Sue's 2021 F&W Trip - Day 2 of 9

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Nov 7, 2021, 6:45:23 PM11/7/21
DAY 2 – Sunday 11/7/21
Who: Sue (63), DVC Member
Pete & Judy (60’s), DVC friends
Bonnie (60’s), Judy’s friend since kindergarten

Plan: Food & Wine, Pool, Pete & Judy arrive

Actual: Last night I ate some of the cookie from Germany, and it was good but no match for Gideon’s. I turned just after 10, and could hear the end of the Harmonious fireworks but didn’t get up because I was sure I couldn’t see them from this room. Tonight the clocks turned back an hour so I was surprised that when I checked the clock to see what time it was, it was 4:40. That’s really 5:40, which is late for me. It was very comfortable sleeping, and except for a brief crying child somewhere it was very quiet.

I got up around 5, made my cappuccino and brought it back to bed. Today should be sunny and breezy, and still cooler than I’d like. Eventually I made an egg and slice of bacon for breakfast, then took my shower & got ready for the day.

A little after 9 I headed out for a walk around Crescent Lake. I took a couple photos of the gingerbread/chocolate carousel in the Beach Club lobby before heading outside. I made stops in Yacht Club, Dolphin and Swan expecting to see some holiday décor but there was absolutely nothing yet. That was a little disappointing, but I realize it’s only November 7th, lol. Over at Swan & Dolphin it seems not all of their morning food venues are open, and some that used to do lunch now only do breakfast and dinner. Perhaps their crowds aren’t quite back yet? Or maybe they can’t find people willing to work.

At Boardwalk I browsed through Screen Door but didn’t see anything I needed. I was a little grumpy/down at that point since SB had called right before I went inside and was ranting about a situation at work. He’s never rational when he gets like that, and I don’t need that B.S. when I’m here trying to enjoy myself. I just need to put it out of my mind, but it gets so tiresome. To his credit, he called later to apologize.

Several people had gotten breakfast from Boardwalk Bakery and were eating at windy metal tables & chairs along the water – brrrrr! The cooked sandwiches surely were cold before they’d be half eaten. Boardwalk Bakery doesn’t have any indoor seating, unfortunately. Coming up the bridge I checked the app one more time to see when Epcot would be opening. It had been 10 (9:30 for resort guests) but today only was 11 (10:30 for resort guests). Since it was just before 10 I walked back to the resort and went up to the studio.

At 10:30 I got up and walked back over to Epcot. I noticed a pack & play crib outside the 2 bedroom villa on the other side of my bed. That’s probably where the child I heard last night was from. Hope they had a nice trip, but happy to see them checked out <g>. At International Gateway once again it was backed up a little. Guests clog things up by slowing down at the metal detectors, despite cast members trying to wave them through as quickly as possible. The longer wait was at the stations to tap into the park. Then, partway up the hill cast members were scanning magic bands to ensure we were resort guests, and evidently mind didn’t come up. He let me through, when I said I’d just checked in yesterday. Not sure what’s going on with the magic bands – it lets me in the room so it should know I’m staying there.

It was just after 10:30 and most of the food booths would not be open (Spain was the earliest one I saw) but I decided this was the perfect opportunity for a nice uncrowded walk around World Showcase. It was lovely – good temps for walking, not many people, etc. When I came back around to the entrance to World Showcase it was about 5 minutes to 11 so I continued over to France.

I’d seen the beignet with 3 cheeses earlier and thought that sounded good. However, I didn’t pick up on the fact that beignet is a donut (sweet). I was thinking bread, even though I know what a beignet is. The line was long and slow moving, and then equally as long after paying to pick up your food. It was ridiculous! When I realized the beignet error I’d invested so much time I didn’t bail out (plus I’d paid already).

Finally, I took my 3-cheese donut and a tiny cup of the chardonnay over to a table. I loved the chardonnay at Chefs de France a couple weeks ago but this wasn’t the same one. I didn’t mind it was such a small pour because I really didn’t care for it. The beignet was different. It’s not something I’d get again, but at least I tried something new. I can’t believe I’ve had 2 disappointing meals in a row this trip!

After eating it was just after 11:30, and things were already getting busy. I turned back towards UK and headed into what I know as Future World. I browsed through the Creations Shop but didn’t find anything to buy. From there I went to the lobster booth and got a flute of the sparkling sauvignon blanc. That also had a significant wait even though the line was not long at all! Walking past Flavors from Fire afterwards I noticed they really didn’t have a line at all – go figure. I should have had lunch there!

I found a shady bench and checked stuff on my phone for a little while, then continued to Canada. It was a gorgeous day for touring the parks – not a cloud in the sky, and nice cool temperatures (but not cold). In Canada I went down to Appleseed Orchard and stood in line there. This has been a trend, and it’s early in the day! World showcase was extremely busy, though. I got the apple crumble tart, intending to take it to the resort for later, but I noticed it was warm!! Warm apple tart cannot be wasted, so I stopped outside to cut a bite – it was very good. I ended up taking another bite when I topped at a table to take a picture. The rest of it came back to the room and is in the fridge. It’s very good – a wise choice finally <g>.

I was back in the studio by 1, and found out Pete & Judy had arrived at Boardwalk. Their villa wasn’t ready, so they were grabbing lunch somewhere. Just before 1:30 I walked over to meet them at Boardwalk. They were sitting on a shady bench, freezing to death. There were tables in the sun across the way, but nobody was giving them up. Pete asked about SB and I let him know SB would be getting in a couple hours later than planned, due to not being able to get off work early Tuesday. I suggested seeing if we can get a reservation for Big River Grill for that night – it’ll be warm enough to eat outside on the boardwalk, and since Pete & Judy aren’t going into a park that day Food & Wine is off the table.

Big River isn’t a restaurant you can book on the Disney app – it tells you to call the restaurant directly to make a reservation. I decided to just walk over there and do it in person, and it was very easy. My requested 6pm wasn’t available for outside seating for a party of 5, but they had 5:25 and 6:15. I took the 6:15.

When I rejoined Pete & Judy I suggested moving to a sunny bench I’d passed, so we moved over there. It was a little warmer that way. Soon Bonnie arrived – it was great to see her again! She & Judy have been friends since kindergarten, and she’s a really nice person. It was frustrating that their villa wasn’t ready yet – they’d said 11:30 on their online check in, and actually arrived 45 minutes after that. Now it was at least 2 more hours past arrival time.

Bonnie was thinking they’d be having lunch, but Pete & Judy had gotten the sandwich before she got there. Since it was now 2pm or later, she decided to just grab a snack & wait for dinner. Pete suggested Leaping Horse Libations (pool bar) so we headed over there. The bar seating was in the shade, but there was a table with 4 chairs that was mostly in the sun. I pointed it out to Pete, and he agreed that would be better. I grabbed a napkin to wipe the crumbs away, and when our drinks were ready (soda for Bonnie, wine for Judy & me, pina colada for Pete) we sat around the table. Bonnie got a bag of chips for her “lunch”.

We enjoyed sitting there catching up and swapping stories, but still no notification about their room. When the sun shifted and we were in the shade, we moved to the table next to us which was now in the sun. Eventually we decided to go up to the lobby to check on the stupid villa. Pete had to stand in line to do that, while the rest of us sat by the nanny chairs. There’s no holiday décor here yet either. Pete came back saying they’d told him it would just be 30 minutes. Judy or Bonnie suggested we go to Publix now, so that’s what we did.

At Publix it was nice to be indoors without wearing a mask (it’s not required – some do, some don’t). We all got our groceries, and the 3 of them got subs for dinner at the deli. I knew I would prefer my crackers and cheese that was already in my studio. I did pick up a dozen eggs, stuff for SB, and another Crunchmasters crackers & wedge of bellivatano cheese for me. By the time we finished at Publix and got back to Boardwalk it was almost 5pm. With all the groceries Pete dropped us and the bags off up top then went down to park the car.

Judy went inside to find out what the HELL was up with the room, while Bonnie & I stood outside with all the groceries. When Judy finally got up to a cast member, she learned the villa was ready. Hmm, I wonder for how long. Pete arrived from the parking lot, so the 4 of us walked to their villa. I had my groceries with me, because I didn’t want to wait around for bell services who would be bringing all their luggage and groceries when they got around to it.

Pete always requests one of the turret rooms. There’s one on each floor, and they’re way down the hall. They have a completely different layout and feel more spacious, due to the shape of this part of the building. They’re nice, but you have to not mind the distance. Hopefully my villa will be closer to the elevators than this one!

I stashed my non-perishable stuff behind the living room chair so it was out of sight and not in the way. My perishables I put in one of the refrigerator drawers, and told Bonnie if it was in their way to just move stuff around. I decided to head back to my resort – I knew they were tired and still had to wait to get their luggage, groceries and the Publix deli subs they’d gotten for dinner. On my way through the lobby I ran into Judy, who had gone down to get bell services to deliver their stuff. She invited me up for a glass of wine, but I just wanted to get home.

I was back at Beach Club Villas around 5:30 or so, and fixed some crackers and cheese for dinner. Later I have the rest of the cookie from yesterday, plus there’s most of the apple crumble tart left. Tomorrow we’re going to Magic Kingdom, which opens for resort guests at 7:30. Bonnie is NOT a morning person, so when I asked what time I should be at their place (I’ll bring a couple more things to stash in their villa to make Tuesday easier) Bonnie suggested 9. Pete wasn’t onboard with that – and neither was I. Leaving at 9, getting there at 9:30 when the park opened to resort guests 2 hours prior?? Hell, I’ll probably be ready to leave the park by then! We agreed on 7:30, which means we’ll still miss early entry but it's better than 9. I don’t really care if I do any specific attractions, and if the waits everywhere are too long I’ll just hop on a bus back to my resort.

Today was a better day than yesterday, at least for me. I don’t think I can say the same for Pete & Judy since their villa took so long to be ready. We think they had to shampoo the carpet in the bedroom, so something happened with the previous guests. I really enjoyed taking it easy this morning, but was disappointed with my F&W choices from France. Part of that was my own fault for not paying attention to the words (beignet = donut). Epcot got very crowded very quickly, and I imagine it was horrendous tonight. We had a nice time sitting around by the pool while they were homeless, and it’s great seeing everyone again.

Tomorrow after MK hopefully I can get some pool time and then we’ll head into Epcot for Food & Wine later. With the sun setting early now we’ll get to see the lights on Spaceship Earth without staying late <g>. I doubt any of us will make it for Harmonious at 9:45.

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