Sue's AKV Club Level - Day 5 of 6

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Sep 4, 2022, 8:50:31 PMSep 4
DAY 5 – Sunday 9/04/22
Who: Sue (63), DVC Member
Chris (35), my son
Amanda (33), my daughter-in-law
Ari (6), my grandson

Plan: Epcot or Pool, Concierge Lounge

Actual: I slept well again – still no noise from the connecting door to the 1-bedroom villa. Thank goodness my neighbors were not noisy since the door is right next to the sofa. I didn’t get up until after 5:30, then made my cappuccino and took it back to bed. Chris texted shortly before 7 to say they were in the lounge so I went out and joined them.

Both Chris & Amanda were waiting for the virtual queue for Guardians of the Galaxy and at 7am Chris got boarding group 2 and Amanda got an error message that something went wrong. She says that’s what she gets every time – the information technology leaves a lot to be desired! They ate their breakfast and headed out around 7:20 catch a bus to Epcot. Their boarding group time for Guardians is 8:45, so they plan to do Test Track first. They also will likely go to a car show Chris is familiar with (bunch of people he knows there), hit the other Gideon’s location (no crazy wait) and stop at Disney Springs for a few stores before coming back.

I got a bagel and a sausage and toasted the bagel in my studio, then chilled out a bit until it was time to pack up and leave the room. I’ve got one of Ari’s old magic bands to get me into their room, which is where I’ll store my stuff and shower after the pool. I’d grabbed some pool towels yesterday so I’ll use them after my shower so they’re not impacted with the towels in their room.

After stashing my stuff in their room I went down to a chaise lounge outside the pool area. Today it was very hot again – not a cloud in the sky and only the slightest possible breeze. I lasted around 15 minutes before moving into the shade. Once again the pool opened early, but not our gate. Guests were pouring in from a couple other locations but nobody had unlocked ours. Finally a woman next to me called to a guest to please open the door for us and he did.

I settled on one of my usual chaise lounges and did some reading, making frequent trips to the shower. Eventually that wasn’t enough and I went into the pool for a while to cool down more completely. By 11 I’d had enough sweating and moved outside the pool to a shady spot and read there comfortably until almost noon.

I went upstairs to Chris & Amanda’s to take my shower and used the deadbolt and latch in case housekeeping came by. Then I got distracted by the group of 3 giraffe off their balcony and was out there for a bit. When I came back inside Chris was texting me asking where I was. I told him, and he said unlock the door. They were in the hallway and couldn’t get in, lol! The phone app said the door was locked from the inside, which was accurate.

They’d come back from Epcot and changed quickly to head to their car show. Once they were gone I took my shower and got dressed. By the time I finished drying my hair and packing everything back up I heard my phone make noise – my new room is ready! As promised, it’s very close to the lobby – just 2 doors away from the gated stairs to the lounge.

I moved my stuff to the new room and then took a bag of stuff I won’t need down to the car before swinging back out to the pool to return the towels I’d used after my shower. Back inside I returned to my room to grab the laptop and tablet, then headed for the lounge. The cast member this morning assured me my magic band would work for both through today, so of course when I tapped it the red light came on. I tried the elevator, and also got the red light (no admittance).

Down to the front desk I went, and explained the situation to the cast member. She gave me a key card that would get me into the lounge. That worked, and as I settled in the lounge I started wondering if I’d remembered to take my damp swimsuit from their sink. Whenever I return my laptop I’ll make a detour to their room (at nearly the very end of the resort) to check.

I updated the report, watched for the ice bucket to get filled, and ordered a glass of chenin blanc. It was not cold yet, so thank goodness for the ice! I realize ice melts and eventually the wine tastes a bit like water, but oh well. For me the coldness is more important. Another cast member stopped by to talk with me – they’re so nice here and really take good care of their guests.

Around 2:45 I decided to bring the laptop back to my room and make the trek to Chris & Amanda’s room to see if I left the swimsuit there. If nothing else, I’m getting my steps in today! My swimsuit was not in their room, so I left Ari’s magic band and decided to get the keys and see if it was in the car. On my way to the parking lot I ran into Chris, Amanda & Ari. They’d stopped by the car show then went to the other Gideon’s location (much smaller than the one at Disney Springs).

In the trunk I found my swimsuit in the bag of stuff I’d brought down, so I pulled it out to lay in the trunk to dry. Amanda was going to take Ari to Mara for some “real food” so I’d see them a bit later in the lounge. I realized earlier when checking my spreadsheet that during my next club level stay in late May that will bring me to 999 nights in a dvc resort using my point since becoming a member!

I went up to the lounge and settled at our table. I had my tablet and played games until the others arrived a while after 4. They had chicken strips and French fries from Mara, which Ari and Amanda shared. Tonight they had the tomato soup w/paneer cheese and the buttered chicken. They also had a gouda cheese we hadn’t seen before and it was very good!

Around 6 we’d had enough to eat and decided to walk around to the animal viewing area out back. There were tons of animals out there, and they were all active. It was a great time to be out! Afterwards we sat in the rocking chairs around the fire pit for a while, then went back inside. Amanda, Ari & I stopped by my room so I could get the laptop and download my photos. From the balcony I had a couple zebra, couple giraffe, couple ostrich, and I don’t remember what else – it was awesome! One of the zebra waded through a pond, which we’d never seen before.

We went up to the lounge and got a table. Ari got a strawberry bar but didn’t like it so he gave it to Chris. He got a Mickey ice cream sandwich instead, which he gobbled up. I sent some photos to facebook and updated the report then returned the laptop to the room. Ari was watching a movie or show in the small kids area so we moved back there with him. The booth seat was so comfortable!

At 8 the desserts came out – vanilla cones, lemon cones, berry tart, Kenyan coffee tart, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies. The others ate and around 8:15 I said goodnight and got a plate to take down to my studio. Once there I realized I wanted ice water so I grabbed my metal bottle and went back up. The others had already left for their room. I got some water and ice, then returned to my room.

Tonight is 90 Day Fiance, which is complete and utter trash – but I watch it. It’s like a train wreck! However, it was nice relaxing in the studio for one last night here. Today was another great day – even with the weather I’ve loved this trip! Tomorrow I may get the bacon & gruyere quiche from Mara before heading home. Chris brought me a banana bread chocolate chip cookie from Gideon’s so I really don’t need to head over to Disney Springs in the morning. The others are headed to Hollywood Studios for the morning, then are headed home. I’ll see them again in early November.

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