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Jan 7, 2009, 1:04:39 AM1/7/09
I was just looking through the archives, and I found this posting from
just under five years ago. I've cut out the name of the poster
because, well, I don't want to poke fun at him.

But it's a great reminder of the fact that this seemed like a _normal_
view just a few years back. And how our absolute wildest expectations
weren't nearly wild enough...

> I see Who2005 as the final glorious end of Doctor Who - the tv series
> will not continue for decades, indeed we'll be very fortunate to get
> even two or three years of top entertainment to grace our telly screens
> (and later, our DVD shelves) before they simply don't make any more and
> the answer to the question 'will Who be back?' will be 'no.'

> The Who range will probably settle down into the Big Finish stories
> (until 2007 at least) and possibly a modified monthly BBC books range of
> NDAs alternating with PDAs, lasting as long as they're in profit.

> DWM will last as long as there is some kind of Who in print/production,
> but as far as the TV side of things is concerned, it'd be retired.

> Our waiting will be over, it'd be time to sit back and enjoy some peace
> and quiet.

> That's what I'd like to see

Well, wherever you are... I hope you're happy with what you got
instead. :-)

Jon Blum

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