Sue's January 2023 Hilton Head Trip - Plans

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Jan 10, 2023, 6:50:20 PMJan 10

Who: Sue (64), DVC Member
Holli (58), friend & co-worker
Vickie (58), Holli’s best friend & college roommate
Dates: January 11 – 16, 2023
Resort: Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort
Experience: Very Experienced – 27th stay at Hilton Head

I booked this same trip for last year, partly because I love Hilton Head, partly because I’d gotten disgusted with the increasing crowds at WDW, and partly as a trip to include Vickie. She lives in the mountains of NW Georgia, loves Hilton Head, and has stage 4 ovarian cancer. With the cancer news (2-3 years ago) I knew she & Holli no longer have a long time to get together and make memories, so I booked this trip for the 3 of us in 2022. I’d met Vickie once in 2021 and we hit it off immediately. Well, the 2022 trip was such a success, on the last day I threw out the suggestion of repeating it in 2023. They were both totally onboard! However, Vickie’s numbers were rising drastically at that time, so I wasn’t sure about her future. Thankfully, she is very assertive/aggressive when it comes to her healthcare, she’s fitter than most athletes decades younger than her, and she’s a strong advocate for herself. She got into a trial and that cocktail of chemo drugs seems to be keeping her cancer idle for now. She has a treatment the day of our arrival, so she’ll get in later than she would have hoped. However, all that matters is she can get there and enjoy herself!

We had hoped to do Comedy Magic Cabaret since they were closed due to covid during our last trip. However, they’re closed again this entire trip – Kerry (the husband of the team of owners, and the primary performer) will be performing in Los Angeles all week. That sucks, as I know Vickie would have enjoyed it. Holli & I attended in December 2020, and I attended as recently as May 2022 with SB.

Our other “must do” was Captain Mark’s Dolphin Cruise – last year canceled due to maintenance on the boat. This year nothing is on the calendar after January 1st. Captain Mark does a nice job, is local but originally from Ft Myers, and his boat is just across the marina at Shelter Cove Harbour so it’s my “go to” vendor. I called the phone number on his website and left a voice mail giving him the dates of our trip and asking if he’d be doing any dolphin cruises during that time. I never heard back from him (disappointing – that’s no way to run your business) but in the meantime (after a couple days of not hearing back) I searched for someone else and found Lowcountry Watersports would be doing dolphin cruises twice a day on Thursday and Saturday. We decided on Thursday since it’s going to be our warmest day of the trip.

I googled things to do in Hilton Head in January, and there’s not much since it’s the extreme off season. There’s the Coastal Discovery Museum, so maybe we’ll check that out. Last year we did the north Hilton Head tour with pool guy Mike and hoped he’d be doing the south tour during this trip. When the schedule came out last weekend I called right away and booked us for Friday’s south island tour. I also booked the Pinkney Island nature walk/hike for Saturday morning. Sunday, we can just play it by ear, but it’s nice to have something specific booked for each of the other days.

We enjoy dining and happy hour, and specifically the restaurants in the Serg group. Vickie’s favorite restaurant from her trips with her husband is Hudson’s, which is not Serg. Last year they were closed for our trip, but this year they’re reopening the day before we arrive. My son Chris and I ate there once many years (decades) ago and I never felt the need to return, but a lunch there can work for me since it’s important to Vickie. Poseidon is a “must do”, and it's where we start off the trip. Vickie will miss that night, but perhaps we’ll repeat it on the last night too. Wise Guys is definitely on the itinerary – most likely Friday night happy hour. That’s such a great place! Also, Frankie Bones is fabulous and we love the bar area. Since they do lunch all afternoon, we can do it early or late – doesn’t matter. Nectar is another restaurant from last year that we’ll likely repeat, but as a breakfast/brunch meal.

Even though we’re here 5 nights, there are far too many great restaurant choices – we have to skip so many. The tradition on getaway day is Hilton Head Diner. Last year Vickie had to get on the road really early to make it to a medical appointment in Atlanta but assuming she doesn’t have to do that this year all 3 of us will have breakfast together.

As for amusing ourselves when we’re not eating or on a tour, we’ll enjoy some of the sporting activities at the resort (bocce, horseshoes, mini golf, etc) and enjoy the fireplace in our villa. I’m bringing several puzzles and an LED lamp I bought specifically so we could see the puzzles better (on the dining room table) since the Disney lighting is not very bright. Vickie’s bringing some games, and we’re all bringing wine! Holli & I will pick up the cheeses, charcuterie stuff and any other groceries from Kroger the day we arrive.

The plans so far are:
Wednesday 1/11: Drive to HHI, Kroger, Poseidon
Thursday 1/12: Dolphin Tour, Hudson’s, Possibly Stroll w/Pluto
Friday 1/13: Nectar, Hilton Head Island South Tour, Wise Guys
Saturday 1/14: Pinkney Island, Frankie Bones, Cocoa/Smores
Sunday 1/15: Do Whatever, Eat When/Wherever, possibly Resort Cocktail Event
Monday 1/16: Hilton Head Diner, Drive to Gainesville

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