{RAE} DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN {Hungry Guy} (MF/F F/MF Mpov Fdom Mdom Fsub Msub cons nc rom oral anal ws nc viol tort viol scat copr caution)

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Hungry Guy

Mar 24, 2006, 12:11:55 AM3/24/06
{RAE} DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN {Hungry Guy} (MF/F F/MF Mpov Fdom Mdom Fsub
Msub cons nc rom oral anal ws nc viol tort viol scat copr caution)
By Hungry Guy (hun...@stoolmail.zzn.com)

Foreword: This story was inspired by a true event that happened to me on my
way to work one day. The rest, after the first three paragraphs,
unfortunately, is pure fiction. In the true version, she just smiled at me
and walked away as I went into work; I never saw her again.

### PART 1 ###

My company had just relocated to brand new offices downtown in that
fancy mega-complex that took up four city blocks. I had just parked my car
on level B5 and rode the elevator up to the mezzanine level. So here I was
Monday morning, with a map of the complex in hand. A lot of companies'
hours are 8 to 5, but I was fortunate to work for a company that worked 9
to 5 and included our lunch hour for "free." At close to 9, the mezzanine
was relatively sparse with a few people shopping in the stores that lined
the mall-like indoor avenues. My footsteps echoed through the near-empty
cavernous corridor. Anyway, I was looking for the subterranean entrance to
the building called "Core 12." As luck would have it, it was way on the
other end of the complex. I'd have to figure out which street portal to
drive into to park in a closer section tomorrow.

With map in hand, I was walking briskly while staring intently at the
paper and glancing up occasionally at the signs hanging from the ceiling
pointing the way to the various buildings, restaurants, services, and
parking elevators. It was then that I felt a warm body walking right next
to me, her perfume a pleasant distraction. I had been dating Kathy for a
few months now, and we were slightly beyond the "just dating" phase. We
met at work, she worked for a different group a couple of cubicles away in
the next aisle. In the new location, she's going to be on a different
floor than me. Bummer.

I put my arm around her without thinking about it, and she did the same
a moment later, and we continued walking while I continued staring at the
map and hurrying us along. I hadn't had a girlfriend in over a year, and
it felt good to walk together, our bodies swaying together as we walked
arm-in-arm to our destination. It took nearly ten minutes for us to
traverse the main avenue, and turn down a side avenue to reach the glass
doors that led past a guard desk to a small interior elevator lobby.

"Tim!" I heard from some distance behind me. It was Kathy's voice.

I looked at the girl in whose arms I had been in for the past ten
minutes. "Who are you?"

Before she could answer, Kathy screamed, "You cheating bastard!"

"Wait Kathy!" I said. "It's a misunderstanding. She started just
walking next to me and I assumed she was you, without paying attention to
her." Looking at the girl, I said, "Right? I guess I looked like your
boyfriend from the back, and you didn't pay much attention either?"

"Uhm..." she stammered. She did look a little like Kathy; the same
color and style of hair, the same height and build.

Kathy walked up to us. "You expect me to believe that?"

"Yeah! I expect you to believe that! I wouldn't cheat on you. It was
an innocent misunderstanding." To the other girl, I said, "Tell her..."

Kathy continued, "My last boyfriend cheated on me, and I trusted him,
even after I caught him and he explained it away. I'm not making that
mistake again, buster! It's over! Kaput!" She stormed onward and jumped
into an elevator.

I yelled at the closing elevator door, "If that's how much you trust
people, I'm glad I found out now before we went any further!"

I wanted to cry. I'm kind of shy and I don't connect with women so
easily. Will it be another year before I find another girlfriend? I
exited the glass doors and walked a distance and sat on a bench opposite
the credit union to collect my thoughts. I was in no mood to go to work
now. Fortunately, this was also one of those companies that let you
accumulate vacation days, and I had saved up, like, a gazillion vacation
days over the years. I dialed my boss on my cell phone and said I needed
to take a personal day for something that came up at home.

He's a nice boss, and said, "No problem, enjoy your day off."

That other girl had come over and sat next to me while I was on the
phone. "I'm sorry," she said when I hung up.

"That's okay," I said. "It's not your fault. You better get away from
me before your boyfriend or husband sees us and thinks you're cheating on

"I don't have a boyfriend or husband."

"No?" Something didn't quite make sense about that, but I wasn't sure

She said, "I thought you were cute--all lost and flustered and looking
at your map and mumbling to yourself." She giggled. "I don't know why I
started walking next to you so close like that, but I just did."

"And you let me put my arm around you?"

"I almost ran away when you did that; like, what a creep! But I
realized you must have thought I was someone else. I broke up with my last
boyfriend over a year ago and it felt so good. I don't meet guys easy.
I'm sorry about your girlfriend."

"Yeah, I understand. But I guess I'm glad I found out what she was
like now. So maybe you did me a favor." I smiled back at her and
continued, "So I guess it'll be a while before I meet a new girl now."

"Uhm!" she said somewhat oddly.

"What?" I said.

She smiled, slid closer, and put her arm around me again. "You just
_DID_ meet a new girl. My name's Lia. And I trust guys, especially nice,
shy guys..."

"I see. Well, I guess we both work for the same company. I'm Tim.
Maybe we can meet for lunch or something later this week?"

She reached into her purse and called in to take a personal day too.

"So, what do you want to do on your day off?" she asked.

"I don't know, whatever you want to do," I said.

She reached for that brochure in my hand with the infamous map on it,
and we looked at it together. The complex had a small performing arts
arena in the center with called _The Dish_ that scheduled local plays, high
school concerts, college graduations, and other acts throughout the day,
and a local museum on one corner, and there was a hi-rise office tower at
another corner with an observation deck and restaurant on top, and the
whole place was, like, a huge shopping mall with no shortage of restaurants
and stores. Then there was the _Coke Arena_ a few blocks closer to the
river that had big-name acts scheduled for most evenings. There was no
shortage of things to do.

"Okay, then, c'mon!" she said.

We walked off, arm in arm. It was like déją vu all over again.

### PART 2 ###

It was slightly after 3 PM. We had done the museum, had lunch at the
restaurant at the top of the observation tower, seen a local magic act in
_The Dish,_ and we had just bought tickets to see some alternative band in
the _Coke Arena_ for next Friday night; I'm not into music so much and
forgot who; maybe it was Evanescence, or Children of Bodom, or some such.
She had mentioned earlier that she was into Goth and something called "dee-
ess," but when I asked what that was, she instantly changed the subject.

Anyway, we huddled off by the side mezzanine away from the jostling
crowd. She put her arms around me and whispered, "I'm sorry again about
your girlfriend. You liked our day so far?"

"It was wonderful!" I said. "The best day off I ever had! And forget
Kathy, she's history!"

In an instant, she had leaned into me, and we were kissing. I didn't
get a kiss out of Kathy until about four weeks. Not only were we kissing,
but we were drinking from each other, right there in public. It was so
erotic! So wonderful!

After nearly a half-hour of sucking face, I guess it was getting time
to part ways; being Monday we both had work tomorrow. She stopped into the
ladies room, but came right back out saying that it was so crowded and had
a huge waiting line.

She grabbed my hand and led me through a door marked "Employees Only"
(fortunately, we _were_ employees and had our employee-ID badges with us to
prove it) and down a set of stairs to one of those one-only private
lavatories. Again, she stepped inside while I waited in the gray basement
corridor lined with pipes and maintenance equipment. She opened the door
slightly and waved me in.

"What?" I said, walking up to her.

Pointing to the toilet, she said, "The seat's filthy! I need a favor
from you!"

"What can I do about it?" I said with a bit of confusion in my voice.

She pointed to a bench set slightly off one wall. "You can be my
toilet. Lie on that bench for me."

I was really confused by what she meant by that, but I lay on the
bench, anyway. Before I could react, she reached under her skirt, pulled
her panties down, swung a leg over my head, and sat on my face. Holy shit!

She lifted up slightly and said, "Open your mouth for me, Tim!"

I couldn't believe a girl I basically just met wanted me to eat her in
a public restroom while she sat on my face. Then shit again! I felt a
stream of hot salty liquid shoot out of her twat into my mouth. What the
fuck? She was peeing in my mouth! Holy shit! Stop! Fuck!

I started flailing my arms to get her to stop, but she just grabbed my
wrists and continued peeing.

I heard her say, "C'mon honey; swallow, or you're going to have a

Fuck! She was quickly filling my mouth. My head was pinned under the
full weight of her body; I was immobile and helpless. I began to swallow.

After chugging down her bladder-full of piss, she stood off me and
said, "Thank you, sweetheart! You must understand that's one of the
courtesies I expect from my boyfriends."

Before I could answer, I rushed over to that filthy toilet and puked my
whole lunch up.

I backed up and flopped down on that bench. Lia sat next to me and
took my hand in hers. I almost yanked it away, punched the crazy bitch
with my fist, and left, but something prevented me; maybe because I was
still feeling queasy and could hardly move. "I'm sorry, Tim. I usually
break my boyfriends into my fetish more gently. But I just couldn't use
that filthy toilet, and I had to pee _so_ bad! And puking after I only
peed, I guess you're lucky I didn't have to take a shit."

I finally looked at her and said, "A shit? Look, Lia. I like you.
But that's disgusting! If that's what you expect me to do for you, then
this isn't going to work between us."

"Don't say that, Tim! Please! Give me a chance! Okay? We both just
paid fifty bucks each for those tickets for Friday night. You don't want
to just throw them away, do you?"

"I guess not," I said. "Okay, we're still on for Friday night."

"Thanks Tim! And at the risk of sounding like I'm all that," she
kissed me on the cheek, "I know a lot of guys would kill to hook up with a
girl like me. So, please, give me a chance!"

What could I say to that? I had to pee too, so she held my hand while
I stood and pissed into that toilet. Then we walked, hand in hand, out to
the public mezzanine once again.

We were waiting for an elevator to go down to the parking levels when I
heard a familiar voice. "Tim! Tim!" It was Kathy running up to us.

Lia and I glanced at each other, then at Kathy.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Tim, can we talk?" she said. Then to Lia she added, "Alone!"

Although I didn't think Lia and I had much of a future after next
Friday's date was over, I said, "Anything you can say to me, you can say to

Kathy said, "Okay. I got thinking after I got to work this morning. I
know what kind of guy you are. I know you told me the truth. I'm sorry I
didn't believe you. Forgive me?"

"Yeah," I said. "I told you the truth this morning. But, thanks to
you, I just met a wonderful new girl today!" Lia squeezed my hand.

Kathy continued, "I want you back, Tim! You've only known her for one
day; we'd been going together for almost six months. We've been fucking
sleeping together most weekends! C'mon, Tim, don't break up with me over a
silly spat over a misunderstanding."

Truth be told, I didn't want either one of them. "No Kathy. You
showed me your true colors this morning. I don't want you back!"

"Please, Tim!" Kathy looked to be close to tears.

Lia spoke up. "I have an idea!"

"What?" I said.

To Kathy, Lia said, "You can be our collared slave..."

What the fuck?

Lia continued, "...and be the sex toy to both of us. You'll get to _be
with_ Tim when he or I feel like using you."

Kathy just gave Lia a blank stare.

Lia continued again, "If you want to _be with_ Tim ever again, that's
how it has to be!"

Kathy looked like she was thinking for a few moments. I almost fainted
when she said, "Yes."

"You will?" I asked.

Kathy said, "Actually, I'd been looking for someone dominant. I'd been
a sub in a D/s relationship before, but he set me free. I'd been settling
for vanilla relationships ever since. I already know Tim. He's a decent
man. So I'm willing to give it a try."

"And you don't mind being with a woman, either?" Lia asked.

"I've never been with a woman before," Kathy said, "but I've got
nothing against seeing what it's like."

"Then it's settled," Lia said. "How soon can you move in with us?"


"Are you two living together already?" Kathy asked.

"We hadn't talked about it yet," Lia said to me as much as to Kathy,
"but it solves a couple of, _ahem,_ issues Tim and I have in getting our
relationship off the ground."

It dawned on me, just then, what Lia meant by that. Would Kathy agree
to do _that_ with Lia?

### PART 3 ###

The rest of the week was a whirlwind of planning and moving. It seems
that we bought as much fetish gear from _Home Depot_ as from that adult
store on the seedy side of town. I'd never moved in with a girl within a
week of meeting her, but it was the only way to meet both Lia's needs and
Kathy's needs. Kathy wouldn't move in with Lia without me being part of
the household, but Lia needed Kathy as her sub so that I didn't need to
serve toilet duty.

So, after the concert, Lia and I picked up Kathy at her place, and we
all begin life as a threesome: Lia and I being the dominant couple, and
Kathy as our slave.

I had asked Lia during that week, "You don't mind sharing me with

She answered, "You told me you don't like Kathy very much, right?"

"Yeah! That's right. After what she did, I don't think she's a very
nice person, and I really don't like her very much any more."

"That's perfect!" Lia said with a big smile. "As long as I'm the one
you love and that Kathy is nothing more than a slab of meat to be used by
us, I have no problem in you using her, fucking her, or whatever."

"Okay," I said with a grin of my own. This situation might actually
turn out to be a guy's dream come true. And as long as I don't have to
drink Lia's piss again, I could see myself falling in love with her.

Lia and I had seen each other every night that week, and we had already
slept together almost every night at her place. Now it was "official;" Lia
and I were living together. After the concert, Lia and I held a small
enslavement ceremony for Kathy. Taking a 6-foot length of steel chain that
we bought from _Home Depot,_ Lia and I draped one end of that chain around
Kathy's neck and, using a Lock-Jaw pliers, crimped an S-hook to it by the
end to itself snugly, but not too tight, around Kathy's neck; that's right:
no padlock, no bolt, but crimped an S-hook to it with a heavy Lock-Jaw
pliers. The only way it's coming off is with a blowtorch--and that would
most likely be detrimental to Kathy's state of being alive.

The other end of the chain, we padlocked to an eyebolt embedded into
the middle of the floor in the spare bedroom--now Kathy's cell. We put a
small plastic pail in the room for Kathy to use as her toilet. Kathy had
truly become our slave; she no longer had a job, all her possessions now
belonged to Lia and I. There was the issue of supporting her, feeding her,
and such. But Lia told me that a slave never wears clothing at home, so
clothing expenses would be negligible. And Lia said that the cost of
feeding her would also be negligible. I didn't quite see how we could
avoid feeding her, but I was willing to go along with Lia and see how this
played out.

Frankly, I was shocked that a woman--indeed, anyone--would willingly
let that be done to them by someone else.

We left Kathy like that all night while Lia and I fucked each other's
brains out all night long.

I woke next morning as Lia crawled out of my arms and left the room.
She returned a minute later. "Where'd you go, sweetheart?" I asked.

"I had to take a piss."

"Oh? I didn't hear the toilet flush."

She gave me the most evil grin and said, "C'mon! Fuck me again!"

I did.

We pulled our asses out of bed later that morning. Lia and I led Kathy
downstairs by her chain. Kathy's breath really and truly smelled just like
shit. Gross!

In just our bathrobes, Lia and I snuggled on the sofa together and
watched the news while our slave made breakfast for us. Slaves, of course,
never wear clothing while at home; that was one of Lia's rules. I liked
that rule, too.

"So, what do you want to name our slave?" Lia asked.

"Her name's Kathy," I said.

"That's so boring!" Lia scoffed. "She needs a slave name, like
'Fucktoy' or 'Cuntlips' or 'Pussymouth'."

Part of me was troubled by defiling another human being in such a way,
but another part of me was turned on by it. Without thinking, I said, "How
about 'Cuntmouth,' since we'll be using her mouth like it was a cunt?"

"Okay with me," Lia shrugged. "Cuntmouth, she is."

Cuntmouth brought our breakfasts to us on a bed-tray: a pile of fresh
pancakes smothered in maple syrup, toast, orange juice, and coffee. None
of it was for Cuntmouth.

After she set our breakfast in front of us, Lia informed her of her new
name, which she accepted with a nod to us and a "Yes, Mistress; yes

"Cuntmouth, get down on your hands and knees in front of us," Lia told
her. Lia and I set our feet on her naked back and used her body as a
footstool the rest of the morning while we watched TV and slowly ate our

I whispered to Lia, "Shouldn't we feed Cuntmouth?"

"We will," Lia said, "She'll get these pancakes when we're done with

Being my occasional dense self, I said, "But we ate all the pancakes.
There's none left."

"Sure there's plenty left. After we're finished digesting them, it's
Cuntmouth's turn."

"I see," I said, finally catching on. "But won't she eventually starve
to death if we don't feed her for real?"

"No," Lia answered. "Human waste contains about 25% undigested
nutrients. She might lose a little weight, not that she's overweight or
anything, but she'll get all the nourishment she needs from the two of us."

I wasn't sure I could do such a disgusting thing to Kathy, er,
Cuntmouth. But if Cuntmouth heard our conversation, which she had to have,
she didn't react at all.

Our first real day at home as a family continued like that. We watched
TV all day while Cuntmouth dutifully filled the role of footstool.

Around mid-evening, Lia was getting horny again; bless her heart! She
was toying with my hair with one hand, while her other hand was inching
down my chest toward my crotch. When her fingers finally made contact with
my eager cock, we slammed our mouths together. Lia motioned for me to
stand and then sit on Cuntmouth's back, straddling her between my legs.
Lia then sat on my lap facing me. After a little bit of squirming, I was
inside her.

With our lips glued together, Lia rode my cock up and down, up and
down, bringing me to orgasm while her nimble pussy muscles massaged my

I was almost on the verge of coming when our seat fell out from under
us and sent us tumbling onto the floor, my orgasm squirting cum into the
air and onto the carpet.

"You fucking bitch!" Lia screamed at Cuntmouth.

"I'm sorry, Mistress," Cuntmouth whimpered. "You were both so heavy on
my back, and my arms just gave out. Please! I'm sorry!"

"You're going to be sorry, your worthless fucking slab of meat!" Lia
was livid.

Lia and I led Cuntmouth back upstairs to her cell. Then Lia set up a
metal sawhorse with a wooden beam that we bought at _Home Depot._ We had
carved the entire top edge of the wood beam to a sharp edge with a _Dremel_
tool, and had Cuntmouth lay face down along the beam. We then shackled her
wrists and ankles to the legs of the sawhorse.

Before we finished putting little padlocks on all four shackles,
Cuntmouth whimpered, "This hurts! Please! Let me off. It hurts! It
hurts! It hurts!"

"Well..." I began to say. But Lia locked the last padlock and got out
a huge bullwhip and began whipping Cuntmouth across her back until her back
was a bloody mess. Then she led me by the hand out of her cell and into
our bedroom.

"Now where were we before we were interrupted?" she asked with a grin
as we climbed into bed.

For some deranged reason, knowing that Cuntmouth was in excruciating
pain while Lia and I enjoyed tender lovemaking made my orgasms so much more
powerful than ever before. I knew that Lia and I would have to find
continued excuses to punish Cuntmouth in the future.

During our lovemaking then, I asked Lia, "Would you let me fuck you in
the back door?"

"Say ass, Tim," said Lia.

"Ass Tim," I said.

Lia smacked me with a giggle and said, "No! I hate that. But that's
what we have a slave for. Fuck her in the ass if you want that. Then make
her lick your dick clean."

I had no real interest in fucking Kathy. Even though Lia didn't care,
I still felt like it was kind of cheating on Lia to fuck the slave. I just
thought it was nice to have a slave to wait on us and everything.

Anyway, in the afterglow an hour or so later, I asked Lia, "Are we
going to leave Cuntmouth like that all night long?"

"What do you care?" she asked.

"You're right, Lia. What do I care!" I kissed Lia and we drifted off
to sleep in each other's arms.

I got up during the night to use the toilet. Before returning to Lia,
I got a tube of _Savlon_ antiseptic cream out of the cabinet and went to
Cuntmouth. I rubbed a big glob all over her raw back and she gasped and
looked at me with pained eyes. "Shhh," I whispered.

I finished and tossed the tube amongst her blankets. "Thank you,
Master," she whispered.

"Just don't tell Lia, okay?" I whispered.

"I won't, but can you take me off of this thing? It hurts so bad!

Lia wouldn't be pleased if I did that. "No," I said, and returned to

Lia and I woke in the early morning to the sound of agonized screams
coming from Cuntmouth's cell. "Shit!" Lia gasped.

We walked across into Cuntmouth's cell. "What the fuck are you
screaming about, bitch?" Lia asked.

"The pain! The pain!" Cuntmouth moaned. "I can't take the pain!

"You woke Tim and me up out of a sound sleep, you inconsiderate
whore!" Lia screamed.

Lia left the cell and came back a moment later with a tub of K-Y Jelly
in her hand. "What're you doing with that, Lia?" I asked, wondering what
new punishment she had in mind for Cuntmouth.

Lia handed me the tube. "You wanted to fuck an ass. Go ahead!"

I squeezed some of the clear liquid onto my fingers and smeared it onto
my cock, and then onto Cuntmouth's sphincter.

"Please! No!" Cuntmouth gasped. "Not that! Not now! Please!"

I already had a huge boner. "Go ahead!" Lia urged.

I climbed upon Cuntmouth's back and pressed my cock into her ass crack
as Cuntmouth let out the strangest noise I'd heard in a long time.

I bore down a little, then a little more, and then my hard member slid
in. Oh man! The feeling was so tight! I began pumping my hips up and
down when Lia climbed up on me and sat on my butt, pushing my cock so deep
into Cuntmouth's asshole.

Lia bounced on me in a steady rhythm, and I didn't have to do any work.
I exploded into Cuntmouth's ass over and over again until I finally
collapsed onto her back. Then Lia collapsed onto my back and nibbled on my
ear. Life is good!

Lia and I finally slid off Cuntmouth, but she was strangely quiet.
"God! We didn't kill her, did we?" I asked.

Lia put her ear to Cuntmouth's back. "Naw, she's still breathing. Her
heart's still beating." Lia lifted her head up and thumbed her eyelid
open. "She just passed out."

"Oh," I said with a sigh of relief.

"Don't tell me you still care about her," Lia said.

"No! Of course not!" I said.

Lia dropped Cuntmouth's head. "I guess we have to wait for her to come
to before we can have breakfast now. Sucks! We'll have to punish her for

"Yes, we will," I agreed.

The following day, Lia released Cuntmouth so that she could clean and
vacuum the house while we watched TV. I gasped when I saw the deep red
slice that ran down from her collarbone to her crotch where the sharp wood
edge had been cutting into her for the past 24 hours. She was obviously
still in severe pain as she walked stiffly while setting up the vacuum

"She's turning out to be a good slave," I said.

"You have to know how to treat them," Lia said. "When someone wants to
be a slave, you can't treat the person like a regular lover that you just
do kinky sex with once in a while."

"I see," I said, though I didn't mention that Kathy being our slave was
originally Lia's idea.

"But Cuntmouth doesn't really know what it means to be a slave," said


"She probably thinks that if it doesn't work out, she can break up with

"Well," I said, "She can't, right? No way that chain's coming off her
neck without cutting her head off!" I laughed.

"That's true. The chain is too heavy to cut with a bolt cutter or hack
saw. She might be able to cut off the loose chain hanging from her neck
with a blowtorch, but the chain around her neck might as well be a
permanent part of her anatomy now. And that's part of the psychology of
enslaving her. She knows there's no going back. But it still takes time
to truly enslave someone. In time, she'll take it for granted that she's
our slave, and it's not her choice any more whether to be a slave or not.
We will truly own her, then."

"I like that," I said and kissed Lia while the vacuum cleaner hummed in
the next room.

"And there's still something else left to do," said Lia.


"You'll see. We'll have fun doing it to her, too!"

Later in the evening, I found out what "it" was. We strapped Cuntmouth
face down back onto the sawhorse, over her begging and pleading not to.

Lia produced several X-Acto knives in a plastic jar of rubbing alcohol,
and began the long tedious job of marking her upper arm. Cuntmouth
screeched and bucked while Lia painstakingly carved each block letter,
"Slave Cuntmouth: property of Lia and Tim." Lia offered to let me carve
some of the lettering, but I was getting queasy at all the blood. At
least, after each letter, I took the knife into the bathroom and rinsed it
off and returned it to the alcohol for Lia to use again."

As if Cuntmouth didn't scream and struggle when Lia carved her, she did
with extra ferocity when Lia wiped the lettering with a cloth soaked in the

But we weren't finished yet.

Lia brought out a high-power soldering iron that we had bought from
_Radio Shack._ I wondered what we bought that for. Lia told me to slowly
trace over the lettering with the hot iron. There won't be as much blood
doing that.

There wasn't much blood, but, man! Did the smell of burning flesh
_stink!_ Lia explained to me while I was doing this, that, unlike tattoos,
no medical procedure could remove our brand. From now on, her own body
would shout to the world that her name was "Cuntmouth" and that she
belonged to me and Lia as our slave.

A few days later, we then took Cuntmouth to a D/s tattoo artist and had
a tattoo placed on her other arm. Lia and I pretty much knew what we
wanted on Cuntmouth's arm. So when we looked through the tattoo guy's
catalog, we spotted it right away. It was a red heart with "Lia and Tim"
in blue lettering.

At that, Cuntmouth was pretty well established as our property.

### PART 4 ###

Lia and I were in our second month of living together. She and I had
just done the wild thing, and after going into Cuntmouth to have her pussy
licked clean, she had dozed off after a bit of snuggling. I was lying in
bed thinking about the whole situation. I was amazed that our bizarre
relationship was actually working out. Fucking Lia was always a strenuous
workout, and I had to take a shit.

Crawling out of bed, I made my way to Cuntmouth's room. She lay naked
on a pile of old blankets in the middle of the room with her wrists
shackled behind her back and her chain attached to the eyebolt in the floor
with only a couple of chain links between the bolt and her neck. She must
have fallen asleep immediately after licking Lia clean. I kicked her in
the shin, startling her awake and evoking a muffled screech from her.
"Wake up, bitch. I have to shit."

I returned to bed a few minutes later while she struggled to choke down
a particularly large lump.

I must have dozed off, for I was awakened by the sound of a chain
jingling with Lia and Cuntmouth in bed on either side of me. Lia and I
occasionally brought Cuntmouth into bed with us after having her thoroughly
wash and sanitize her mouth.

"Get on him," I heard Lia say to Cuntmouth. I wondered what Lia was up
to, while I pretended to still be asleep. Cuntmouth straddled my back and
sat on my shoulders.

An instant later, Lia wrapped a chain around my neck, and clamped it
snugly around my neck with her Lock-Jaw. "Lia!" I screamed. "What the
fuck are you doing?"

"I realized soon after we moved in together that I really don't like
sharing power, Dickface."


"That's your name now. You're now my slave, too. Get used to it."

I tried to get up, but Cuntmouth had me pinned under her ass, and I had
no leverage to move.

Lia got out of bed and yanked my chain. "Help me with him,
Cuntmouth," she said.

The two women grabbed the chain and pulled me by the neck into
Cuntmouth's room and padlocked the chain but just a couple of links to the

Lia said to Cuntmouth, "I feel like some girl-on-girl. C'mon
Cuntmouth." Then Lia took Cuntmouth's hand and headed back into the


### PART 5 ###

I had grown used to being Lia's slave. Like Cuntmouth, I had passed
out when they carved Lia's name as my owner in my arm, and then burned it
in with the soldering iron. My tattoo of two nude women French-kissing and
fondling each other's breasts had scarred over and the scabs were starting
to come loose.

I had given a lot of planning to how I might escape. But Lia was very
careful to keep my chain padlocked to some other chain or some other
eyebolt at every moment. I'm going to lose my job if I don't show up, or
at least call in with a plausible explanation of where I'd been for the
past couple of weeks. And what's going to happen when I stop paying my
bills? I'm screwed!

And I'd be stuck with this chain collar around my neck for the rest of
my life. Yes, I could cut the excess chain off with a blowtorch, but I
could think of no tool that could cut the heavy steel chain off from around
my neck without killing me.

But it was funny in a way--there was a strange sensation of complacency
in knowing that I had no stress or responsibilities of life any more. It
felt good in a way.

Still, my arms were killing me from having been Lia's footstool for
most of the morning while Cuntmouth vacuumed around us. Then Lia had
Cuntmouth join her sitting on my back. The two of them put a double-ended
dildo in their two cunts, and fucked each other cunt-to-cunt while riding
my back. When I collapsed, Lia put me on that sawhorse and whipped me on
the back with her bullwhip. I woke on the floor in the evening, chained to
that eyebolt. My back felt like it was on fire! A straight, thin, red
welt ran down the front of my body from my collarbone to my cock. The
slightest movement sent daggers through my whole body.

I heard a chain jingling. Cuntmouth had crawled over to me. "Cu..." I
started to say but the pain shut me up.

"Shhhh," she whispered. I felt her hands on my back rubbing something
cold and soothing on my back.

"What?" I gasped.

She whispered, "Shhh, I still have some of that _Savlon_ left that you
gave me. I kept it hidden in my blankets. But remember: we mustn't tell
Mistress Lia, okay?"

"I won't, C--Kathy. I guarantee it."

Kathy snuggled against my back after hiding her _Savlon_ again, and I
dozed off in her arms.

Lia came in some time later, waking us. "I have to shit. Which of you
is more hungry?"

I was starving. I bet Kathy was, too. Before, both Lia and I had been
feeding Kathy. Now, Lia, alone, fed Kathy and me, alternating between the
two of us with each shit.

"I'm starving, Mistress Lia! You have to give us real food." Cathy

"Me too, Mistress Lia! You can't feed the both of us by yourself.
Please!" I said.

"Okay!" Lia clapped her hands and smiled. "I know how to solve this!
I will feed Dickface. Dickface will feed Cuntmouth. Problem solved."

My eyes met Cathy's. I knew what Lia meant. From Cathy's stare, she
did too.

I didn't puke any more after Lia pissed or shit. But later, when I
shit, Kathy puked it up into the pail. As Kathy already knew from her own
shit, second-hand shit came out all yellow, and watery, and exceptionally

Kathy wiped her mouth off as best she could on one of the old blankets,
and crawled into my arms.

I slept so soundly, and woke in the morning still in Kathy's embrace.
My pain eased, and I rolled over to face Kathy.

Without a word, I kissed her, which she accepted. Her breath smelled
like shit, but so did mine, so what difference did it make? I felt my
erection grow as I crawled down her body and suckled on one of her nipples
while I stroked her muff, which she welcomed by spreading her legs.

"Fuck me, Tim," Kathy whispered. "I haven't been fucked by a man in
such a long time."

She rolled onto her back and I climbed on her and slid my cock into her
soaking pussy. She squeezed my cock so tightly with her pussy muscles. I
almost forgot that he had that wonderful talent. I could feel the pressure
swelling in my loins and I was on the verge of coming.

Then Mistress Lia walked in. "How sweet," she said. "Get off her,
Dickface. I feel like some cock."

Before I could react on my own, Lia yanked my chain and pulled me of
Kathy and led me into her bedroom. Lia fell back into bed and spread her
legs. "Eat me," she commanded.

I crawled between her legs and ate her to the best of my ability,
drawing her clit into my mouth and sucking on it like it was a lollipop.
"Ooooh! You're _so_ good at that, Dickface!"

I brought her to climax and played her like a trumpet with the tiny nub
that was her clit deep in my mouth. After I had satisfied her orally, she
said, "Now fuck me."

I climbed upon her and slid my hungry member into her moist pussy. I
was still on the verge of coming, and instantly flooded her with my hot

After my erection faded, she pushed me off her and let me back to my
cell with Kathy, where she reattached my chain to the eyebolt. She went
over to Kathy and squatted upon Kathy's face to have her pussy licked
clean, then returned to her bed.

I couldn't face Kathy after our lovemaking was interrupted so that I
could make love to Lia. I felt so terrible. I just crawled onto the floor
and cried.

I heard Kathy's chain jingle, and she cuddled behind me again. "Shhh.
It's okay Tim. I understand."

I rolled and faced Kathy and smiled at her. "Thanks, Kathy. You're a
good person."

"Can you get it up again? For me now?"

"I don't think so. Not right away. Maybe in an hour or so. Let's
hope she sleeps late today."

"Yes, let's. I still love you, Tim," Kathy whispered.

"I love you too, Kathy," I answered. It was like déją vu all over

* END *

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