My Non-Disney like Riot Fest Excursion

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Sep 21, 2022, 5:41:37 PMSep 21

Riot Fest is held in a Chicago park at Ogden and California, near SW side.
I wanted to listen to the performance by Gwar, a costumed metal band who've appeared on Disney ABC Jimmy Kimmel.
I first went swimming in Lake Michigan where no one waits for it to open and the water is a comfortable 71F . I rode my bicycle from the Metra/Amtrak station and ate half my lunch. Changed into swim attire and did 30 laps between signposts at Ohio street beach. This keeps me in 5 to 6 feet of water allowing for pauses. Many swimmers head straight north to who knows where and return. The Park District installed new lockers here and it's close to Northwestern memorial hospital. Their lifeguards stop after Labor day but the CFD rescue diver truck is 1 mile away. They killed a Mexican rescue diver in the River by hitting him with a rescue boat some years back and now have his name painted on their truck.
I finished my routine and took the rest of lunch and watched the parade of lakefront passersby. By outfit dried somewhat so I headed back to my locker to change and rode back to the train station. I chained the bike and walked to the CTA EL Stop 3 blocks away, Chicago planners botched the EL connections to Union Station. I rode a packed Pink Line train to the stop 2 blocks from Riot fest in 20 minutes. Most stages are located deep inside the park but you can still here the bands. The Rebel stage is closer to the fence, chain link (not Soccer Hooligan bars). Another metal band started their 45 minute set, apparently from New York and repeating Respect for the audience a lot. I guess Metal New Yorkers was pummeled by an audience some time ago. I would have bought a ticket if 3 bands I liked were playing but the outside playground was ok and a Mexican security guard gave me a cold Mountain Spring water which I nursed in order to avoid peeing in the bushes. GWAR setup in 45 minutes and the festivities began. A lot of cheesy banter and song titles. I left after 43 minutes to walk to the Metra stop at Western & 18th street. Because of other freight tracks I had to walk south to 21st street and through a railroad viaduct to Western Avenue. Bums blocked the viaduct sidewalk with their tents (not Team spellcheck predictor) so I passed them in the street. A tortilla factory is close and you could smell the production. Up the steps to the platform and my train arrived in 8 minutes. Many concert goers with kids boarded and some tattooed freaks for seasoning. Home at 10pm for a microwaved quesadilla or two and dessert. Total cost was gas to drive to my towns train stop and grocery items for lunch. Apparently it was also Mexican independence day and some younger ones drove downtown and trashed some streets. Which I missed but it was cleaned up by Sunday. Ay dios Mio.
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