAAAA!_ He had never felt anything so tight before. If he
weren't on the verge of an orgasm, it would be almost painful. He
didn't even have to thrust; she squeezed his cock so tightly that he
just exploded into her over and over again.

Even after his climax ended, Fuschia continued to grasp Guy's cock
in her iron pussy grip. They kissed a while before Guy rested his head
next to hers and drifted off to sleep.


The next morning, he put Fuschia in her cage while he got to work.
As Fuschia lay in her cage with trepidation, guy measured and cut the

"What are you building, Master?" she asked in a trembling voice.

"Something for you," he said with a grin. "Or for me. Depending
on how you look at it."

Fuschia stared at him, wide eyed, as he got to work it. The
project was fairly simple to build. When he finished it a few hours
later, he had built a wooden box 4 feet long, by 2 feet wide by 2 feet
tall. He cut the top sheet of plywood down the middle, lengthwise,
with a 6-inch hole in the middle. He cut and stapled an old blanket to
each of the pieces to make a padded surface on the top.

Inside, he placed a foam mattress pad on the bottom, cut to 4 by 8,
and then lined it with a plastic shower curtain.

"Come on out!" he finally said to Fuschia as he unlocked the cage.

She glanced rapidly back and forth between Guy and the new box
several times. "What is that?" she finally asked.

"You'll like it, sweet slave Fuschia!" he said. "But first, I want
you to vacuum up the dust and put my tools away while I go downstairs
for a bite."

After lunch, he returned to find the room neat and clean. "Good
girl!" he said and gave her a quick kiss.

He pushed the box against the window and bade for her to step
inside the open box and kneel in it. He then placed the two padded
pieces on the top, closing them around her neck, which passed through
the hole. When he latched the two pieces in place, it looked like her
disembodied head was sitting in the middle on top of a wooden table.

He had brought upstairs a pitcher of iced tea, a glass, and a
souvenir picture book that he had purchased during a trip to Ireland a
few years ago. He set the travel book on the table, pulled his jeans
and jockeys off, and climbed upon the box.

Crawling up to Fuschia's head, he slid his cock into her mouth and
then wrapped his legs around the back of her head and squeezed tightly.
Only the very top of her head was visible as part of his lap.

"Suck me off, Fuschia," he told her.

She actually didn't have much choice, for his member had grown hard
in anticipation, and she would need to suck him off--and quickly--in
order to breathe again.

The suction on his cock felt wonderful, while her sucking motion
massaged the shaft of his penis. He came quickly. Having his cock in
a woman's mouth always has that effect on him. Her throat muscles
massaged the head as he filled her throat with his ejaculate.

Finally satisfied, he picked up the thick, colorful book and began
flipping through it. Each section of the book described the sights to
see in each of the towns and cities of Ireland: the Guinness
Storehouse, Trinity College, and the Dublin Zoo in Dublin; The Blarney
Castle in Cork; the Lakes of Killarney; Mizen Head Signal Station, a
beautiful cliff-side resort at Ireland's southernmost point near
Goleen, and in the summertime you can sometimes see a diver or two in
the ocean; the Cliffs of Moher in Lahinch; Fota Island, and Cobh in
Cork; Gallagher's Pub in Donegal; the Cliffs of Bunglass in Donegal;
and Kilkenny Castle in Kilkenny. His favorite part, however, was the
section on the Mummers, dancers and performers in bright, colorful
costumes who reenact folk plays to celebrate the coming of spring.

The sights to see in Ireland kept Guy's attention throughout the
day. Guy hadn't had to dismount the box at all, for the tea kept the
thirst away while Fuschia's mouth was a ready receptacle when his body
was done with it.

He read well into the evening and finally put the book down to
watch some TV. His cock was still thoroughly engulfed by Fuschia's
throat as he flipped through the cable channels. He found his favorite
channel: the Classic TV channel. It showed classic black and white
shows from a bygone era: Dark Shadows, the Perils of Pauline, The Lone
Ranger, and many others.

He watched a few episodes of Leave It To Beaver until his eyes
demanded sleep. He opened the box, helped Fuschia out, for her legs
had gone all tingly in the hours of sitting motionless in Guy's head
box, and placed her in his slave machine before falling into bed for
the night.


Hungry Guy

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